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第二百三十一章 正确的道路!

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"God has made adults and his subordinates dare not think of any other way. He has also asked God to make adults atone for their sins." Blood hoofs took the lead in responding. Their bodies trembled and they fell on their knees. Others also fell on their knees. Now they have fully affirmed the identity of Li Ba's angel.


"Get up, you're not just coming to see me this time, are you?" Looking back at the silver light in his eyes, Li Batian's voice is loud and dignified.


This time, instead of waiting for the elder clan leader to open his mouth, the first one who knelt down on his blood hoof said, "God made your excellency, just now the elder clan leader told us that my blood hoof tribe is willing to obey God to make your excellency, and make your horse head press for God."


The sudden change of the blood-hoofed front made the people present feel a little shocked. The chiefs of other tribes suddenly wake up. For them, this is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Naturally, they will not be foolish enough to miss it. They will kneel down to submit to Li Batian one after another.


Originally, some nervous old patriarch, hearing the words of blood hoof and others, showed a relieved smile on his face. He finally completed the reunification of the Tauren people, with the existence of a divine envoy, destined that the Tauren people will create brilliance again, but also wasted his painstaking efforts.


Staring at the blood hoofs on his knees and other people, Li Batian's heart can not help but rise a strong feeling. The present is not only an opportunity for the blood hoofs, but also an opportunity for him, Li Batian, a very important springboard, once missed, it will never be again.


"Very well, God has made it acceptable to you." Li Batian nodded his head and said that he could not wait for the blood hoof and other people to react to him. Starlight flew out from his claws. Blink into the body of blood hoof and others.


Suddenly attacked by starlight, blood hoof and other people instinctively want to respond, but soon suppressed the impulse, the starlight easily into their bodies.


"Just now I buried a starlight in your body. If there is any danger, I can sense it as long as I urge the starlight."


"Thank God for making your excellency." Bloodhoof and others were so excited that they nodded their heads and thanked them. In their opinion, this is God's love for them, enough to make their hearts surge.


At this moment, Li Batian's mind sounded the cold and cruel voice of the second star, which made him feel a little stunned and think for a moment. Tell the elders how many they want.


"God reassures adults. We'll do it right away." Old clan elders and others did not hesitate to nod their heads at the moment. After they got out of the cave, they immediately rushed back to the Cattle Tauren tribe at full speed. Blood hoofs and other people rushed back to their own tribe without stopping.


The next day the blood hoofs and the elders gathered again in the cave. Give Li Batian what he prepared overnight. He respectfully withdrew from the cave.


The cave looked at the memory crystals in front of it. Li Batian did not immediately explore the message. A suction sprang up from the deep cave and sucked several memory crystals into it.


Soon the message recorded in the Memory Crystal. Through the spiritual power of the second star body, it was transmitted to Li Batian's mind.


This time, he sought the memory crystals demanded by the elders and others. All he recorded were the sentiments of the saints of all nationalities and the methods they used to promote the saints.


These things are extremely precious things for tribes such as blood hoofs. If Li Batian did not ask for them, the heads of other nationalities would not dare to take them out easily. These things are the crystallization of the wisdom of the strong tribal people, which can not be described by money and materials.


At this moment, the super computing and analysis ability of the second star is shown, and the message of memory crystal is quickly absorbed by him. With the understanding and experience of these saints, Li Batian finds himself in a misunderstanding.


Whether it is the vast laws of stars or other laws such as the law of fire, the law of the earth and so on, there is no single existence, such as the fire has various attributes such as hot, burning, bursting, and so on. If we want to understand these laws thoroughly, it is not the Holy strong, but the real godly strong.


All along, he has entered a misunderstanding, that is, he wants to let the slightest star rule fully understand. Although the power of the star rule in spiritual space is only a slight, it is the star rule that the God-level strong person perceives. It contains the power of the complete star rule, and how difficult it is to fully understand.


Understanding this situation, Li Batian suddenly realized that, at the same time, he was also somewhat depressed. If the second star body did not find something wrong by virtue of its super computing power, he would have found the feelings of other saintly powerful people, and almost he would have gone to black on this road of no return.


But Li Batian hesitated to know which one of Gong Dao's Star Rules should be comprehended. To know that Gong Dao's Star Rule is a high-level rule, which is much stronger than the general fire attribute, the earth attribute, and the rules that nature contains are also vast.


The most important rules in the Star Rule are speed, hardness, impact and other different rules. It is very important for practitioners to choose the first rule. This is not only an opportunity to break through the sacred order, but also a need to take this rule as the main line in order to achieve the sacred order in the future.


Once the choice is wrong, it will have a great impact on the progress of practice. According to the record of memory crystal, many level 8 practitioners are unable to break through to the holy level all their lives because they have found the wrong direction, so Li Batian has to be careful.


After a moment of headache, Li Batian handed it over to the second star. It had no other emotional disturbance, and its super computing power was the best judge of this choice.


Relative to the leisurely Li Batian, the Tauren people are busy actively. They want to integrate other tribes with the Kate Tauren tribes, which can not be accomplished by casual talk. This requires a lot of preparatory work. After all, the major tribes have become accustomed to their own survival. Sudden integration will certainly not suit them. 。


While the major tribes were busy actively, there was a panic among the Katel Tauren tribes. The old patriarch, who had been weak, finally died uncontrollably, and his death became more intense, almost dying.


"God makes your excellency, ask God to make your excellency save the old patriarch. He's going to die." While Li Batian was practicing, there was a cry outside the cave.


Li Batian, who was in a bad mood, heard his words and moved his mind slightly. He appeared outside the cave in a twinkle. In his sight, Rezat was kneeling on the ground in pain. (To be continued...

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