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第二百零一章 第二关!

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"No, you can't break the armor of the defense, give me to die, the Dragon kill!" The armored puppet roared and shouted, and two meandering dark purple dragons rose from his sword. With the swing of the sword, the two meandering dark purple dragons absorbed a large amount of dark purple flame, twisted together and turned into a terrible drill, and rushed directly to the opposite Li Batian.


"Huh, it's too late. Go to hell!" With a snort from his heart, the bio-destruction cannon on Li Batian's back burst out with black light.


Under the attack of the beams of biological destruction, the drill bit of Pluto's killing and chopping becomes extremely fragile. The end of life is destruction. The beams of destruction possess pure destructive energy. They can swallow everything like black holes and break through the bombardment of Pluto's killing and chopping on armoured puppets.


"No, no!" Armored puppets screamed in despair, their blood-red magic runes flashed fiercely, but they were still unable to resist the erosion of the beam of destruction, which was completely submerged in the blink of an eye.


The beam of destruction dissipates, and there is nothing left in the place where the armoured puppet is just now. The beam of destruction destroys everything.


"It's amazing that the combination of the blood genes of ancient stars and giant beasts has increased the power of bio-destruction cannons so much." Looking at the effect of his attack, Li Batian was somewhat shocked and collapsed on the ground. The battle just now had consumed almost all his strength.


In the past, the power of the Biological Destruction Gun is equivalent to that of the Meteor Star Gun, but now his strength has increased, and he has fused the blood gene of the ancient Star Beast, making the Biological Destruction Gun his strongest attack method again. No one.


"Well, by the way, the fire was completely destroyed by the beam of destroyed light. What about my reward?" Remembering the power of the Biological Destruction Gun, Li Batian suddenly stood up and thought sadly.


Just when he was feeling depressed, a vicious red light appeared in his eyes, which emitted strong spiritual fluctuations.


"This is the soul of the armoured puppet." Seeing the red glow in front of him, Li Batian thought, but frowned slightly.


What I absorbed before was pure spiritual soul. The spiritual soul in front of us is full of evil. If you absorb it rashly, you will surely lose it.


"Buzz!" Before he could figure out how to deal with the red light, there was a tremor in the surrounding space, and a milky white column of light fell from the sky, enveloping the red light.


The red light sways violently. It seems to be struggling in terror. But everything is useless.


The milky white pillar of light is full of holiness and purity. Under the light of the milky white pillar, the evil consciousness in the red light group was erased in an instant, leaving only a pure and sacred spiritual soul.


Get into this battle of gods. Li Batian has seen a lot of amazing things, and the current situation did not surprise him too much. This may be a means of God's Array. After all, the evil of red light can not be directly used to absorb.


The milky white light pillar disappeared, Li Batian stretched out his hand, and the pure and sanctified spirit floated to him.


"The master quickly absorbs the spiritual soul and avoids the passage of its sacred breath. The sacred breath contained in the spiritual soul is of great benefit to the master."


Hearing the words of ice crystal in his mind, Li Batian nodded and drew his spiritual space closer. This time, there was no rebellion. The process of assimilation and refining was smoother. A pure and divine spirit was integrated into it.


Feeling the pleasure of rapid spiritual surge, Li Batian was totally immersed in it, and compared with the previous integration of other spiritual souls, the spiritual soul containing and sacred breath has a more sacred niche, so that his spiritual power is also affected by this sacred breath, making strange changes.


"Hoo hoo!" Li Batian, crawling on the ground, stood up and took a breath. The beast's pupil burst out with a dazzling brilliance.


I don't know if the Gongdao is a spiritual relationship, the fog around him is no longer so difficult in his eyes, and the Gongli has also improved to a certain extent. It can easily see through a hundred meters away, which is almost the same as outside.


After experiencing some spiritual changes, Li Batian continued to move forward. As for the sacred breath of spiritual infection, for the time being, he could not perceive any benefits.


Walking a hundred meters ahead, the fog around him disappeared completely. What appeared in his sight was another strange sight.


"Strange, can't I have come out of the battle of gods?" Looking at the mountains and rivers in one side of the line of sight, besides the vast grasslands, you can see at least seven or eight different environments.


"Well, here's a stone tablet." From all kinds of strange surroundings, Li Batian looked ahead and saw a stone tablet standing more than ten meters high.


