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第二百六十四章 神明派系!

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"Now you've got the treasures in the Stone Gate, and then it's time for you to make your choice." Pangolin Warcraft looks down at the crowd with a peculiar look, which reveals an intriguing look.


"Believe you also know the Gong Dao, there are factions among the gods of ancient times, and my master, the God of swamp, is a god belonging to the Aurasian faction. Now you have two choices. The first choice is to join my master's Aurasian faction, so that you can get more treasures, even more treasures. It's my master's legacy." Speaking of this, Pangolin's eyes glanced at the nine-headed serpent, a meaningful look.


Originally cold-faced nine-headed serpents, when they heard about the inheritance of swamp gods, their eyes could not restrain the expression of longing and excitement.


Owing to the limitation of ethnic blood, it is almost impossible for the nine-headed serpent to break through to the holy level only by practicing. It needs an opportunity to make a qualitative leap. The inheritance of the swamp God is a rare opportunity for him to break through to the legendary level or even to the divine level.


We should know that the magic land of Gongdao is different from the past. Although there may be many strong people in the dark, the superficial strongest one is only the Holy level. Once the nine serpents break through the legendary realm, they will be able to call for wind and rain in the magic land.


"What about the second option?" One person can't wait to ask.


"The second option is to refuse to join, so that you can leave here and lose the chance to get more treasures or even inheritance."


Hearing the words, the crowd was slightly shocked, and for a moment they began to hesitate. Everyone here has gone through a lot of hardships. They are tough-minded people. They are not foolish enough to think that they can get something for nothing. They can get a lot of benefits from joining the Aurasian faction, and they must pay something accordingly.


"My predecessors, I don't know what kind of price or obligation we need to pay for Gong Dao joining the Aurasian faction." A saint-class strong man hesitated for a moment and looked up at the Pangolin Warcraft Road above the niche.


Pangolin Warcraft smiled: "Join the Orras faction, you are part of the Orras faction. Naturally, there must be some corresponding obligations. These need to be joined before we can know the niches, but I can tell you that you need to do is not difficult, if you do a good niche, you will get unexpected benefits. It is not impossible to achieve divinity in the future.


The hesitant nine-headed serpent's eyes suddenly became hot. For him to break through racial restrictions. It has always been his dream to advance to the divine level.


The nine-headed serpent clan goes up from level eight, and breakthroughs at each level are very difficult, precisely because of unusual difficulties. Once they break through, they will be absolutely strong in the same realm, and in the eyes of the nine serpents, there has always been an ambition, that is, to restore the brilliance of the nine serpents.


In the ancient times, the nine-headed serpent clan was as powerful as the Dragon clan, and it was not weak in the face of the Dragon clan.


"My predecessors, I would like to join the Aurasian faction." After a short hesitation, the nine serpents took the lead in offering their loyalty.


With the beginning of the nine serpents, some other people immediately decided that they would like to join the Aurasian faction, especially some of the saints who were trained to break through the hopelessness, and hardly hesitated.


"I am sorry, sir, that I am a Holy Holy See, a devout believer in my Lord, and that it is impossible for me to convert to other gods." The man of the Holy See, in the voice of choosing to agree, suddenly refused.


Next, the swordsman and the necromancer also chose to refuse, so that the man who carried the swordsman was keen on the sword. He believed that the sword on his back would not belong to the Orratic faction. As for the necromancer who believed in death, it was impossible to join the Orratic faction.


"My predecessors have no beliefs, so thanks for the kindness of my predecessors." Think about it for a moment, Li Batian also followed closely to express his views.


He is confident in himself. He may not be worse than the swamp God in the future, so he does not want to be confined by the so-called faction, much less to be so subordinate to others.


In a twinkling of an eye, everyone in the place made their own choices. Except Li Batian, the necromancer, the sword-carrying man, and the Holy See man, all the others chose to join the Orras faction.


"Very well, on behalf of the Orras faction, I welcome you to join us." Pangolin glanced at the nine-headed serpents and nodded satisfactorily.


After speaking, Pangolin Warcraft turned his eyes to Li Batian's four people. There was a sad look in his eyes. Among all the people present, except nine serpents, they belonged to four of them. Unfortunately, none of the four people chose to join in.


"Now that you have chosen to refuse, leave the temple." Pangolin Warcraft spoke with claws waving and the surrounding space surging. Li Batian disappeared in the blink of an eye, which shocked the nine snakes who had planned to revenge.


