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第二百六十七章 离开!

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"Now, do it." Seeing the nine serpents trapped, Li Batian's spiritual boost, biological destruction cannon emerged behind him, full of destructive black light rapidly converged, and he reached out from the space ring to take out a ball engraved with magic runes.


This is one of the treasures he got from the marsh temple stone chamber, an ancient alchemy product with amazing destructive power.


Li Batian is actively preparing for this side, and the second star body on the other side is not idle. When the stars are shining, the guns of two stars condense out. The Rune of the rules of stars shines on it, which is no less than the destructive breath of the biological destruction gun.


"Dead, biological destroyer!" Li Batian shouted loudly. The biological destroyer behind him shot out a destructive black beam. At the same time, the ancient alchemy products in his hands were thrown out of the niche and went straight to the nine serpents opposite him.


Almost at the same time, the attack of the second star followed, with two starguns coming first, showing the speed of the terrible law of stellar speed.


"Boom!" The roar of the explosion completely enveloped the nine serpents. The impact force niche instantly knocked Li Batian and the second star out of the niche. The serpents below were swallowed up instantly.


The white tigers, notified beforehand, had long eluded themselves from extinction.


"I wonder if that guy in Gongdao is dead." Steady in shape, Li Batian breathed and said to himself, the second star around him shining bright stars, eyes are shining silver-white light.


With the understanding of the power of the law, the silver light in the eyes of the second star body gradually possesses the power to break the delusion. You can see through things that ordinary people can't see through.


"No!" Li Batian, who is connected with the second star, suddenly changed his face and appeared in front of the white tiger. He reached out and received it in the biological space and leaped to the back of the second star.


Almost as he did all this, the nine serpents burst into a terrible black glow, a smell of corrosive destruction spread, and the strength of the field expanded at an alarming rate.


The second star sparkled, almost as he fled, and its location was enveloped by the realm of the nine serpents.


A black sphere emerges as the second star escapes from the field. Flying from the field. The astonishing speed of the bombardment on it, which contains the power of the law of corrosion erupted, so that the second star suffered a heavy blow.


Despite the severe damage, the speed of the second star was shown. The swamp disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The horrible corrosive realm dissipated. It showed blood all over. The nine-headed serpent with a ferocious and terrible appearance, who was attacked by Li Batian and the second stars, suffered unimaginable wounds in his cultivation.


Two more heads were blown up. Other parts of the body also have obvious laceration, the breath is much weaker.


"Hoarse, my nine-headed serpent, Duras, swears that it will crush you to pieces." The nine-headed serpent screamed sadly, and the pupil of the serpent was filled with fierce and mad resentment.


It's no wonder that the nine serpents are so angry and resentful. This war is just a shameful battle for him. He not only lost three heads, but also fell to the later stage of the Holy order. It's an unthinkable heavy blow for him. It takes at least a few years or even more to recover from the beginning.


In addition, if other saints know the niche, his nine serpents will not be able to raise their heads in the ranks of saints.


Although the nine serpents wanted to catch up with Li Batian immediately, they could not return to heaven at all.


Not to mention the speed of the second star, it is not suitable for him to continue to catch up. Once he meets three men, such as the sword-carrying man, his situation will be extremely dangerous. In his present state, one of them can cope with it. If three people come together, he will only die.


However, the fleeing second star and Li Batian flew at full speed for ten minutes, making sure that the nine serpents behind them did not catch up, and the second star fell powerlessly into the marsh mud.


Although the body of the second star is condensed by the force of the stars, it is really very difficult for ordinary injuries to be traumatized, and the corrosive force released by the nine serpents is one of the injuries that can be caused.


Black ball not only contains horrible corrosive power, but also has a strong toxicity, which has certain harm to the spirit and soul.


We should know that the success of the practice of Gongdao's second star body is to some extent a suspicion of ingenuity. Although the body is strong and the comprehension is superb, it has always been a weakness in spirit and soul.


This is also the reason why Gongshi's second stars have also studied spiritual warfare technology, in order to find ways to enhance their spiritual soul.


Fortunately, in the black ball released by the nine serpents, the poisonous effect on the spiritual soul is not very strong. It has the protection of spiritual warfare skills. The second stellar master is breathtaking, but it also reminds Li Batian and the second stellar body that the strength of the spiritual soul must be enhanced as soon as possible.


Take the second star back into the space of stars, Li Batian sneaks all the way, hides his body as far as possible, avoids being discovered by the serpent clan, he does not want to face the nine serpents again.


Having suffered a loss, meeting the nine serpents again will definitely make the same mistake, and it is estimated that they will display their strongest killing tactics.


In fact, Li Batian did not know Gong Dao. Nine demon snakes had already returned to their old nests to rest and recuperate. Previous battles had severely damaged them. He did not want others to know about his miserable situation, nor did he want to draw enemies from his injuries.


Li Batian, who fled in a low profile, left the endless swamp smoothly. When he rushed out of the endless swamp, his heart took a breath.


There are nine serpents of this pressure, even if he is eager to leave here.


"Nine serpents, when I come next, you will die." Staring in the direction of the depths of the endless marshes, Li Batian was resolute but confident.


Now that he has not broken through to the Holy level, he can make the nine serpents so badly damaged. When he breaks through to the Holy Level in the future, and even improves it to a similar tone, it will be easy to kill the nine serpents.


Leaving the endless swamp, Li Batian came to the endless city and found Rezat with the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment.


At this moment, Rezat has made some progress relative to before, not only to become exceptionally stable, but also a step closer to break through to the eighth intermediate level is only a step away, the strength is absolutely a qualitative leap compared to before coming out. (To be continued...