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第二百七十章 上古囚笼!

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"Interestingly, it seems that this guide to the Elf Forest is available." Staring at a group of elves in the distance, Li Batian's mouth was filled with a smile.


Over the next few days, Li Batian monitored this group of elves in an all-round way. Through his surveillance, he found that the emergence of these elves seemed to be just to collect some goods. In addition, he also found a problem.


Among the crowd of elves, there is a girl who looks only sixteen or seventeen years old. She is highly respected and cared for by other elves. That kind of respect is not pretended, but from the heart.


In addition to these considerations, Li Batian also noticed an interesting time, that is, in the Elven City, he was not the only one who monitored the elves, there were others who monitored their whereabouts, these people disguised very well, ordinary people simply difficult to detect.


In a twinkling of an eye, three days later, a group of purchasing elves purchased a large number of goods, all into the space ring, full of returns.


"Can't help but start at last." Li Batian, who had been closely following the elves, was keenly aware of the dangerous atmosphere in the air and quietly retreated for a long time, waiting quietly.


Li Batian just hid his figure, and the spiritual group ahead also smelled dangerous. After all, the spiritual group, as the darling of nature, had a much stronger sense than the general human beings, and immediately became vigilant. The girl of the spiritual group was protected in the middle.


Several elf wizards hold magic wands, and ELF archers also put arrows on the bowstring. Watch in all directions vigilantly.


"It's a genre of fairies. It's very powerful. Unfortunately, it's too late for you to feel it." With the laughter and shadows, a magic Rune suddenly rises around. The magic boundaries full of dead spirit envelope the elves, and quickly rush out of the boundaries of more than a dozen fully armed people.


These people are exuding a strong atmosphere, the weakest have seven levels of training, of which three are the level of eight, absolutely elite.


In addition, in a dozen or so people, there is another person whose breath is uncertain. There is a semi-holy level of revision. These people have worked hard for this operation.


"No, this magic knot is poisonous." The group of elves in the border suddenly changed their faces, and one of them shouted. Several Elf Magicians immediately waved their emerald green wands. Plants shot out of the open ground around them.


"Sigh!" These plants have just appeared. The plants withered and decayed at a rate visible to the naked eye, but this also alleviated the erosion of poisonous gases for the elves present.


"Break the boundary together." Aware of the failure of your magic. The elf wizard's dignified manner.


Several elf wizards nodded and waved their wands. A surge of natural power surged violently. The horrible natural power turned into towering trees. The strong vitality counteracted the erosion of dead gas and poison gas.


"What a powerful natural magic." Li Batian, who watches from afar, has a slight look. Compared with other magic and natural magic, there is something magical about it. The magic junction full of dead gas and poison gas begins to vibrate violently, and the death gas and poison gas on it are consumed violently. Finally, it can't resist the collapse.


The enchantment of magic was defeated, and a glimmer of joy appeared on the faces of the elves. One of them waved a magic wand, and the vines under his feet surged into a huge flying carpet, dragging them to flee quickly to a distant place.


"Hey hey, do you think you can escape? For you, our organization costs a lot of money." During the conversation, the saint-class strong man made a mark on his hands and drank softly. A magic flag shot out from the ground in all directions. In a twinkling of an eye, a huge magic knot emerged, which covered Li Batian.


"Good fellow, it really costs a lot." Looking at the huge boundaries that even he enveloped, Li Batian was also secretly surprised.


At least tens of thousands of square meters of enclosure area are covered by the current junction, which is absolutely huge in the magic junction, and the cost is far from comparable to the previous magic junction.


"No, it's the magic boundaries of ancient cages!" The elf magician, who is the leader of the elf clan, stopped fleeing immediately after seeing the huge magic enchantment rising and exclaimed ugedly.


The faces of some other elves who encompassed the magical boundaries of ancient cages on the Gongdao also changed.


"Ha Gong Ha, indeed, is a spiritual clan inherited from ancient times. It can be seen at a glance that the essence of this magic junction is true. This is the magic junction of the ancient cages that we organized for your special purchase at a high price. You should know the severity of such a junction. It is almost impossible to break through it. I advise you to surrender obediently, so that you can avoid the suffering of flesh and skin, or we will let you taste what life is better than death. The head of the semi-saint man, the eyes reveal a wicked glance sweeping the front of more than a dozen elves, threatening to drink.