Inscribed on the stele is a text describing the area and the rules that you want to pass.


After reading the records on the stone tablets, Li Batian frowned and glanced at the various environments ahead. What surprised him was that these different environments represented different magic elements. If he wanted to pass through this area, he had to choose an environment that represented the attributes of magic elements.


Every magic element environment, there is a powerful Warcraft, only to kill this Warcraft can pass smoothly, and can enter the next trial area.


After hesitating for a moment, Li Batian finally chose an area full of cliffs and went straight in.


As soon as he entered the area, the surrounding environment changed dramatically. The rest of the environment disappeared completely. Only the cliff area remained. What he saw was so wide that he could not see the end at a glance.


"What a rich element of thunder magic!" Feeling the attributes of Magic Elements in the air, Li Batian secretly marveled at himself.


Of course, here is not only the magic element of the attributes of thunder, other kinds of magic elements are also very complete, but relative to other attributes of magic elements, the magic element of the attributes of thunder is more abundant.


Yes, Li Batian chose this road, which is the area attributed to thunder. The reason why he chose this area is that he also has some ideas in his mind.


The unusual weirdness of this battle of gods is only the growth of spiritual power. There are not many qualitative changes in the enhancement of strength. So now he must improve his strength as much as possible.


Since the integration of the power of the stars, he has some doubts about how Gongdao's future path of cultivation should go forward. After all, the ancient warriors on the earth are ranked, and the highest is only breath and blood. Now he has broken through to a new level.


If you want to solve the confusion in a short time, it's almost impossible to upgrade it, so you have to improve your fighting ability from other aspects.


Five Elements Kill Sword Gongzhen until now only has the attributes of thunder. Unfortunately, in these days of miracle forest, he did not encounter the attributes of thunder Warcraft.


Although the attributes of thunder are the mainstream attributes, they are less than the other four. Now he can only target in the area of thunder attributes of customs clearance, hoping to hunt the Warcraft of thunder attributes here, understand the magic of thunder attributes, so as to cultivate a real five-day element to kill the sword niche array, so that he will have one more. A great trick can be used.


This area of mine attributes is full of cliffs and cliffs, but it is not difficult for Li Batian, who has broken wings.


Gently waving the wings of heaven-shattering, flying directly over the sky, ready to find the monument recorded on the Warcraft, only to kill it, they can leave here.


"Gaga!" Li Batian is looking for the Warcraft, a sharp cry suddenly sounded, below a cliff cliff cliff, quickly flying out of a strange looking bird like a crow.


"This guy won't be the Warcraft in this minefield." Looking at the birds flying out of the cliff, Li Batian was somewhat shocked.


The bird in front of us really has some strength, but this strength is not enough to see. It is totally beyond his expectation. The level of the bird is at most six, which is hardly difficult for him.


"Gaga!" Strange birds fly in mid-air and see Li Batian, who also flickers with steel wings. Angry anger springs up in his eyes, screaming and opening his huge mouth.


"Squeak!" In Li Batian's sight, the fierce thunder and lightning gushed from the bird's mouth. In the blink of an eye, a Thunderball the size of a football condensed in front of its mouth, and the violent thunder and lightning power niche flashed wantonly.


Lightning flashes, the Thunderball suddenly shoots out, straight to the opposite Li Batian, the violent thunder niche rapidly expands, in a twinkling of an eye into a grinding disc-sized thunderball, like an expanding fireball, can expand after launching.


"Expansion fireball!" Li Batian waved his paw and a fireball flew out. He went straight to the Thunderball opposite him and absorbed the fire elements around him, rapidly growing to the same extent as the thunderball.


"Boom!" The two powerful thunderballs collided with each other, which seemed to be powerful, but they died with the expanding fireball.


"So it is." Looking at the collapsing thunderball, Li Batian's face flashed a natural color. Just now he was wondering why the Thunderball was so vulnerable. Now he found that the Thunderball ejected by the flying bird was essentially different from the inflated fireball released by himself.


It seems that the Thunderball is expanding and enlarging, but in fact it is not absorbing the thunder elements around it, but because the farther the Thunderball flies, the lower the bird's control over the thunderball, and the natural cohesion of the power niche of the hegemony thunderbolt will spread and expand, so that the power will not become larger, but will shrink. (To be continued...