"My predecessor, that bear warrior stole my child and asked my predecessor to send me to his place." The nine serpents hurried up the road.


Pangolin Warcraft was stunned, but there was no objection. After all, the nine serpents are now part of their group, and naturally they will not trip up their own people.


"Well, I'll send you to his place and remember to come back quickly after you've finished your work. You're my Aurasian only after you've finished the introductory ceremony."


"Yes, my predecessors, I know Gong Dao." An unruly nine-headed serpent, facing the pangolin Warcraft spirit, is also becoming respectful.


The Pangolin Warcraft, which can control the temple, has enough power to kill him in seconds. In front of the powerful power, the nine serpents also know how to bend and stretch.


But Li Batian was transported out of the temple and found himself in an endless swamp with the existence of the three necromancers beside him.


Four people left the swamp temple, the atmosphere suddenly became delicate, and now four people have treasures from the swamp temple, for everyone has a lot of temptation.


Just as the four men were on guard against each other, a space whirlpool appeared again not far away, and a dark shadow appeared from the sky.


Seeing Li Batian's face suddenly change, he no longer pays attention to the other three people, but flies away with a starlight. At the same time, a pair of sky-shattering wings are waving behind him, and the star-naked body method is used to exert his speed to the extreme.


With the understanding of the rules of stars, Li Batian has made a great breakthrough in starlight. The speed of blinking opened a hundred meters away.


The speed of Li Batian's sudden outbreak shocked everyone present. Especially the nine-headed snake, whose face was ugly like the bottom of a pot, made space to change its body shape and turned into a black light to catch up with the fleeing Li Batian.


The other three looked at each other, and there was a look of interest in their eyes.


Whether Li Batian or Nine Devil Snakes own the treasures of the swamp temple, and nine Devil Snakes hate Li Batian so much, they are sure that there are more valuable treasures involved. This attraction is enough to make them want to make a lively gathering. Maybe a snipe and clam can compete for the benefit of the fisherman.


All the people flew rapidly in the air. Li Batian in front did not know the Gong Dao. What he had to do now was to flee at the fastest speed. If he could, he would flee. If he could, he could not flee, he would think about some preparations for battle.


Even if he had found some good things from the secret chamber of the swamp temple that could be used against the nine serpents, it was very difficult to kill them.


As long as you can't kill the nine serpents, fighting with them will only hurt you. After all, nine serpents have nine heads, and they are very popular in fighting.


Li Batian, who fled at full speed, gave full play to his speed, which was just like a meteor. The nine serpents in the rear were unable to catch up with him, and the three men behind him were depressed.


They don't understand what kind of bear Warcraft in Gong can be so fast that they don't even have a holy class. It's just not reasonable. Under normal circumstances, bear Warcraft should be relatively slow. It's absolutely not so strange now.


Li Batian's speed is astonishing. After all, the nine-headed demon snake's revision is very high and slow. Relatively speaking, the three people who chase after him are somewhat unable to do so, and the most reluctant one is to give up.


Li Batian, who was flying at full speed, felt the distance between him and the nine serpents, and felt a sigh of relief in his heart.


The poisonous gas in the high air made him fly only at low altitudes, which posed a great potential threat to him. He was relieved for a short time. A fierce Octopus shot out of the swamp, followed by a large number of serpents in front of him.


"Damn it!" Faced with the sudden attack of the eight-headed demon snake, Li Batian dodged with speed and flexibility, but the presence of a large number of demon snakes made him feel very depressed. At this time, he remembered that here is the old nest of nine-headed demon snakes.


The nine-headed serpent must have gathered the serpent in the endless swamp in a special way, waiting for him to be surrounded and intercepted.


Facing the attack of the demon serpents, Li Batian's speed can't be exerted at all. Once he rises into the air, the erosion of poison gas is enough to poison him, which makes him fall into a dilemma at once. The nine-headed demon snakes in the rear take the opportunity to constantly close the distance between the two sides.


Li Batian knows that if he goes on like this, he does not have to wait until the nine serpents catch up completely. As long as he reaches a certain distance, the strength of the nine serpents, whether in the field of application or under the pressure of breath, will be enough to let his speed drop again, and he will not escape the battle with the nine serpents at that time. (To be continued...