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第二百三十六章 星空空间!

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The reason why the Kobolds are so diligent in trying to get the rune in hand is that according to what they know at night, it seems that the semi-saints of the Kobolds are trying to break through the holy ranks by using the rune. The Kobolds are introduced about the rune and totem poles in a dangerous place. After years of research, the end is Some achievements have been made, which is an opportunity for the semi-saints and strong men of the Kobold family to break through.


"Well, it's ridiculous to use runes to break through holy ranks." After knowing all the information, Li Batian gave a sneer.


Knowing that the Gongdao runes contain the rules of stars and the power of stars, it is almost impossible for the semi-saintly and strong dog-headed people to break through with runes. As for the possibility of totem poles, Li Batian does not think that the dog-headed people can really activate runes.


Let the night go back to act as undercover, Li Batian did not stay at full speed flight, as fast as possible to return to their own practice of rock caves.


The second star in the cave, which has been practicing in depth, can't wait. The rules of stars and the power of stars contained in the rune have fatal attraction for him.


The second star has no emotion, only reason and the determination to grow stronger.


Five runes were suspended in mid-air under the control of Li Batian. Each Rune was engraved with different patterns. Under the control of Li Batian, five runes began to come together, and soon a complete Rune appeared in mid-air.


There has been no movement of the second star body, stretching out the strong claws, clicking on a piece of rune, containing the laws of the stars into which the force of the stars.


It was pieced together, without the slightest fluctuation of the rune. At the moment when the power of the stars poured into it, it immediately emitted brilliant stars. The five runes seemed to melt into one instantly, and a strong wave of stars spread.


Li Batian's face changed slightly, and a force of stars surged out of him, wrapping up the whole cave to avoid the stars'fluctuations escaping from the niche, which aroused some interested people's attention.


As the stars blossom, the rune emits a ray of light that forms a star pattern above. Mysterious fluctuations make the eyes of the next star shine brightly. Consciousness, like a computer, quickly analyses and understands the laws of stars.


"This is it!" Li Batian's heart moved violently. Before he could react, the map of stars in the sky suddenly rotated, followed by a surge of suction. Instantly suck him and the second star into the rotating chart. It disappeared into the cave.


At the same time that Li Batian and the second star disappeared. Runes and starry patterns disappeared in an instant, and calm was restored throughout the cave.


"Where is this place?" Li Batian looked around in dismay. The sight at hand made him grow up a little bit.


This place looks like a biological space, but different from the biological space, it is not only a space, there is the existence of the ground, and the sky is full of stars, is a bright sky, in addition to the stars fluctuation and the laws of stars appear particularly clear, in his staring at the sky. At the same time, there is a feeling of watching the fluctuation of the rules, and the understanding of the rules of the stars becomes clearer.


"That's great. It's a holy place to practice. If the second star can practice here." Think of this possibility, Li Batian is interested and excited. Turning his head to make him depressed is that the second star body has entered the state of practice. The speed of understanding the rules of the stars in the spiritual space has increased several times.


The second star is immersed in practice. Li Batian collects the runes that he brings to space inexplicably, and begins to explore this space step by step.


This strange space covers a large area. Li Batian marched forward and soon noticed something in his sight.


"What is this?" Staring at the cylinder in the line of sight, Li Batian's mouth grew in astonishment. At first glance, it looked like a legendary Optimus Prime.


Nearly twenty meters long, at least one meter wide in diameter, looks like a mountain from a distance, covered with various strange totem patterns, the whole body emits a strong deterrent, Li Batian's repair is also a strong sense of oppression.


"Congratulations to my master, this should be the artifact totem pole of the Niutou people in ancient times."


"What, this is the totem pole." Staring at the huge pillar like a Golden hoop bar, Li Batian exclaimed in astonishment, looking up and down at the totem pillar, it was hard to believe what the ice crystal said.


"Yes, the owner, the pillar in front of us should be the artifact totem pillar of the Tauren people. Whether it is the shape or the breath it emits, it is exactly the same as in the record. The only difference is that the totem pillar in front of us should not be in full bloom, and it seems that it has been severely damaged."


"How to use such a big totem pole? Don't tell me about the Tauren in ancient times. They are all so tough." Li Batian has some difficult ways to be confident.


"As far as I know, the size of the Tauren in ancient times is not much different from that of today's Tauren. This magical totem pole should have other mysteries."


