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第二百三十八章 狗头人老祖!

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Ever since the idea came to mind, the Kobolds have become irremediable, and the more they think about it, the more likely that once the Horseshoe and the Katel Tauren tribes come together, even their Kobolds will be hard to eradicate, and eventually the Kobolds will not want to see the situation of both defeats and injuries.


"Can't wait any longer, rush up to me and kill all the Tauren of the Blood Hoof tribe." The suspicious head of the Kobold clan finally could not suppress his inner panic. He issued an attack order to his men. The long-awaited army of Kobolds rushed out of the rocky forest without hesitation.


A dog-headed man with weapons rushed out, but the blood-hoofed tribe was not panicked. The blood-hoofed tribe soldiers who had been ready for the war organized one after another and completed the defensive position in the blink of an eye.


The vast Kobold clan and the Bloodhoof tribe are deadlocked together, both sides are emitting a rising atmosphere of murder, the atmosphere is tense to the touch.


"Cottart, are you kobolds really going to fight my Bloodhoof tribe to the death?" Standing at the front of the line, blood hoofs stared coldly at the big army of dog-headed people opposite. The head of the dog-headed clan and a group of dog-headed people shouted from the top.


"Humph, blood hoof, don't say these meaningless words, you should know that I can't let you go. Now you have only two ways, one is to submit to my Kobolds, the other is to die here all the way." Kotat, the head of the Kobold Clan, looked as cool as a drink telling the truth.


"Ha Gong Ha, Kota, you really can tell jokes, depending on your dog-headed group, the wolf's walking dog. It deserves to be subordinated to you by my Tauren clan." Bloody hoofs sneered as if they had heard some funny joke.


Kotat, the head of the dog-headed race, and other high-level dog-headed people, have turned ugly when they heard the words. They have always been the dependencies of the wolf race, living in the shadow of the wolf race. As the strength of the dog-headed race has improved, they are gradually unwilling to submit to the wolf race, and most taboo other people's mockery.


"Blood hoof, you will regret your decision. Kill me. One does not stay." Kotat, head of the Kobold clan, shouted angrily. A group of high-ranking Kobolds took the lead in rushing to the opposite Bloodhoof tribe, followed by a huge army of Kobolds.


"Hum, fight. My Tauren people have no wives who are greedy for life and afraid of death." Blood hoofs were also drinking angrily. Running towards Kobold Chief Katat. The soldiers of the Bloodhoof tribe did not move, but were the Kobolds who kept their position and attacked them.


After all, the strength of the Kobold army is far superior to that of the Bloodhoof tribe. Positive resistance is absolutely disadvantageous and can only be passively defended.


As soon as the two sides came into contact, fierce battles broke out, such as the wolf-like Kobold army, which launched a mad attack on the Bloodhoof tribe, while Kotat, the head of the Kobold clan, and other masters of the Bloodhoof tribe also fiercely attacked the Bloodhoof tribe masters, such as the bloodhoof. At the beginning of the battle, the Bloodhoof tribe Masters fell into glue.


Just when the two sides were in a glue state, a group of black-clad dog-headed people suddenly appeared. Each of these people had a dark breath. Their strength was generally in the sixth level, and the first one was a master of the eighth level.


On the other side, a group of dog-headed men also rushed out, and their strength was comparable to that of the black-coated dog-headed men. They attacked the blood-hoofed tribes from two directions.


Suddenly, the two teams immediately plunged the blood-hoof tribe into a crisis, especially the two top eight masters, which made the remaining people of the blood-hoof tribe totally irresistible. Seeing the defence of the blood-hoof tribe will be broken down, and meeting the blood-hoof tribe will be a tragic defeat.


"roar and roar!" At this moment, a roar of the king suddenly sounded, and before both sides reacted, a white shadow flew from a distance. Before the shadow arrived, the ghost of terror had already sprung up like a tide.


The eight-level master of the Dark Dog clan is facing the shock of the evil spirit, and immediately feels a strong chill pouring into his heart. In a moment, even his spirit is somewhat trance-stricken.


Almost at the same time as the white shadow appeared, a giant ape with a burning fire descended from the sky and landed on the ground with a terrible breath, just blocking another group of Kobolds, the fiery waves surged, and the top eight Kobolds opposite had to lead the team to retreat quickly.


In a twinkling of an eye, the original blood-hoofed tribe was faced with the crisis of extinction, was suddenly disintegrated by two warcraft, so that everyone in the scene was confused.


"How could it be!" The warring head of the Kobold clan was preparing to listen to the barking of the Bloodhoof tribe. The unexpected situation made him somewhat unacceptable.


Not only the head of the Kobold clan, but also the blood hoofs were unable to respond. But he soon thought of the mysterious and powerful Li Batian. Only as an angel of God, Li Batian could send such a powerful Warcraft to support him.


