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第二百六十五章 十二图腾柱!

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"In that case, it will only be World War I." Determined, Li Batian reached out and took out the totem pole. Stars poured into the pole. The totem on the pole emitted a faint light. One by one, totems flew out from the pole and flew in all directions in the blink of an eye, then disappeared.


After all this, Li Batian's air was calmly suspended in situ waiting, and the serpents surrounded him in a crowd. Nine serpents in the distance were also approaching quickly. In the blink of an eye, the nine serpents came to a place more than ten meters away from Li Batian.


For the nine serpents who are the most powerful of the Holy ranks, a dozen meters away from the blink of an eye, he would not worry about Li Batian's continued escape.


Even if Li Batian's speed is very fast, it is not as fast as his field. He can use the field to restrict Li Batian before Li Batian breaks out of his ultra-fast speed.


In terms of speed, he is indeed inferior to Li Batian, but in terms of absolute strength, he has undoubted confidence.


If a strong man at the top of the holy class can't fight even a bear warrior who hasn't been promoted to the Holy class, he really needs to buy a tofu and kill it.


"Boy, hand over my son, I can give you the opportunity to self-determination, otherwise once I start, it will make you better than dead, even if your body dies, I will also take your forehead soul, torture you for hundreds of years." The nine-headed serpent drank fiercely.


"Humph, nine-headed serpent, are you really so confident that you can kill me?" Holding a totem pole, Li Batian sneered.


"It's not self-confidence, it's fact. You don't think you can escape from this seat. This is the territory of this seat. No matter where you flee, you can only die. You are advised to honestly hand over my children. Otherwise, you should understand what your fate will be.


While the nine serpents threaten, their internal strength niches are slowly exerting. They are ready to support the field and trap Li Batian in their own strength niches.


Now Big Egg is in the hands of Li Batian after all. Although the nine-headed serpent wants to kill Li Batian immediately, it has to worry about the comfort of Big Egg.


He attaches great importance to his children. Once Li Batian breaks a dead net. If the space ring is shattered, then what originally exists in the space ring will become an ownerless thing, and it will be more difficult to find out what is in it.


Only nine serpents don't know the niche. Li Batian did not put the big egg in the space ring. It's in the biological space.


"Humph. Give me the twelve totem poles." Li Batian flashed a cold light in his eyes, holding the body of the totem pole and shouting loudly when his spiritual force surged.


"Bombardment!" There was a roar. The unexpected sound made the nine serpents startle, turning their heads to look around, only to see a strong totem pole like Optimus Prime rising, a total of twelve totem poles enveloped him and the serpents.


Compared with the totem pole in Li Batian's hands, the twelve totem poles on the periphery are engraved with different and independent patterns, and the totems echo each other, resulting in a powerful niche similar to the domain, which implicitly exerts a strong pressure on the areas in the body of the nine magic snakes.


Originally self-confident and calm, the nine-headed serpent's face became difficult to look at. He tried to hold up the field but found that the oppressive niche was extremely strong, and it was a kind of oppression specially for the field. Other aspects were not affected, which made him feel relieved, and at the same time, he was afraid and greedy of that totem pillar. 。


We should know that the most powerful of the Gongdao Saint class is the field. The twelve totem poles in front of us can block the field of the saint class strong, which is equivalent to cutting off a pair of wings of the bird man. For the saint class strong, it is absolutely a great weakening, even if he came to the book as a nine-headed snake.


"I didn't expect you to have this treasure, but even if you don't put it into practice, do you think you'll be my opponent?" Nine serpents recovered quickly. Their huge stature gave off a terrifying pressure. They stared at Li Batian closely with their pupils. It seemed that Snake Xinhu was trying to choose people to eat.


"Well, if you're an opponent, you need to fight before you know Gong Dao." Li Batian sneered and waved, white tiger, fiery ape king, lightning mink, and Meilong all appeared out of nowhere. They were arranged around Li Batian and confronted with the serpents on the ground.


Without the worries of the serpents, Li Batian's attention was totally focused on the nine serpents.


Compared with the white tiger, the battle between them and the serpents really decides the victory or defeat, but between him and the nine serpents, so he must concentrate all his energies.


The nine serpents on the opposite side were stunned when they saw four white tigers suddenly appearing. They didn't understand what was going on. It was impossible for them to store living things in the space ring of the niche, and they were not the Summoning Magic just now. Even the nine serpents with wide knowledge were confused and turned around.


"Boy, are there any treasures on you? As long as you give this seat four of them and the totem pole in your hand, this seat can consider giving you life." The nine-headed serpent stared at Li Batian with fervent eyes. It was self-evident that he was greedy.


The nine serpents have never heard of it so far, and only the artifacts can possibly have the ability to resist the heaven. In addition, Li Batian's totem pole, which can suppress the field, even with the arrogance of the nine serpents, can't help but raise the idea of killing people and overtaking goods.


At this moment, even if Li Batian did not steal giant eggs, the nine serpents would not let him go. In his eyes, Li Batian is a great treasure house.


"If you want to get the treasure, it depends on whether you have the strength." Li Batian burst out a cold light in his eyes and reminded himself secretly that it would be better for him to call White Tigers so directly when it was no longer necessary.


"Hiss, boy, you're dead." It was found that Li Batian's oil and salt did not go in. The nine serpents were furious, and they rushed towards him in a streaming light.


"Good to come!" Li Batian gave a soft drink and did not show any weakness in performing the magic of Niu Deqingtian. His figure grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his totem pole grew rapidly, turning into a giant bear with a giant totem pole.


"Boom!" The waving totem pole and the nine serpents collided, and there was hardly any retreat between the violent surge of niches.


"What a powerful niche." Whether it is Li Batian or Nine-headed Devil Snake, his heart is crying out. (To be continued...

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