Around his eyes, Li Batian's eyes glistened, and myths about Monkey King resounded in his mind.


"Small, give me small." Staring at the totem pole, Li Batian shouted loudly.


Star space is quiet, Li Batian suddenly has a group of crows galloping across the feeling, his just behavior is a little bit two.


The totem pole in front of him is an artifact. How can we not let Li Batian's heart surge? We should know that Gongdao artifact is a treasure gestated by gods. As long as he gets the totem pole in front of him, it is enough for him to have the strength to face the saintly powerful now.


"By the way, maybe that rune has something to do with the totem pole in front of you." An idea popped out of his mind, Li Batian thought in surprise, and quickly took out the rune that had been integrated.


The power of the stars poured into the rune, and the rune again emitted starlight. The light flew out over the Big Mac totem pole. Under the light, the totem pole shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye and turned into a two-meter long totem pole in the blink of an eye.


"Good stuff!" Staring at the shrinking totem pole, Li Batian reached out and grabbed it. The heavy weight between his hands forced him to pick it up.


The more you look at Li Batian, the more you like it. It's just tailored for him. Whether it's weight or shape, it's very suitable for him to use.


Li Batian, who is happy in his heart, tries to pour the power of stars into the totem pole. This totem pole is not suitable for his own use. The most important thing is the reaction to the power of stars. If there is rejection, he can only cry.


Like the divine soldiers of fire attribute, if Li Batian pours the power of stars into them, even if he can reluctantly urge the divine soldiers, the strength niche that can be displayed will certainly be very limited.


As soon as the power of the stars is poured into the totem poles, the original plain totem poles begin to emit a light light, and the totem patterns inscribed on them seem to be alive.


This situation makes Li Batian surprise himself, which at least shows that the totem pole does not exclude the power of stars.


But before he was surprised, a strong attraction suddenly appeared in the totem pole. The power of stars in Li Batian was like a wild horse, like an open river, rolling into the totem pole, and the light of the totem pole absorbed the power of stars became stronger.


"What's the situation!" Feeling the increasing attraction, Li Batian was still very calm at first, and soon some calm, the strength of the stars in his body was absorbed by nearly two-thirds, but the surging attraction did not disappear.


"Damn it, this guy's not going to suck me up." Li Batian was shocked and wanted to cut it off, but found that it could not be done at all. The power of the stars was still losing.


Absorbing a lot of star power, the totem pole suddenly burst out of the depressing pressures, even the distant practice of the second stars have opened their silver eyes.


"roar!" Accompanied by the Furious roar, a huge bull-demon illusion emerged in the mid-air, a huge figure standing in the sky, and with that fierce momentum, so that Li Batian felt deeply shocked, let him feel his own insignificance.


The roaring Bull Demon illusion appeared for a moment, and immediately turned into a streaming light into the totem pole. On the original flashing totem pattern, there was a blurred Bull Demon pattern, and the whole totem pole seemed to be alive at once.


The change of the totem pole did not stop there. Then a twinkling star Mark appeared on the totem pole. As the force of the stars ceased to absorb, the star Mark disappeared in an instant.


Li Batian, who holds the totem pole in his hand, has closed his eyes slightly and emits a delicate breath all over his body. In his trance, he seems to be integrated with the totem pole in his hand.


"Good baby, Ha Gong Ha, with this totem pole, even in the face of Wu Tongtian again, there is a force for war." Holding the totem pole, Li Batian talked excitedly to himself, and he could clearly sense everything about the totem pole.


Just now, the totem pole absorbs the power of the stars. In addition to supplementing its own losses, it is also carrying out the ceremony of recognizing the Lord. The just twinkling star mark is a contract-like mark produced after the ceremony of recognizing the Lord.


In addition to recognizing the owner, Li Batian has a lot of information about the totem pole in his mind, including the mystery of the totem pole, which enables him to understand all the skills of using the totem pole even though he has just recognized the owner.


In the space of stars, the passage of time can not be fully sensed, so as to avoid the attack of the outside dog-headed people and get the totem pole. After a brief familiarity with it, Li Batian urged the rune to leave the space of stars, while the second star itself remained inside.


When Li Batian reappeared in the cave, he was surprised to find that there was still a connection between himself and the second star itself, which showed that his ideas were all right. (To be continued...

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