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第二百六十八章 第二星辰体突破!

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Seeing Li Batian again, the people of Rainbow Mercenary Corps looked into its eyes and unconsciously showed more awe and curiosity.


For them, strong people like Li Batian are hardly to see, even if they can see, they can only look up to the existence, but they did not expect to be in close contact with it now.


When he met with Rezat, Li Batian was ready to leave the endless city, and when he was ready to leave, Carly made a decision that he didn't expect.


"What, you want to disband the Rainbow Mercenary Corps and follow me." Li Batian glanced at Carly, who was kneeling on one knee.


Kneeling on one knee is the highest understanding in Magic Land. It is only when faced with truly respected people, such as fathers, teachers or the strong, that such actions can be made.


Compared with Li Batian, who was surprised, the others present did not feel unexpected. Before that, Carly had already expressed his ideas and got everyone's understanding.


"Yes, adults, young people want to follow adults and become adults'right arm and left arm." Carrey's manner was respectful and pious, and his eyes sparkled with fire.


"Interestingly, tell me what you want to follow me for Gong, and what you want to be my right arm and left arm. You are still far from it." Glancing at Carly with a firm look, Li Batian's original idea of refusing changed and asked with interest.


The current strength of Carly may be a little bit worse. From his management and command of Rainbow Mercenary Corps, he is indeed a rare commanding talent. Perhaps the future individual strength will not rise to a very high level, as long as some training and teaching may become a very good commanding general.


Everyone in the Tauren family is a good fighter. Li Batian planned to go back to the niche to run the Niutou tribe. However, the Niutou tribe lacked brainy commanders like Carly.


If Carly's answer satisfied him, it would be a good choice for him to join the Tauren tribe.


These days, also let him see Carly this person more clearly, Carly is a more emotional, rational and ideal person, is a material to be built.


"Sir, I know Gong Dao's strength is still very weak. But I am confident that I can grow up to help adults. Please accept me, sir. I will try my best. I will become stronger and stronger enough to avenge my father by killing the nine serpents. During the conversation, Carly's eyes were full of sudden lethality.


Caroline behind him. Hear what your brother says. A slight shock. There was a definite step in his eyes and he knelt on one knee in front of Li Batian.


"Your excellency, Caroline would like to follow your excellency, and ask your excellency to accept me." Carrie knelt on one knee. He looked at Li Batian with a pleading look.


Hearing Karin's words, Li Batian had some headaches. He glanced at the two men with serious faces and hesitated for a while.


At that moment, the mercenaries of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment behind Carly also fell to their knees and shouted, "Sir, please accept us. We are willing to stay under the commander of Carly Regiment and work for him."


At the beginning of several people, other people also fell on their knees. Except for several elderly members and family members, almost all of them fell on their knees to follow Li Batian.


Seeing this scene, Li Batian felt a slight shock. In a moment, he made a decision to bring the whole Rainbow Mercenary Regiment of the Giant Tiger under his command.


If he could let go of such a charming personality, he would miss out on a rare talent. In the future, Carly really showed great command ability and became a right-hand man in the army, so that he did not regret his decision.


Successfully taking over the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, Li Batian asked Rezat to lead them back to the Tauren tribe, while he continued to go to the Elf Forest.


Unlike the endless swamp, the elf forest is unfavourable for more people, so he decided to go alone. Besides, there are Meilong in the biological space.


Leaving the endless city, Li Batian rushed to the Elven Forest at full speed.


The elf forest is located at the intersection of the orc tribe and the human empire, just opposite to the endless swamp. Fortunately, Li Batian's speed keeps improving. He is moving at full speed far faster than the general saints. Otherwise, it will be too late to reach the elf forest.


Two months later, Li Batian was very close to the Elven Forest, only a dozen days away, but when he passed a group of mountains, he suddenly stopped. His expression of surprise quickly fell into the mountains and found a remote location to open up a cave house.


As he entered the cave, the light flashed in front of him. The huge second star appeared deep in the cave. A mysterious and horrible breath emanated from the second star, and a strange Rune flashed on the surface of his body.


