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第二百九十四章 十二魔兽禁域大阵!

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The existence of the angel of God is the messenger of the animal god, which is more noble than Caesar in status. Once the angel of God appears in the empire, it will soon occupy the supreme position in the Empire as the messenger of the animal god. At that time, the lion and the tiger will fall from the high altar.


Coming back from the sea of law, Li Batian was secretly excited. This time he came to the capital of the Orc Empire, even though he had not achieved much after the niche, he was no longer worthy of his trip.


Not only did he break through to the top of the Holy hierarchy, but the message of the laws of the stars was transmitted to the second star body, which also greatly increased the speed of his evolution.


"Caesar, now you can prove my identity." Turning his head to the cloudy and sunny Emperor Caesar, Li Batian asked with a playful look.


Caesar's manner changed for a while, but still calm, indifferent way: "Your Excellency can pass the detection of animal statues, but not completely determine the identity, but also need to carry out another test, which is only our royal family knows the niche of a test."


The old patriarch, who had been excited by the news, was shocked slightly. As far as he knew, there seemed to be no other way to detect the true or false of the beast messenger. Although he was doubtful, he did not think much about it.


As for the rest of the people, their faces were calm, but their eyes shone with a strange light, which Li Batian looked at in his eyes.


"No problem. Let's go then." Li Batian nodded his head without any doubt, which made Caesar feel relieved.


A group of people stepped away from the clan land and came to the back hill not far from the imperial city, where there were endless mountains. It covers an area comparable to one third of the WoW Forest. It is a dangerous place with a large number of WoW. It is also a place where some adventurers like to come.


A group of people are saintly and powerful, the speed quickly came to the depth of this mountain range, a huge mountain towering into the sky appeared in the public's eyes.


The mountains are so tall that human beings are like ants in front of them. They give people a feeling of shock and unconscious awe.


On the mountainside of the huge mountains, a vast flat land appeared in the public's sight.


In the eyes of others, flat land is very common. In Li Batian's eyes, there are indeed Rune nodes. The danger is no less than that of the Royal palace.


"This group of guys did not die, it seems inevitable that there will be a big war." Seeing the chill of Li Batian's mouth here, he had the best preparation for the battle, but did not expect the lions and tigers to be so bold and direct. He was not in the least regarded as a false god.


A group of people landed on the flat ground. Caesar's expression changed instantly. Glancing at Li Batian in the lunar calendar, his hands quickly made a mark, and his spiritual strength surged.


"Boom!" The flat ground shook violently. All sides of the land split, from which rose a fierce statue of the Warcraft.


While a monster Warcraft statue emerged, an invisible niche blocked the surroundings and suddenly changed the faces of the people present.


"This is the Twelve Warcraft Banned Areas." Seeing the scene in front of him, the old patriarch, after hesitating for a moment, exclaimed in horror.


As a relatively senior clan in the orc empire, the elder patriarch had seen many things that the ordinary orcs did not know about the niche. One of them was the Twelve Warcraft Front, which was used to deal with the holy oppressors of the orc empire in the war with the people at that time, so that the people at that time were defeated.


The Twelve Warcraft Fronts are made of twelve famous Warcraft of ancient times as prototypes. The conditions of the production are very harsh. It needs to get a part of twelve ancient Warcraft bodies and integrate them into them to make them successful. The Orc Empire spent a lot of money to make the Twelve Warcraft Fronts. It costs a lot.


The old patriarch once saw it, but today he saw the Twelve Warcraft Banned Areas again. We should know that the battle of Gongdao was destroyed.


"It's the oldest veteran patriarch. You can see the twelve World Warcraft Banned Areas at a glance. I think you should know the power of the twelve World Warcraft Banned Areas." Caesar said with a confident smile on his lips.


"Caesar, what are you going to set up here for the niche? Twelve Warcraft Forbidden Areas, which can block the area of suppressing the saints and the powerful. There are no enemies here. What are you going to open for the niche?" The old patriarch drinks discontentedly.


It is true to say that Caesar was still his younger generation. If the elder patriarch would be respectful in peacetime, now there is a divine angel Li Batian. Caesar's behavior made him very dissatisfied.


"If I'm not mistaken, this magic array should be specially prepared for me." Glancing at the whole battle, Li Batian looked calm.


