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第二百六十三章 被灭杀的圣级强者!

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When people were attracted by this series of broken stone gates and their hearts were surging, Li Batian burst out a cold light in his eyes, waved the muscle of his arms, and the strength of the stars in his body poured into his body. Although he did not use the strength of the stars, the strength of his body increased dramatically.




Under Li Batian's attack, Shimen, which had nearly collapsed, finally collapsed irresistibly under his intentional and all-out attack.


Almost at the same time the stone gate collapsed, Li Batian's figure had rushed in, and his Optimus Prime was inserted in front of the door, rapidly growing, almost completely blocking the whole stone gate.


When other people reacted and wanted to rush in, they were depressed to find the blocked totem pole in front of them. Two nearest saints and powerful men were still trying to attack the totem pole, but they could not shake the grounded totem pole at all.


In a twinkling of an eye, Li Batian's figure rushed out of the stone chamber, with a teasing smile on his face, and reached out to bring the totem pole into his hands.


Suddenly, several saintly powerful people surrounded Li Batian regiment, in the people who broke the stone gate, Li Batian is undoubtedly the most vulnerable one.


"Boy, obediently hand over the treasures you got in the stone chamber, or even if you can't do it in the temple, waiting for the temple is also your death time."


"Huh, boy, don't listen to him, as long as you give me the treasure you get, I promise to keep you safe."


"You can also guarantee his safety. Can you defeat the nine-headed serpent? It's not too bad to blush when you lie, boy. If you give me something, I can save you from death."


Several saintly and powerful men surrounded Li Batian, ignoring Li Batian's shouting, revealed a strong greed in their eyes. They were full of desire for the treasures in the stone chamber and wanted to take possession of the contents.


"With so many of you, I just want to hand in something and I can't make a choice. Why don't you discuss it first? Decide who to give the treasure to and come back to me." Li Batian glanced at the greedy people with a calm look.


After that, Li Batian looked a little stunned in a few people. Step away from the position just now. Choose a stone gate. Ready to continue the attack.


"Boy, are you kidding us and handing over the treasure. Otherwise." Unfortunately, the sky failed, Li Batian here just prepared to attack, the several saintly strong rushed over, one of them angrily shouted.


"Otherwise, otherwise, you will not be able to fight with me here. I advise you to go aside obediently and annoy Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu's life will not be. Don't forget the words of the temple, Lao Tzu can take you to the funeral with him." Li Batian flashed a fierce light in his eyes and drank fiercely.


"You!" Several of the saints in the audience suddenly turned to one side, and the saints just shouted were flushed with smoke on the top of their heads.


Think of them as saints, who are not worshipped by millions of people outside, who are in a high position. Never have non-saints dared to talk to them like this. Unfortunately, there are Temple rules in them. Despite their anger, they have to be afraid to distance themselves from Li Batian.


These people are all mature figures, because they are worshipped by tens of thousands of people and are afraid of death. Especially this meaningless death, nobody wants to annoy Li Batian. When it comes to time, they really need to start, and they have only one way to die.


Without these obstacles, Li Batian began to attack the stone gate in front of him with all his strength. For him, the most important thing now is to smash the stone gate and get the treasures hidden inside. The treasures behind the stone gate before have made him feel excited. Perhaps he can find a way to deal with the nine evil snakes.


This time, several saintly powerful people were all absorbed, no longer affected by other things around them. They stared at Li Batian who attacked Shimen. Everyone was filled with strong breath and ready to rush into the Shimen.


"Hum!" With a sneer at the corner of his mouth, Li Batian rushed forward with a totem pole in his hand. The whole man seemed to be a giant totem pole, smashing the stone gate in an instant and rushing into the stone chamber.


"The stone gate is broken. The treasure is mine." Several saintly powerful people who have been staring at them all the time, while Li Batian rushed in, they also immediately reflected that they rushed towards the stone gate one after another, and their eyes were full of greed.


"How could that be!" Several of the saints rushed in and stared at the empty stone chamber in disbelief.


"Hurry up, boy, and hand over the treasure." In retrospect, several saintly strongmen shouted angrily.


"If you want treasures, find them by yourself, don't bother me." Li Batian glanced coldly at several people stepping out of the stone chamber. Just as he rushed into the stone chamber, he put those things into the space ring as quickly as possible.


Several saintly-class strong men rushed out unwillingly. One of them lost his reason in anger and grabbed Li Batian with his hand, unconsciously showing his strong strength as a saintly-class strong man.


"Hum, there is no amnesty for killing." Almost at the same time, a cold hum sounded suddenly, followed by a beam of light from the temple, which covered the holy strong below.


"Ah, no!" The impulsive Saint exclaimed, but regret was too late, and in the blink of an eye the whole person disappeared into the light.


The presence of the saintly class strong, to see the scene, all shocked a cold sweat, who did not expect just to live saintly class strong, so blinking death disappeared without trace.


Whether it is a nine-headed serpent or other saint-class strong, all of a sudden caution, the original weather of Li Ba fierce several saint-class strong, although not reconciled in mind, but also had to turn to leave, just the saint-class strong is a lesson from the previous car.


Ten minutes later, nine magic snakes and other saints broke two stone gates and got the treasures in the stone chamber. Everyone's face was very sunny, while the other saints, including those who wanted to rob Li Batian's treasures, were all ashes. Face.


The crowd gathered again in the hall, and as the pangolin warrior waved his claws, a ray of light flashed through the ground, whether the gravel or the stone doors disappeared. (To be continued...

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