"It's a breakthrough at last. It's unexpected that the battle with the nine-headed serpent actually contributed to the breakthrough of the second stars." Staring at the second stars with mysterious fluctuations, Li Batian was somewhat emotional and excited.


Yes, the second planetary body is going to make a breakthrough in the Holy Level. Once the breakthrough reaches the Holy Level, there will be a qualitative leap, at least in the face of the general Holy Level strong no longer need to be so careful.


The laws of stars are much more advanced than other laws. They are comparable to the laws of space and black holes. They are even more vast than other laws. Once they are fully understood, they can even compete with the most powerful laws of time.


The second star body understands the rules of the speed of stars, which is the power to raise the speed to the extreme. Once it understands, it will raise the speed of the second star body to a limit. Even in the face of a more powerful enemy, it can easily escape.


In the cave, Li Batian guarded outside, and laid 12 arrays of totem pillars around the cave, blocking the surrounding area, avoiding the anomaly caused by the breakthrough of the second star body, and attracting some of the strong people around.


Soon the second star has accumulated, and the power of the stars has begun to merge with the understanding of the rules of the stars. With the continuous integration of the two sides, the momentum of the second star has become more and more powerful and abstruse, crawling there gives people an illusion of facing the stars.


In a twinkling of an eye, the breath from the second star body is so strong that Li Batian feels some pressure.


"Buzz!" Strange humming sounded, and a strong momentum burst out from the second star, which forced Li Batian to leave the cave entrance.


In the middle of the line of sight, a gap is torn open, and a force of laws containing the laws of stars gushes out. Through the cave wall, it directly enters into the body of the second star. A large number of laws containing the laws of stars are integrated into his body, and the stars are transformed in an all-round way.


In addition, Li Batian was astonished to learn that the second stars had strengthened their spiritual souls with the help of laws, and succeeded in doing so.


Time passes by, and the second star absorbs the power of the law from the ocean of the law, and its power is changing dramatically.


With the integration of the power of the Star Rule, the body of the second star body is full of various Rule Rules, which are extremely strong under the quenching of Rules Rules. At the same time, Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules Ru


Li Batian, who is outside the cave, feels the change of the second star body, and takes the opportunity to understand the rules of stars. His understanding of the rules of stars keeps improving.


With the memory of the second star and the emergence of the laws of the stars, the understanding of the laws of the stars can be said to have made rapid progress, almost faster than ever.


Just when Li Batian understood the Star Law and the Second Star Body absorbed the power of the Star Law, a weak feeling shocked Li Batian's mind slightly.


Turning his head and sweeping ahead, his eyes flashed with doubts. Under the cover of the twelve totem poles, he sensed the breath fluctuation in front of him and entered it. But when he sensed himself again, he found that he could not sense anything, as if he had just been an illusion.


"No, it's not true. How can I possibly have hallucinations now?" After thinking about it, Li Batian abandoned the idea of hallucination.


With his spiritual training, how strong the inductive force is, coupled with the blockade of twelve totem poles, there will never be inductive errors and hallucinations.


Think of here Li Batian's mood is somewhat dignified, the eyes burst out with a silver-white light, the eyes of the broken show, strong spiritual force into the eyes, penetrating all the illusion, direct to the source.


Now, in order to break through to the Holy level, the power of the broken eye naturally has been greatly enhanced. In the case of the broken eye, Li Batian was shocked to find himself not far ahead, a creeping figure was approaching slowly, trying to enter the cave behind.


The other side is a creature that looks like a chameleon. Even now, the broken eye only sees the other side dimly, and still can't sense the breath emitted from him.


Seeing this situation, Li Batian's heart was frightened at the same time, but also a little shocked. To know Gong Dao, he could use the twelve totem poles to block the surroundings, and the chameleon-like Warcraft in front of him could easily break through the blockade of the twelve totem poles, and almost perfectly converged its own breath and invisibility. (To be continued...

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