"Ha Gongha, Kota, your plot has not succeeded. I see how you can wipe out our blood-hoofed tribe." The blood hoof never forgets the sneer.


"Hum!" Kotat, the head of the Koboldt clan, snorted and looked at the natural channel: "Two Warcraft can also block our elite team of Koboldts, and when they are slaughtered, that is the death of your Bloodhoof tribe."


As soon as he spoke here, what happened in the distance made Kota, the head of the Kobold clan, unable to hang on his face. The two Warcraft that he had not looked at showed horrible fighting power. The white tiger was full of despair, and the tiger roared terribly. Every attack was full of terror.


On the other side of the fire giant ape, holding a purple gold stick, waving between the waves of fire, all the dog-headed people touched by the flame will definitely be burned into coke, and the purple gold stick will also be hit dead and alive, almost firmly suppress the two elite teams.


As for the eight-level masters of the two elite teams, they can not resist the attack of the two Warcraft at all, but can only passively defend, while the elite of their dog-headed group is constantly being killed, which is almost the opposite of what he said.


"Cottart, today is the day of your dog-headed man's demise." Seeing the blood hoofs of the battle situation in the distance, he was full of excitement and high fighting spirit. The whole man was like a roaring bull devil, which made Kotat, the head of the dog-headed clan, face slightly changed.


The sudden appearance of two Warcraft inspired the spirit of the blood-hoof tribe. Only then did the people of the blood-hoof tribe, who were worried about it, realize that Gongdao had the support of his own tribe, changed their previous worries and depression, and the high-spirited war surged.


Whether it is the battle on the side of blood hoof, or even the battle of large forces, for a time, the blood hoof tribe has reversed the passive trend.


"Damn it!" Kotat, the head of the Kobold clan, shouted angrily, hesitated, and finally bit his teeth. A stream of light flew out of his hand and exploded into a brilliant spark in midair.


"What's the situation?" With the bloody hoofs of the battle, I don't understand what Kotat, the head of the Kobold Clan, wants to do, but there is a bad foreboding in his mind.


Shortly after the explosion, a dark shadow with a strong smell flew from the distance, causing the blood hoof pupil to contract.


To know that in the magic land, the only way to fly is to upgrade to the Holy rank, except for the natural wings or special races. The figure that appears in front of him is flying, which makes him think of a terrible possibility.


"Does the Kobold have the existence of saintly powerful people?" Think of here, blood feels a chill all over the hoof.


Li Batian's forcefulness, he knows Gong Dao, but he has not witnessed Li Batian's slaughter of Sacred Fire Apes. Moreover, when the Sacred Fire Apes were just advanced, their strength could not be regarded as a real Sacred Strength. The sudden figure made the blood hoof feel tremendous pressure inside.


For outsiders like Li Batian, the fear of the saintly strong is not great. Otherwise, he would not have fought with Utongtian in the first place. For aborigines like blood hoof, he had deep experience of the saintly strong. That would never be the existence of the saintly strong, which could not be resisted by the practitioners below the saintly level, and was absolutely invincible.


Soon the flying figure appeared in the mid-air of the battlefield, and the deterrent pressure spread. Both sides of the original battle could not help but stop attacking. They stared at the figure in mid-air in horror. The heavy pressure and deterrent force made people in the scene shocked.


"How could it be that he was dead?" Seeing the old dog-headed man appearing in mid-air, the blood hoofs couldn't help exclaiming, and the other people who recognized the old dog-headed man in front of them were all shocked.


"Ha Gong Ha, blood hoof, thanks to you are the elder of a family, that's just a lie that our dog-headed people told to the outside world. How could the old man die?" Kotat, the head of the Kobold clan, sneered with pride, and the whole people raised their eyebrows and breathed. With the coming of their ancestors, any Warcraft would be reduced to ashes.


The dog-headed man's ancestor was suspended in mid-air, cold and powerful, looking down like a god, and soon locked his eyes on the white tiger and the fiery ape king, with a burning greed in his eyes.


The dog-headed ancestors can see at a glance that the white tiger and the fiery ape king are not easy. If the dog-headed people are trained carefully after taming, they may add two holy Warcraft of townspeople to the dog-headed people. By then, the whole dog-headed people will be able to attack one of the eight main fighting races and become the existence that other ethnic groups look up to.


The more I think about the old dog-headed man, the more fiery his heart is. I can't help holding out my palm. A huge dark palm condenses out and goes straight to the white tiger below.


The black palm has not hit the white tiger yet, an invisible binding force has already acted on the white tiger. In addition, there is a strong devouring force, which will devour the evil spirit emanating from the white tiger, so that its strength can only play out 78%. (To be continued...

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