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第二百三十二章 救治的方法!

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"What happened, what happened to the old patriarch?"


"God made the elder, the elder clan leader suddenly fainted, and the breath of life on his body was weakening. He also asked the elder to save the elder clan leader." As if he had caught a straw to save his life, Rezatt looked forward to Li Batian.


In the face of Rezat's request, Li Batian was silent for a moment. He also admired the old patriarch secretly. He did not want to see the old man leave, and the old man was extremely devout and loyal to himself.


"Don't worry, I'll try my best." Li Batian nodded, a pair of sky-breaking wings emerged behind him, and flew away in the form of a starlight.


When Li Batian arrived at the Kel Niutou tribe, the whole tribe was in deep sorrow. When he saw Li Batian's arrival, he gave way one after another.


Li Batian frowned slightly when he came to the place where the old patriarch lived and looked at the old patriarch lying in bed, breathless.


The old patriarch in front of us has a strong stillness. If not for the existence of a trace of life characteristics, it would be mistaken for a corpse.


Looking at the old patriarch, Li Batian's eyes sparkled with a glimmer of stars. A penetrating force of vision acted on the old patriarch. The sight he saw made him feel heavier.


He has demonstrated one of the abilities of the law of stars. Of course, his abilities are limited now. Once someone can protect him, he can't see anything at all. Now the elder clan is unconscious and will not have any protection at all.


Through the starlight, the old patriarch's broken body gave him a panoramic view, and his whole body had almost lost its vitality. Only the heart is still full of tenacious vitality, which is the reason why he did not die completely.


"Ice crystal, do you have any way to save the old patriarch?" Looking at it with frown, Li Batian also felt headache and could only ask about the knowledgeable ice crystal.


"Master, the old patriarch's body has been seriously exhausted, and the breath of life has almost disappeared. If you want to save him, you can't find the rejuvenation grass and the water of life."


"Return the soul grass, the water of life!" Hearing the names of these two things, Li Batian didn't quite understand them. It can also be recognized that it is definitely not a common treasure.


After learning about these two things through ice crystals. He was even more distressed. The water of life was a unique treasure of the elves. It was hard for him to get it, and rejuvenation was not a simple treasure. Growth is possible only in extremely dangerous places. It's also risky to get it.


"Is there no other way?" Li Batian continued questioning with some reluctance.


"There is no other way. I can only save his life for the time being at most. If I want to save him, I can only make use of the rejuvenation grass and the water of life.


There was a moment of silence. Li Batian continued to ask, "Ice Crystal, how long can you let the elder clan survive, besides, how will it affect him to save the elder clan with the rejuvenation grass and the water of life?"


"The master can put the old patriarch in the biological space, where the old patriarch can survive for a year. As for using the rejuvenation grass and the water of life to save the old patriarch, it will be a change of the whole body for him. Once the rejuvenation breaks through the Holy rank, there should be no problem, and in terms of his background, there will be a lot of future. Maybe it will become the master's right arm and left arm.


Li Batian's eyes shrank when he heard the words of Ice Crystal. He really admired the elders of the clan, but he did not come to the point of death or birth for the elders of the clan.


The reason why he asked Ice Crystal just now is to know what benefits the Gongdao would bring to the old patriarch, which may sound ruthless, but is also the basis of survival. After all, the old patriarch has not reached the importance of White Tiger and Wild Dog King to Li Batian for a long time.


Now Ice Crystal's words, but let him make up his mind, for him, if the elder patriarch can break through the Holy level, is absolutely a good assistant, want to develop the Tauren tribe, he alone is not enough.


They gathered together such people as blood hoofs and so on. Li Batian let them try to understand the information about the water of life and the rejuvenation of soul grass.


In Li Batian's opinion, it took several days to get the information, which was not so slow as imagined. In a few hours, Li Batian handed over the information about the water of life and the rejuvenation grass.


Knowing him for a moment, he learned that Gong Dao is a well-known treasure, whether it is water of life or rejuvenation grass. It is not a very confidential thing about the place where these treasures exist.


The water of life can only be found in the elves of the elf forest. As for the water of life lost outside, the quantity and the scarcity of it, it is almost impossible to get it.


In addition, there are two possible places for the existence of soul grass, the first is the dead valley, and the second is the endless swamp.


