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第二百三十九章 怨灵剑!

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"roar!" The white tiger roared angrily and struggled to break away from the shackles, but found that the air around him seemed to become a sticky swamp. He could not escape before the big black clap hit him. The strength of the niche around him that he wanted to attack made him feel powerless.


"Ha Gong Ha!" Seeing the white tiger roaring anxiously, but unable to escape from the attack of the black giant palm, Kota, the head of the Kobold clan, laughed proudly. In his opinion, the white tiger was already the fish on the cutting board.


Just when everyone thought everything was settled, a horrible star hand suddenly appeared and ran straight to the dark palm, where the two sides collided.


"Boom!" With the roar, the air was shaking violently, and people from the blood-hoofed tribe and the dog-headed tribe were turning upside down one after another.


"How could it be!" The old dog-headed man who flew in mid-air shouted in horror. In his sight, he displayed huge black palms, which were crushed by the giant hands of stars, and went straight to his place to catch them.


"Howl, break it for me!" The pupil of the dog-headed man's ancestor contracted, and in the roaring room, a black globe burst into the hands of the stars and exploded. The strength of the swallow completely wrapped the hands of the stars and disappeared with them.


Despite the defeat of the star giant, the old dog-headed man's face was ugly, and his eyes looked gloomily around him, with an air of relaxation that was no longer as loud as before.


"If a friend is joking with his husband, it's better to come out and see him. Maybe we have some misunderstanding. If there's something wrong with what my dog-headed people do, please forgive me." In the head of the Kobold clan and others were shocked. A powerful old dog-headed man was the first to bow his head and say such a thing.


"Well, you deserve me to make fun of you." The cold hum exploded suddenly in the air. The old dog-headed man's face changed sharply. He looked up at the sky. A meteor rubbed like a flame fell from the sky in his sight. Before hitting it, he felt the heavy pressure of falling from the sky.


"Stop me!" The old dog-headed man roared, and a huge shadow of the dog-headed man enveloped his whole person. The surging strength of the niche fluctuated.


"Boom!" The meteorite falling from the sky hit the ghost of the dog-headed man, and there was a terrible riot. The ghost of the dog-headed man continued to collapse. Then it was hit by the bombardment on the ground where the Kobolds were located below.


The dog-headed man, who is still unknown below, was instantly hit into mud by the shadow of the dog-headed man falling from the sky. The rest of the dog-headed people around him were also hit out of the niche by the aftershocks of the impact. In a moment, hundreds of dog-headed people died tragically.


Not far away, Kotat, the head of the Kobold clan who escaped the shock wave, was staring at the bleeding in his eyes. I can't believe everything in front of me.


In his opinion, it is very tough. Facing the saintly and powerful, we all have our ancestors who can fight hard. Even as soon as they came up, they fell into a downwind. Both encounters ended in failure, and hundreds of Kobolds lost their lives.


"Boom!" The pit burst from the ground. The dog-headed man's ancestor was in a terrible mess, and blood rushed from the pit at the corner of his mouth.


Suspended in mid-air, the old dog-headed man gazed ugly at the same figure suspended in the air ahead, his eyes filled with resentment and anger.


"Old dog-headed man, I was going to spare you my life. You dare to fight against Xiaobai, then you should die obediently." As the wings of the broken sky waved, Li Batian stared at the old dog-headed man facing him, and his voice was cold and expressionless.


Hearing Li Batian's words, the old dog-headed man's pupils suddenly contracted, but when he saw the pair of sky-shattering wings behind him, his eyes flashed with fire.


"Well, I thought it was a saint-class strong man, originally just a fake, Warcraft I admit your strength is very strong, but just now it's just that Ben Lao Zu was not prepared to die, if you don't want to die, obediently give me the steel wings behind you, and then submit to Ben Lao Zu, otherwise you will die very miserably."


"Greedy fellow, you're just a fake. You deserve my obedience. I think you'd better live up to it." Li Batian laughed with shame. He didn't pay any attention to the old dog-headed man. For him, only the saintly strong can make him really go all out. The old dog-headed man in front of him is not qualified to let him exert all his efforts at all.


"Find death, wicked animal." The old dog-headed man's face changed sharply, and a blood-red sword appeared in his hand, with a strong and nauseating smell of blood diffusing from the blood-red sword. In addition to that, there was a constant scream of resentment in the blood-red sword.


"What a bitter sword." When he saw the blood-red sword, Li Batian's face became heavy, and he felt threatened from the blood-red sword.


"Grief sword, the owner is careful, this kind of grievance sword is not only powerful, but also has a very strong mental attack. It needs thousands of people, even more people, to live sacrifices, using the grievances left by their tragic death to condense into, is a forbidden magic weapon of terror."


After listening to the words of Ice Crystal, Li Batian's killing spirit became more intense. Although he did not think he was a good warrior, he was not crazy enough to kill thousands of people, just to cast a magic weapon.


"Damn you, old dog-headed man." The tyrannical drinking, Li Batian no longer conceal strength, reaching out with a hand full of strange totems of rolling weapons appear empty.


Seeing the totem pole in Li Batian's hand, the old dog-headed man's eyes glimmered with doubts. He always felt that the weapon in front of him looked familiar, but he could not remember it for a moment.


"Death!" With a shout of anger, Li Batian refused to give the old dog-headed man time to think, and behind his broken wings waved, instantly disappeared in place.


The old dog-headed man, who was secretly doubting himself, raised a touch of fear in his heart and turned his grievance into a fierce ghost rushing behind him as he waved his spiritual sword.


"Boom!" The torrid totem pole hit the evil spirits. The fiery flame burned the resentment of the evil spirits, causing them to scream in pain. A spiritual wave surged in all directions. The two warriors around them covered their ears painfully and fled as quickly as possible in panic.


Li Batian, who is facing the spiritual attack of evil spirits, has no change in his face. This has greatly changed the face of the old dog-headed man. Li Batian, who was originally attacked by spiritual shock, will certainly give up his attack painfully. Now the situation is fundamentally different from what he thought.


It is precisely the mistake of judgment, the agglomeration of evil spirits, emerged from the totem pole and swallowed up by the flames, the resentment on the spiritual sword suddenly weakened a lot. (To be continued...

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