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第二百三十七章 引蛇出洞!

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In this way, the second star body in the star space training, not only can quickly enhance the strength, but also at any time through the star space to support.


Li Batian's original thinking has changed as his strength has greatly increased. Now is the time to launch a counter-offensive against the dog-headed and leopard-cat clans.


Reluctantly linked to the blood hoof, Li Batian let him immediately lead the clan to migrate to the Katel Tauren tribe. Instead of passively waiting for the attack of the Kobold clan, he might as well take the initiative to bring out the Kobold clan, which would be a good opportunity to kill them.


Long ago, I had some impatient blood hoofs and got Li Batian's order. I returned to the tribe happily. In a short time, I gathered all the tribal people together, gathered up useful things, and marched magnificently towards the location of the Kel Tauren tribe.


As soon as he acted here, the Kobolds got the news, and the Kobolds immediately held an emergency meeting.


In the hall at the center of the tribe, the head of the Kobold family sits at the highest position, looking down at the top of the other Kobolds, and tells the news.


"Chieftain, the blood-hoof tribes are so bold that they dare not listen to our words. I think they are looking for death. Now is not the time for women's benevolence."


"Yes, patriarch, before they lost their hands in the night, there was already a rune missing. Maybe there were other forces staring at the rune in Niutou's hands. We must do it as soon as possible. We must never let the rune be obtained by other forces, otherwise we can't explain it to our ancestors."


"Chieftain, before the other tribes of the Tauren have reacted. Let's get rid of the Bloodhoof tribe first, so that the rest of the tribe will be much easier to solve.


A group of high-level dog-headed people have expressed their own views, almost unanimously believed that the blood hoof tribe must be started immediately to avoid long nights and many dreams.


The head of the dog-headed clan sitting at a high altitude, with no expression on his face, naturally knows about these situations, but he is more comprehensive than the people present.


Bloodhoof tribes are not ignorant of the strength of the Gongdao Kobolds. It is theoretically impossible for them to act recklessly, even if they really want to. Other Tauren tribes will follow. It's not like the blood-hoofed tribes are acting alone.


"Is this a trap, but even if it is a trap, we must start. For the sake of insurance, please consult our ancestors." Think in your heart. The head of the dog-headed clan called a man. He whispered a few words in his ear. Sit in situ, close your eyes and meditate.


After a while, the dog-headed man who left came back and said a few words in his ear. Originally still hesitating, the Kobold Chieftain opened his eyes fiercely.


"Let the troops scattered around the blood-hoof tribe gather at once and harass the blood-hoof tribe with all their strength. Others will go with their own chiefs. We must wipe out all the blood-hoof tribes." The head of the Kobold clan drinks with a grim look.


"Yes, patriarch." A crowd of dog-headed men showed a bloodthirsty echo on their high faces, and their body was filled with murderous breath.


However, there are thousands of people in the blood-hoof tribe on their way to the world. Among them, fewer than a thousand people can really fight. Others are old and weak women and children.


If only energetic Tauren fighters went there, it would take only two days to reach the Katel Tauren tribe, which now takes at least three or four days.


A few hours after leaving the original tribe, the Bloodhoof tribe was attacked by kobolds. Although such attacks did not cause substantial harm to the Bloodhoof tribe, they also affected the speed of their progress. The original three or four days'journey took more than three days for the first half of the journey.


"Chief, the Kobolds are obviously procrastinating. I'm afraid there will be a bigger ambush behind them. Shall we inform the Celtic Tauren tribe and let them take over?" The high-level Bloodhoof tribe without knowing it has a worried look.


"Well!" After a moment's meditation, the blood hoof thought for a moment and asked, "Where is it going?"


One of them took out the map and looked at it. With a respectful look, he said, "Return to the patriarch, and go ahead is a forest of troubled times with complicated terrain."


"If the Kobolds want to ambush us, the Chaotic Forest in front of them should be their best choice. They should inform the team to stop when they arrive outside the Chaotic Forest." The blood hoof thought for a moment and gave the order.


Looking at the worried people of several ethnic groups, blood hoofs and lips spread a smile and said, "Rest assured, some elders, since I do so naturally have the reason to do so, you do not have to worry, there are some things you will know the niche way."


With a mysterious smile, blood hoof led the blood hoof tribe along the way, and soon came to the Chaotic Times outside the forest, looking ahead at the complex terrain of Chaotic Times, blood hoof look is also slightly dignified.


Although he looks relaxed, he is also secretly worried that God has made adults not to worry about the semi-saints of the Kobold family, but the remaining Kobolds, the powerful seventy-eight level practitioners are not a few, once the fighting bloody hoof tribe will certainly cause considerable losses.


Although he knows that Gong Dao is an unavoidable thing, for the Tauren people today, it can not afford to continue such wastage.


When the Bloodhoof tribe stagnated, the ambush army of the Kobold people waiting in the woods of troubled times became anxious.


At first, I could bear it. When I saw that the blood-hoofed tribe was going to camp in place, I was angry enough to ambush the Kobold army.


"Chief, let's do it directly. With the strength of our Kobold Army, the Bloodhoof tribe can't resist it at all." One of the elders of the neighbouring dog-headed people has some impatient ways.


"Don't be restless!" The head of the Kobold clan shook his head and glanced at the bloody hoof tribe. After some observation, he did not find any suspicion.


"Is it just my illusion!" In my heart, I was doubtful. The head of the Kobold clan glittered with thought. For a time, there was silence inside and outside the woods in troubled times.


Time passes by, blood hoofs are very patient, and there is no idea of going on at all. Let the tribal people camp, but secretly organize the dispersal of the tribal masters. Other fighters are ready to fight at any time to prevent the dog-headed people from jumping into the wall and launching a surprise attack.


Blood hoofs have patience, but the Kobolds do not have this patience, especially the suspicious head of the Kobolds. Seeing the abnormal behavior of the blood hoofs tribe, he feels more and more wrong.


"Are the blood-hoof tribes stalling, or are the other tribes already sneaking around, trying to kill us all?" Suddenly thinking of this possibility, the head of the Kobold clan was shocked. Although other Tauren tribes were under their surveillance, they dared not rest assured. (To be continued...