Caesar's pupil contracted for a moment, and some of them glanced at Li Batian in surprise. "It's really God's angel. You can see it so quickly, but it's too late. You're already in the twelve Warcraft Forbidden Areas. You have no chance to escape from here."


"Caesar, what do you mean by that? Do you know what Gongdao is doing? Can't you want to rebel?" The old patriarch shouted angrily.


"Ha Gong Ha, I really want to rebel." Caesar smiled grimly: "The beast God has not shown his magic power for many years. It is estimated that he has forgotten us for a long time. He may even be dead. He is just an envoy of the region. Why should he ride on top of us?"


During Caesar's speech, several other lion and tiger saints looked at each other and quickly surrounded Li Batian in the middle.


"You are blasphemous and are to be punished by the Lord of the Beast." The old patriarch gasped angrily. He never thought that the degenerate lions and tigers could do such a thing. It was almost unthinkable in the orcs. Once leaked, it would be rejected by all the orcs.


"Well, foolish fellow, we have no intention of killing God's messenger, just to make God's messenger listen to us." Caesar's mouth was covered with a wicked smile, waving around the saints and powerful people began to take the middle of Li Batian.


"You're crazy." The old patriarch roared and wanted to rush up and fight with the saints around him. At that time, Li Batian, who had no action at all, waved the unsuspecting old patriarch into the biological space.


"Now that you want to die, I'll make it all right for you." Staring at a group of saintly powerful people rushing up, Li Batian's mouth was full of a sudden chill.


Originally, he planned to carry out the twelve totem poles, but now he has saved his trouble. If he can exert his strength in the field, he may have to spend some time facing so many saintly powerful people. With the help of the twelve World of Warcraft Ban Front, he has become much easier.


Li Batian, standing in the same place, disappeared instantly in the same place with the twinkling of the stars, so that all the saints and powerful people who came up rushed to the empty.


Just when a group of saintly powerful men were astonished to find Li Batian's heavenly figure, he had appeared behind one of them.


Breakthrough to the peak of Sacred Level, Li Batian's understanding of the Starlight Principle is very deep, the speed is almost instantaneous, coupled with the terrible power niche, the instant will be the Tiger Sacred Powerful shot out of the niche.


Lights and shadows flickered, but only for a few seconds. Except for the presence of Caesar, all the five saints were shot by Li Batian.


With the holy body baptized by the law, the attack just now can not make them seriously injured, but it is enough to frighten these holy powers. There is absolutely the possibility of being killed when fighting again. To know that Li Batian of the Gongdao at this moment has not used weapons, and the strength displayed makes Caesar's face difficult. Look.


He had previously imagined Li Batian's strength as strong as possible, but under the influence of the Twelve Warcraft Banned Areas, he still had such horrible fighting power, or totally beyond his imagination.


"Caesar, you lions and tigers are not the only ones with this skill. If so, I will not show mercy to my men. You will all die here." Li Batian summoned the totem pole during his speech, and his eyes were filled with murderous cold drinks.


If someone else said these words, they would be considered to be big talk. Now Li Batian said these words, but let the presence of the saint-class strong chill.


Faced with alarming speed and terrifying power, under the cover of the forbidden area, it is not an enemy of unity at all, and it is only a matter of time to be killed.


"To tell you the truth, your strength is beyond my imagination, but today you have only one way to fail." Strong self-composure, Caesar said confidently, and his body retreated rapidly during his speech. Other saints followed him closely, using some props, he left the area covered by the twelve World Warcraft Forbidden Areas.


Seeing the departure of Emperor Caesar and others, Li Batian was not in a hurry. He had the existence of illusory beasts. He could easily leave. He just wanted to see the real power of the twelve World of Warcraft Front and who was more powerful in the forbidden field formed by his twelve totem poles.


With the departure of Emperor Caesar and others, twelve monster statues in the Twelve Warcraft Banned Areas began to change. A ghastly monster shadow condensed in the surge of light. With the influx of law, these monster phantoms quickly solidified and turned into twelve horrible ancient monsters.


"Ha Gong Ha, see, this is the real power of the Twelve Warcraft Banned Areas. With these twelve ancient warcraft, no matter how powerful you are, they will be torn to pieces." Outside the battle came the voice of Caesar's self-confidence. With the fall of his words, twelve ancient Warcraft roared up to heaven. (To be continued...