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第二百七十三章 半步传奇!

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To tell the truth, with the simplicity and kindness of the fairy princess, if it was Li Batian in the past, he really could not go down, but now he has not taken so much into account. His mind moved slightly and turned into the spiritual consciousness of the ancient stars and beasts, and rushed to the spirit princess in the air. In the blink of an eye, he came to her.


At this moment, the Elf Princess is trying her best to extinguish the starlight flame. There is no extra energy to stop Li Batian.


"Photograph!" Li Batian gave a cold cry, and his spiritual strength turned into a star wrapped in puppet seeds. He flew into the consciousness of the Princess Elf.


"Ah ah!" The princess's subjectivity screamed bitterly, and Li Batian's spiritual power was broken bamboo, among which the wrapped puppet seeds spread rapidly, causing the princess to suffer a lot.


The pain came and went quickly. In the blink of an eye, the Kung Fu Princess's consciousness recovered from the pain, but compared with the past, her eyes were more devout and her forehead had a strange Rune mark.


"Master!" The fairy princess said respectfully to Li Batian.


"Very good!" Li Batian nodded satisfactorily, and his heart was a little unbelievable. He thought things would be very troublesome, but it was unexpectedly so simple.


In fact, this is also because the fairy princess thought simple, intent on extinguishing the flames of the stars.


It is almost impossible for Li Batian to control her so easily if he changes a person to possess the spirit and ability of the Elf Princess. Even if he succeeds in the end, his spiritual strength will be severely damaged.


Successfully controlling the elf princess, Li Batian's spiritual power retreated from the sea of consciousness. Wake up the comatose Princess and learn a lot about the mystery of the elves from her mouth.


Really understand the strength of the Elves, Li Batian was secretly shocked, thankful that he did not recklessly enter the depths of the Elves Forest, otherwise he could not leave alive is still an unknown.


According to the elf princess's story, there are only four of them, among which the most powerful one is the queen of the princess, the famous elite queen on the mainland.


The revision of the Elf Queen is a half-step legend, three points more powerful than the nine serpents, in the case of the legendary strong. It is already the most powerful being.


Except for the Elf Queen. The other three saints are not weak either, and the weakest one has the saints.


This strength alone is enough to make other powers on the mainland fear it. In addition, the fairy princess once heard from her mother and queen. There seems to be a stronger presence in the Elves than the Elves Queen.


According to the elf princess's conjecture. Probably the last Elf Queen. The strength of the legend will never be limited to half-step legend. The legendary realm is only a conservative estimate.


Knowing these circumstances, Li Batian's mind was shadowed. Now he faces two choices.


The first option is to let Princess Elf enter the Elf Forest by herself and try to get the water of life. The second option is to enter the Elf Forest with Princess Elf.


The first choice is less dangerous, but the success rate of Li Batian does not have much expectation. After all, the strength of the Elf Princess is still too weak, only the eighth level of training, the elite in the master everywhere, even if they have the identity of a princess, it is very difficult to complete the task of stealing the water of life.


As for choosing the second one, his own danger will increase several times. He is confident that he can cope with the general saintly strong. Once the Elf Queen finds him, he can't guarantee that he won't let the Elf Queen know.


Once the Elf Queen of the half-step legendary realm finds him, there will be absolutely no life or death at that time. Unless the second star can break through to the top of the Holy level, otherwise, facing the Elf Queen of the half-step legendary realm, it is estimated that one move will be destroyed.


Although it would be dangerous to do so, once lucky into it, the possibility of success will be greatly increased, he is confident that he can conceal other Elvish masters besides the Elvish Queen.


When Li Batian hesitated, he heard a good news from the Elf Princess, which seemed like timely rain to him.


"Great, I didn't expect that the Elf Queen was practicing in a closed door, trying to break through the legendary realm, which gave me a chance to succeed." Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief.


According to Princess Elf, every time the Elf Queen shuts down, it takes at least a few months, or even a year. Now it is only one month. For Li Batian, as long as there is no accident, there is enough time to prepare.


Determined, Li Batian notified the second star body and made every effort to study the skills of concealing his own breath, especially the spiritual barrier in the spiritual warfare technology, which was the main object of study.


Spiritual barrier is good at hiding breath in the distance and not being found by the enemy. If it is not faced with the elite master, it is easy to be detected by the spirit.


It took four days for the second star to develop a set of mysterious techniques to hide its own breath and to cultivate it without being discovered by the elves.


For Li Batian, these four days are busy, but for the whole elves, the same is true.


The semi-saintly strong man who had taken away a group of elves before was also found by the elves and hunted down all the way. In spite of all kinds of means, he was still unable to escape the pursuit of the elves.


It was only to their dismay that the semi-saintly strongman eventually blew himself up and nothing was known from his mouth.


The capture of the Princess of the Elves is absolutely a great disgrace to the whole Elves. The soldiers of the whole Elves have been mobilized. Not only has the whole Elves Forest been blocked, but also the Elves City has been monitored by the Elves.


Despite the fact that most of the Elves are concentrated in the Elf Forest, they rarely come out, but it does not mean that they know nothing about what is happening on the mainland.


Every great power Gong Li has its own intelligence agency on the road, and the elves are no exception. The news, in many cases, is even related to the survival of a race.


The intelligence network of the Elves is also very powerful, almost all over the magic land. At this moment, this huge intelligence agency is fully functioning, trying to find the trace of the Elf Princess.


Although the former semi-saints did not say anything, the magic emanated from them, but let the elves think that found a clue.


At that time, the underground demons were pushed back by other races on the mainland, and finally had to retreat to the underground. However, they never gave up aggression on the ground. Therefore, the strong elves believed that the remaining parties of the underground demons were responsible for it. (To be continued...

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