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第二百七十五章 意外地发现!

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"Master, the Moon Well is guarded by the Moon Guard behind the ancient tree of life. Every member of the Moon Guard has an eighth grade, and the captain is a semi-saint. Besides the guard outside, there is no guard niche inside."


After listening to the elf princess's story, Li Batian breathed a sigh of relief. Compared with stealing from the elf queen, it is undoubtedly much easier to start from the moon.


When Li Batian made up his mind, he let Luya go to the Moon Well. All the way, the elves nodded respectfully to Princess Luya and looked curiously at Li Batian on her shoulder, but did not know his real identity at all.


As a fairy princess, she was unobstructed along the way and soon came to the Moon Forest where the Moon Well was located.


Compared with the surrounding forests, the air in the Moon Forest becomes colder, and the trees are all silver-white, which is particularly conspicuous.


As soon as Princess Elf stepped into the Moon Forest, two shadows appeared on Princess Elf in the twinkling of dark shadows, which emitted a strong breath and were all semi-saintly strong.


"Princess, how did you come here?" Seeing the elegance in their sight, they were slightly shocked and respectful.


"In order to save me, more than a dozen people are still alive and dead unknown, I want to go to the Moon Well to pray for them, but also please two lines of convenience." The fairy princess looked slightly gloomy and sighed.


"This...!" The two moon guards hesitated for a moment, but finally nodded and let the fairy princess enter the Moon Forest.


As guardians of the moon, they are supposed to receive orders from the Elf Queen or the Elf Queen. They can't let anyone in, but the status of the fairy princess is extraordinary after all, and it is to pray for the clan, they naturally can't stand in the way.


Entering the Moon Forest, the elf princess is familiar with the Moon Well soon. She is no stranger to the Moon Forest. She has accompanied the elf queen several times before.


"Is this the Moon Well?" Looking at the silvery light in front of him, looking at the moon well like a moment falling on the ground from afar, Li Batian claimed to be amazing in his heart, which was just like a magic trick.


"Master. Moon Well is just an entrance. Only by jumping into the well of the moon can we enter the space of life and get the water of life. Explained in her mind, the Elf Princess stepped to the Moon Well and jumped in without hesitation.


Enter the Moon Well. Li Batian felt only a surge of time. Wait until the reaction comes. It has come to a strange place.


"What a strong spirit of life." Take a deep breath, Li Batian could not help exclaiming.


This strange land is full of green gases visible to the naked eye, which contain a strong sense of life. Just a few deep breaths, let him have a kind of comfortable, spiritual feeling.


The body absorbs the spirit of life automatically. The body becomes more energetic and contains a vitality.


"Master, here is the life space, is a magical space, space contains rich life gas, these life gas after a year of accumulation, will accumulate a drop of water of life." The Fairy Princess Lu Ya worships and tells the story piously.


Although she has received the influence and control of puppet seeds, she has not lost her original memory and temperament. Besides her absolute loyalty and obedience to Li Batian, she is almost the same as before.


This is also the reason why nobody in the Gongshi family has found anything unusual. Generally, if they are controlled, there will be some obvious changes, but not as unchanged as the Princess of the Elves.


Knowing the magic of the life space, the elf Princess Luya strides forward in the life space. With the continuous progress, the atmosphere of life around her becomes stronger.


Soon a building similar to an altar appeared in sight. In the middle of the altar, a raised jade bowl exuded strong vitality.


Leaving from Luya's shoulders, Li Batian flew to the top of the altar. A shallow layer of blue-green liquid flowed in the bowl of jade in his sight, surrounded by a strong atmosphere of life.


"Great. With these waters of life, the old patriarch will be saved." Li Batian surprises himself secretly.


Only a drop of water is enough to cure the old patriarch. There are at least three or four drops in it, which is an unexpected gain.


Take out a magic jade bottle specially prepared. Li Batian's claws grab the water of life in the jade bowl. The water of life originally existed in the jade bowl, suspended from it and flew into the jade bottle.


Received the water of life, Li Batian just prepared to leave, but there was a wave in the sea of consciousness.


Wrinkled his brow, Li Batian thought for a moment and waved his hand. A huge figure appeared out of nowhere, sending out a deterrent force. Unlike the general saints, the momentum of this figure is more cold and high, just like the gods.


The elf Princess below, looking doubtfully at the mighty figure in the air, did not show fear. On the contrary, from the huge figure, she felt a sense of familiarity and intimacy, as if a second master had appeared.


The disappearance of the light reveals a huge figure like a crystal casting, which is the second star of Li Batian's identity.


After the appearance of the second star body, it still maintained its cold and cold appearance. A pair of silver-white eyes looked at the altar in front of them. Silver light in the eyes of the throughput, vaguely forming a strange symbol, sending out an unknown breath.


"Good, every time we meet the strength of the second star body, there is a huge breakthrough, and then go on like this, I really don't know who is the main body, who is the separation." Li Batian smiled bitterly when he felt the strong smell of the second star.


Previously, he was confident that he could catch up with the second star, but now he suddenly found that even if he broke through to the Holy level, the second star's speed of ascension was much faster than his own body, which was a bit embarrassing.


The power of the broken silver eyes of the second star is far from comparable to that of Li Batian himself. Through the sharing of vision, Li Batian can see that under the condition that the second star exerts the broken silver eyes with all its strength, the present altar disappears and turns into a unique and mysterious rune.


"What is this?" Li Batian's face changed slightly. Under the gaze of the broken silver eyes of the second star body, a light glow appeared in the deep part of the altar. From the light glow, he saw a line formed by the power of Taoist principles.


"How could it be possible to materialize the power of the law?" Li Batian's eyes were full of astonishment when he saw the light in his sight and the power lines of the law revealed above. (To be continued...

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