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第二百六十九章 精灵一族!

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Originally Li Batian wanted to kill him at the first time, but now he changed his mind. He will go to the Elven Forest soon. If he can make good use of the Warcraft in front of him, it is absolutely a good way for him.


Think of here Li Batian pretends not to see, but the spiritual force is quietly linked to the twelve totem poles, the light on the totem poles flickering into twelve chains, with the momentum of rapid thunder, winding around the chameleon walking towards the cave step by step, twinkling and binding it in the blink of an eye.


"roar!" The chameleon warrior roared and screamed, but unfortunately it could not break away from the chains of the twelve totem poles. It was difficult for Nine Serpents to break away from the Gongdao, let alone the chameleon warrior with only eight levels.


Limited chameleon warcraft, Li Batian used spiritual power to shock and pressure it, coupled with the powerful deterrence, soon subdued the chameleon warcraft, and planted a puppet seed in its body, with the existence of puppet seeds will be chameleon Warcraft completely knowledgeable.


The chameleon warcraft, called the phantom beast, is a very peculiar warcraft. It does not have too much fighting power in itself, but has two kinds of ability to make people smell it.


The first kind of ability is emptiness, which can make your body empty and cross some boundaries, such as the blockade of the twelve totem poles.


In addition, the second kind of ability is illusion, which can disguise invisibility and make people unable to see you at all. At the same time, it can disguise various forms, of course, only on the surface. If you use a broken eye, you can still tell it at a glance.


It is with these two abilities that the illusory beast, which is not so powerful, can mix with the wind and water on the magic land.


In addition, the ability of the illusory beast can also be applied to other creatures at the same time, that is to say, as long as the illusory beast touches Li Batian, it can let him also have these two anti-heavenly abilities. However, there are some limitations in doing so, but it is enough to let Li Batian, who knows the ability of the illusory beast, secretly excite himself.


The phantom beast on his forehead was just for him. With this phantom beast, he went to the elf forest this time. The grasp of the water of life will be greatly increased.


It was not long before Li Batian recovered the illusory beast. The breakthrough of the second star has finally come to an end, and it took nearly fifteen days.


We should know that the breakthrough of Gongdao's general saintly powerful people takes four or five days, like those who are most talented and saintly powerful, only ten days. Like the Second Star, it absorbs the power of the Star Rule for fifteen days. Although not unprecedented. But it is absolutely rare.


Absorbing the power of the 15-day star rule, the strength of the second star body has been completely consolidated, and there is no instability after breakthrough in general.


In order to be in a hurry. The second star enters the star space and continues to understand the Holy means, while Li Batian rushes to the Elven Forest at full speed.


Elf forest is a vast and huge forest, but there is no powerful Warcraft in this forest. On the contrary, it is a famous elf family living in the magic land. It is a holy place belonging to the elves. No one is allowed to go deep into the elf forest without invitation.


The elves are called the favorites of nature. They are born with pure bodies. They are natural magicians and archers. The only disadvantage is their poor physical quality. The strength of the elves in the forest is terrible. In ancient times, besides the tree people, they could compete with the elves in the forest. Other ethnic groups can't compete with them in the forest at all.


In addition to the powerful power of the elves, the elves also have a characteristic, that is, whether men or women are exceptionally handsome, it is almost flawless.


It is precisely because of this characteristic of the Elves that many people on the road want to get the slaves of the Elves to satisfy their dirty desires.


For various reasons, the elves usually live in the elf forest, it is difficult to see the elves traveling alone, even if they appear in groups.


Tens of miles outside the Elf Forest, a town was built, named Elf City, which is a town built by the Elves and the people together.


This city is also the main trading place for the Elves, where they trade, buy some things they need, and sell some good things unique to the Elves, which makes the Elves more prosperous.


Li Batian's first stop was in the Elven City. As he had entered the endless swamp, he also needed to learn more about the Elven Forest in the Elven City.


Meilong continued to play the role of disguise, Li Batian narrowed his body and crawled on his shoulders, looking at the city of fairies in front of him.


Compared with the construction style of the endless city outside the endless swamp, there is no doubt that the elf city in front of us feels full of nature and freshness. It does not have such a strong sense of deterrence and felling. Even the walls of the outer city are made up of plants summoned by natural magic.


Of course, if someone underestimates the walls built by plants, they will suffer a lot. The hardness of these plants does not suppress the solid rock walls at all. They even have some immune effect on magic. The only disadvantage is that they are afraid of fire magic.


To Li Batian's surprise, the guards of the Elf City are not the Elves, but the soldiers of the Terran, and the people entering and leaving the gate are also the Terran.


Walking into the city of Elves, you can see the shops full of people, the crowds are bustling and hawking. Compared with the endless city full of killing and danger, the city of Elves is full of peace and tranquility, giving people an illusion of exotic peach.


When Li Batian looked around, there was a riot in the rear crowd. For a time, many people looked at the rear gate, and it seemed that something strange had happened.


Li Batian also looked curiously. A group of handsome men and women with youthful and natural breath were stepping forward. The amazing appearance and figure made the men and women around him look straight into their eyes. Even Li Batian was slightly distracted.


"Elves!" Li Batian was surprised to gaze at the beautiful men and women, who were much bigger and sharper than the average human being.


Under normal circumstances, the Elves rarely leave the Elves Forest. Li Batian did not hold the hope of meeting the Elves. He did not realize that he had just come to Elves City when he met a group of arriving Elves. (To be continued...

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