The face of a group of elves is ugly, and nobody expected it to be like this. Originally they just came out to buy goods, but they were calculated by the people who wanted to do so.


Li Batian, who listened in the distance, looked around at the magic junction of the ancient cages. He listened to the ice crystal's narration of the magic junction, and observed the uniqueness of the junction with a broken eye.


Soon he found that the boundary was indeed, as the ice crystals said, a boundary specially designed for imprisonment. It was difficult to break the boundary from the inside, but easy to break the boundary from the outside.


"Who are you? Why are you ambushing us for the niche? Do you know that such actions by the niche will annoy the whole elf clan?" The head of the elf clan strong, eyes solemn and angry drink.


"Hey hey, look at you have no resistance, I kindly tell you that someone paid a high price to buy your elves, take money for disaster relief."


"Who hired you?" The elf strongman looked ugly again and tried to understand the behind-the-scenes black hands. Unfortunately, the other party was not silly enough to say anything. Instead of answering his questions, he waved more than a dozen people to quickly surround a group of elves.


"Let's not let them do it." The top eight of the elves'ethnic group glanced at the nervous elf girls in the crowd, flashing a wipe of desperation, and had already embraced the idea of a battle to the death.


Fighting started in an instant, the elves here have been holding the idea of a desperate war, a variety of natural magic display, among which the elf archers are constantly shooting amazing archery.


Face to face, although the overall strength of the Elves than this side, and there is a semi-holy level of the strong, it is still unable to achieve overwhelming victory in a short time.


The battle fell into a stalemate, and the thunderous battle continued to ring in the junction. The semi-saintly strong man, who had been calm, began to feel a little calm.


Despite his arrogant speech just now, he also knows that his behavior is definitely dancing on the tip of the knife. After all, this place is very close to the elf forest. Once people find out the situation here, they will be subjected to all-round hunting from the elves.


"Don't leave your hands behind, catch them quickly, and change later." The semi-saints drank to their subordinates, and their upper clothes burst apart, revealing their dissatisfaction with the black runes. As the black runes twinkled, a vicious black current filled his body.


In addition to the semi-holy level of the strong, other people also made similar movements, all over the body emitted evil black air flow, instantly the entire junction, filled with a very undesirable evil black air.


"Underground devil gas, how can you have underground devil gas on your body? You are running dogs of the Deep Devil race." Feeling the evil black gas emanating from them, the Elves'Eighth-Level Strong shouted in anger, and their eyes were full of anger and hatred.


"What underground devil tribe, this is our strong niche of cultivation, feel this strong breath, today you all want to stay here." Semi-saintly level of the strong, all over emitting evil black gas, grinning and shouting.


Without waiting for the reaction from the elves on the other side, they launched a fierce attack again. These people are extremely fast. After releasing the evil black gas, their strength has improved a lot compared with before, and they immediately created a huge suppression effect on the elves.


"Hey hey, surrender well." The semi-saintly strong grinned fiercely, and the evil black gas condensed into a black giant hand, clapping at the elves.


"Boom!" Despite their timely application of defensive magic, the dark giant hands showed super-strong erosion ability, and soon the defensive magic could not resist.


Several elves who could not escape were immediately flapped out of the niche by a huge black palm, and then put in a bag that looked very ordinary but could take in foreign things like a space ring, except that the space ring could not take in living things, while the bag in the other hand could bring the elves into it.


The next battle was basically one-sided. The elves'magic and archery were very powerful, but their body was a weakness after all.


The human beings who ambush them and display the evil black spirit have not only increased their physical strength, but also greatly strengthened their strength, which makes these people of the Elves unable to resist at all. In a twinkling of an eye, there are only four Elves on the scene.


Li Batian, who watched the battle from afar, gazed at those people surrounded by evil black gas, and frowned slightly. The smell of these people made him dislike it very much. (To be continued...

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