These two places are dangerous. The Dead Silence Valley is rumored to be the battlefield of the ancient wars. There are numerous bones of different nationalities. These bones accumulate amazing popularity all the year round and breed a large group of bones and beasts fearing death and pain. Once surrounded by the bones and beasts, they will quickly tear to pieces and turn the bones into new bones and beasts. 。


It is precisely because the Dead Silence Valley can continuously breed new relationships between bones and beasts. Although many adventurers or mercenaries enter the Dead Silence Valley every year, the number of bones and beasts in the Dead Silence Valley has not decreased. On the contrary, with the death of a large number of adventurers and mercenaries, the number of bones and beasts continues to increase.


Compared with the dead valley, the dangerous source of endless marshes is more complex and terrible. There is a marshland that can hardly see the margin, which is why Gong is called endless marsh.


In the endless swamp, all kinds of Warcraft emerge endlessly, and there are many horrible mosquitoes. Once they are stared at, they will absorb their blood, turn their flesh and blood into fertilizer in the swamp. In the endless swamp, the most terrible is the King of the swamp, the nine-headed monster serpent. The strength of the nine-headed monster serpents is also among the powerful ones.


Of course, nine serpents live in the depths of endless swamps all the year round and do not kill at will in general, but the nine serpents are the real hegemony in endless swamps. Every year, a large number of adventurers and mercenaries die in the mouth of the nine serpents, casting the prestige of the nine serpents.


"The nine-headed serpent clan, does it seem that I have a good relationship with us?" After reading the description of the endless swamp, Li Batian's face showed a meaningful smile. When he was on the earth, he killed a nine-headed serpent. Now he comes to the niche of magical civilization, and it seems that he still has some contact with the nine-headed serpent family.


After understanding these messages, Li Batian did not act immediately. These three places are extremely dangerous. Even if he wants to go, he should be prepared for them.


He did not plan to go alone. White tiger and the King of the Fire Apes were good helpers, but neither of them had left the customs. As for the lightning mink, they did not know where the niche had gone.


In addition, Li Batian also wants to enhance his fighting capacity as much as possible before going to three dangerous places, so as to ensure that he will not die in three dangerous places.


As time goes by, since Li Batian brought the elders into the biological space, the Cattle Tauren tribe has gradually recovered. After all, the elders are still alive, and Li Batian has promised to do his best to cure them.


The migration of several major tribes, such as Bloodhoof, to the Kate Tauren tribe is also continuing, but some difficulties have been encountered in the process.


I don't know who leaked the news from the Gongdao. The Kobolds and the Leopard Cats also know that the Gongdao tribes want to unite. Both groups immediately harass the blood-hoofed tribes and the iron-hoofed tribes, and even let out harsh words. If the blood-hoofed tribes and the iron-hoofed tribes dare to unite, they will spare no effort for generations. Price will also wipe out the two tribes.


Under the interference of the Kobolds and the Panthers and Cats, the two major Tauren tribes fell into a deadlock. At the end of the deadlock, only personnel could be sent to the Katel Tauren tribe for help and Li Batian.


Knowing the situation of the blood-shoe tribe and the iron-shoe tribe, Li Batian immediately set out to go.


For the two ethnic groups, he also had a slight understanding of the situation, for him, this battle will also be a bitter battle.


The overall strength of the dog-headed and leopard-cat tribes is stronger than that of the blood-hoofed and iron-hoofed tribes. There are five or six people in each of the eight-level disciples on the bright side, and there are more disciples in other levels.


This is only the strength on the surface. As for the hidden strength, it is not clear how many strength niches are hidden, even the blood-hoof tribe and the iron-hoof tribe.


The only thing we know is that there seems to be a semi-holy class of strong men in these two races, which is why the blood-hoof tribe and the iron-hoof tribe are afraid.


The semi-saintly level of the strong, also known as the Semi-Step saintly level, is still a distance from the saintly level of the strong, but can use a part of the power niche of the rules, the strength is far stronger than the general eight-level practitioners, just stuck between the saintly level and the eight-level practitioners, such strong people are called semi-saints.


Li Batian's fighting power is also semi-sacred. His full-scale outbreak is even comparable to that of the first-time Spirit Apes. However, if he is faced with two or more semi-sacred superiors at one time, even if he is very laborious, the outcome of the battle will be difficult to predict.


At the speed of Li Batian, it took only half a day to get to the location of the Blood-hoof Tribe. What I saw was a tribe larger than the Celtic Tauren Tribe. But compared with the defensive and complete Celtic Tauren Tribe, the Blood-hoof Tribe was obviously newly built. In all respects, the Blood-hoof Tribe was not associated with the Celtic Tauren Tribe. Fabi.


At the beginning, when the wave of Warcraft broke out, the Bloodhoof tribe had no choice but to retreat. The original tribe was almost completely destroyed and new tribes could only be built elsewhere. (To be continued...

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