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第二百七十九章 再次突破!

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Knowing that Gong Dao is now the king of resentment spirit, the general resentment spirit is not his opponent at all, but the number can only make him stronger. His dignified state can only show that the number of enemies ahead is small, but the strength is unusually strong.


Under the vigilant gaze of Li Batian and Liu Lingwang, a huge horrible figure stepped out.


"Good strong!" Li Batian's heart trembled when he saw the spirit of resentment. The other side was just standing there, but he still felt a strong spiritual pressure, far exceeding any strength of the spirit of resentment he had encountered before.


"roar!" The King of Grief and Spirit gave a deep roar, bursting out a strong sense of war on his body, and a desire to fight flooded into Li Batian's mind in the flash of light.


"Well, if you want to fight, let's fight." After hesitating for a moment, Li Batian nodded and threw the sword out of the niche, which made the king's breath swell instantly.


After all this, Li Batian stepped back quickly. Whether he was the King of Grief or the fierce warrior, his strength was enough to threaten the Holy class. If he was too close to the battle field, he would definitely be seriously affected.


Only when he retreated a hundred meters away did Li Batian stop, and his mental strength was fully transformed into a tripod, ready to withstand the impact of the spirit. After all, he has not yet broken through to the Holy level. He has no holy level field, and can only withstand it by using spiritual warfare techniques.


When Li Batian was ready, the battle between Grievant King and the powerful warrior spirit had already begun. Both sides had similar strength. As soon as the battle broke out, they fell into a sticky state and attacked each other spiritually. Close combat is almost the same.


Li Batian in the distance, although he was 100 meters away, the aftermath of the battle still made him feel a lot of pressure.


The battle is exceptionally tragic, whether it is the King of Grievance or the powerful spirit of war. Compared with the general Grievance, they all have some sense of their own. They don't want to lose to each other, and they want to defeat and devour each other.


The strength of both sides has reached the edge of holy rank, so long as they devour each other, there is a great possibility of a successful breakthrough.


Over time. The King of Grief and the powerful warring spirit fought until their breath was weak. He suffered a lot of injuries, but still failed to distinguish the winner from the loser. He could not even see who had the advantage of victory.


Seeing this, Li Batian realized that he could no longer stand idly by. The spiritual surge communicates the grievance sword in the king of grievances. With their own spiritual power to supplement the consumption of the battle of Grief King.


The original frail spirit of the King of Grievance. The spirit suddenly shocked, roaring up the sky and roaring, the breath soared. Grief Lingjian gushed out of him, and Grief Lingwang merged into Grief Lingjian as a streaming light. The breath of awe locked the warring spirit in an instant.


The King of Grief disappeared and replaced him with a huge sword of Grief, which contained strong spiritual shock, which was no different from the previous heyday.


Even more aggressive than before, because of the integration of ontology relations.


With the help of Li Batian's spiritual strength, the original weak Grievant King has been continuously restored, and the fighting capacity has naturally been upgraded to a higher level, and the powerful Grievant gradually can not resist it.


Blame Ling Sword is brilliant, one by one peculiar rule runes surge in the sword body, into a sword spirit into the body, has already flashed the light, tending to collapse the edge of the spirit of war suffered heavy damage again.


At the same time, the huge bitter spirit sword is cut out, the warring spirit is cut in half, and the collapsed warring spirit is absorbed into the bitter spirit sword body.


"Buzz!" Grief Lingjian emits strong fluctuations. Li Batian is dignified. He throws out twelve totem pillars again, blockades the surrounding area, sits around and restores the practice. Grief Lingjian absorbs the energy of warring spirit constantly to complete the most important transformation.


I don't know how long Gong Dao has passed. The evil spirit king who absorbed the warring spirit energy has stopped absorbing. A terrible spiritual storm erupted centering on the evil spirit sword. If Li Batian was not the master of the evil spirit sword, such a spiritual storm would be enough to destroy it.


The spiritual storm lasted for ten minutes, which gradually subsided into the bitter spirit sword. The dark sword body changed again and became shining silver-white. The original dark and bitter resentment disappeared, leaving only pure spirit.


The light shines on the sword, and a silver-white beast emerges. It looks very similar to the former King of Grief, but without the violence and resentment, it emits frightening spiritual fluctuations. As long as ordinary people see it, they will be frightened to the collapse of their souls. The spirit itself has a nearly qualitative leap over the past.


"Very well, you can't be regarded as the King of Grief now. I'll call you the King of Silver Spirit later." Staring at the silver-white beast suspended in the plate sky, Li Batian's eyes showed a touch of satisfaction and surprise, and nodded his head in majesty.


"Thank you for your name." Silver-white beast flew to Li Batian and bowed respectfully.


Although it has now broken through the rank of saints, even compared with the general rank of saints, the strength is more powerful, and as long as the body is not seriously damaged, or get by others, it is equivalent to having an immortal body, when facing Li Batian, still dare not have a slight disrespect.


Li Batian secretly congratulated himself on bringing Yinling King into Yinling Sword. If he hadn't lost his way to this seal passage, he would not have let complaining Lingjian evolve to this degree.


If we want to evolve the Silver Sword into the present one, we need millions of souls of living beings. Moreover, the Silver Sword will fall into the magic way safely, even if it is under the control of spiritual power, it is easy to react.


On the contrary, swallow and absorb the spirit of war, which contains little resentment, more is a kind of war and pure soul power niche, so that the king of resentment has a great change in invisible, remove the resentment and violence, but make the spirit more pure.


Put the Blame Ling Sword into the space ring, Li Batian continued to move forward, this time without encountering other Warring spirits, and soon came to another seal valley, that is, the end of this passage.


According to the fairy princess, the end of the passage is in the most peripheral area of the fairy forest, so long as you come here, it's basically equivalent to pulling out the fairy forest. Even if the elves find his trace, it's too late to start.


By summoning the illusory beast and utilizing its ability, Li Batian easily crossed the powerful Valley seal and appeared in a sparse forest.


"Sure enough, it has come to the edge of the Elf Forest." Looking at the sparse forests and the vague environment of the open area, Li Batian felt a sigh of relief in his heart. At last, he did not need to be so worried. (To be continued...