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第二百四十八章 牛魔翻天斧法!

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"War tramples!"


With a soft drink from Rezat, an invisible shock wave spread suddenly centered on him. Of course, under his control, the shock wave did not spread to the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment behind him, but the mud marsh ahead changed dramatically.


The impact and penetration of war trampling are very strong, and can be applied to the earth. This kind of marsh mud has no resistance at all. The shock wave of war trampling spreads directly to the bottom of the marsh. The whole marsh in front is swaying violently. A large number of bubbles emerge from the marsh, giving people an illusion of earthquake-like. 。


"Boom!" In front of the swamp, there was a loud roar. In the horrific eyes of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, the swamp exploded suddenly. One swamp Warcraft was blown out of the niche, and some swamp Warcraft fled through the impact.


"It deserves to be a famous stunt of the Tauren people. It's really amazing." Seeing this scene, Carrey's eyes lit up slightly. He would like to invite Rezatt to join the Rainbow Mercenary Corps immediately. Of course, he just thought about it, knowing it was impossible.


Under the attack of the trample of the Rezatt war, the swamp demons hiding under the swamp could not hide. They emerged from the swamp and surrounded the crowd. The number of them made Carly breathe in a cool breath.


"No, why so much." In view of only a ferocious swamp Warcraft everywhere, there are at least hundreds of them. It is only in the middle of the endless swamp area that such a situation can occur, and only in the periphery area is extremely unlucky. Only then will it attract hundreds of swamp warcraft.


"Everyone is ready, we must rush out of the niche as soon as possible, or if we fight too long, we will only attract more swamp warcraft." Looking at the hundreds of swamp warriors, Carly gave his orders decisively.


He knows the strength of his team. Hundreds of swamp warriors are not very strong. They can cope with it, but it is very difficult to kill them all in a short time. Once the delay is too long, the other swamp warriors around him will come quickly. As a result, the situation is getting worse and worse.


There used to be a team. Encountered a group of swamp warmongers on the outskirts of the endless swamp, and did not pay much attention to it at that time, they fought with swamp warmongers, and the result was that the time was too long. The number of swamp warriors is increasing. At the end of the tunnel, only the mercenary who led the group escaped. All the others died miserably.


The bloody facts keep other mercenary regiments in mind. The most taboo in the endless swamp is the long battle, which will only make you die faster.


"Captain Carrey. These swamp warriors are handed over to me. You withdraw first." Looking at the swamp Warcraft in groups, Rezatt was full of wars, and his eyes burst out resolutely with the axe in his hand.


Looking at Rezat, thinking of his strength, Carly nodded and immediately directed the members of the mercenary regiment to break out in one direction.


With the breakthrough of Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, other directions of Warcraft are immediately reflected, roaring toward the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment to pursue.


"Humph, war tramples." Looking at the vast swarm of Warcraft facing him, Razat's mouth was cold. As a tauren, he was not afraid of swarm warfare.


With the fall of the right foot, a huge shock wave erupted again, and the coming demons flew out of the niche screaming.


However, the number of Warcraft is too large, the shock wave trampled by the war will only blow the first few rows of Warcraft, the rear of the Warcraft still roar forward.


With an axe in hand, Rezat moved his feet in an attacking position, and the axe in his hand surged with strength, giving off a terrifying breath.


"Cattle and Demons overturn the river and overthrow the sea in the first way." Rezatt shouted loudly, the axe waved in his hand, a surging momentum erupted into a niche, the original quiet swamp suddenly changed into a surge of waves, the demons in front of them were hit and flew.


In the past, Rezatt did not stop. The battle axe in his hand continued to sweep, but this time it condensed a huge battle axe shadow, sending out a sudden chill.


"Cattle and Demons turn the heavens and axes to the earth in the second way."


The axe swept across, and one swamp Warcraft was blocked and cut off. The swamp Warcraft could not resist all the time, but killed twenty or thirty swamp Warcraft in one move. The air was filled with thick blood immediately.


Rezat's two tactics have caused considerable damage to the swamp warcraft, but he himself has a lot of consumption, but his eyes are shining with excitement.


Before, he had been practicing the Niu Devil's Skyscraper, because the strength of the opponents are relatively weak, there is no way to fully exert, and now the Niu Devil's Skyscraper's power makes him very satisfied.


When Rezat was alone in front of nearly a hundred swamp warcraft, Carly and others finally rushed out of the swamp Warcraft encirclement.


"Brothers Rezatt, hurry up and don't get too entangled with them." As he rushed forward, Carly shouted aloud.


"I know Gongdao." Reza nodded, and Li Batian on top of his head had already sensed the other marsh Warcraft around him, and was gathering rapidly towards this side. It would be a very troublesome thing if they were surrounded almost continuously.


The spiritual voice tells Rezat that Rezat dares not hesitate. He holds an axe in both hands, and his whole body rises vigorously. A huge Bull Demon shadow appears behind him. Even the swamp demon herd senses the crisis and howls one after another.


"The third type of bull-devil turning over the sky with the axe of the bull-devil turning over the sky!" The third type of bull-devil turning over the sky with the axe of the bull-devil turning over the sky.


Razat roared, surging with fighting spirit, quickly integrated into the Bull Demon phantom behind him, the original illusory Bull Demon phantom, hands condensed into a solid huge axe, roaring and howling, waving the axe, chopping down to the swamp demon herd below the niche.


"Boom!" The swamp exploded suddenly with the axe, and the terrible force surged in all directions like the tide. The swamp Warcraft around was hanged instantly. The swamp Warcraft in the distance was also blown out of the niche. Rezat took the opportunity to catch up with Carly and others in front of him.


When the explosion disappeared, a ravine-like cut appeared in the marsh, and the surrounding marshes surged for a long time but could not be completely filled.


In the distance, Rezat and others gasped and stopped. In the rear, where the fighting just took place, a large number of marsh warriors rushed in that direction. Along the way, they also met many marsh warriors who had passed by.


"It's dangerous. It's almost surrounded by these swamp warriors." Carly took a breath and looked behind with some lingering palpitation.


"Thank you, Brothers Rezat. If it weren't for you, we couldn't have escaped from the swamp demons without any casualties." With a sigh, Carly was grateful to Rezatt, and secretly marveled at the strength of Rezatt.


He had seen the battle between Rezat and Chobat before, and after that, despite his inexplicable victory, Carly felt that Rezat was not so strong.


Now Rezatt seems to have changed his mind. Just now, the three-way axe will have a lot of pressure in front of him. Whether he can withstand it or not is an unknown question. Compared with the past, he has made rapid progress.


Such a growth margin, let Carly's heart secretly marveled, it is beyond his understanding, do not understand how Rezatt did.


"Captain Carrey is very kind. Since we are together, we naturally want to tide over the difficulties together." Rezat laughed and continued to puzzle over what had just been done.


Now the Niutou people have fallen into the second-class tribes. Initially, the inheritance of the Niutou people has already been cut off. Their practices are also made up of seven or eight pieces. Now they have got the top skills of the Niutou people inherited from the totem pole. Naturally, their strength has been enhanced by blowout.


Not only the breakthrough of axe method, but also his practice is less than half a step away from the eighth grade, and it is possible to break through at any time.


Once Rezat breaks through to the eighth level, even Carly is not his opponent, the strength will be directly close to the top eight.


After experiencing this swamp demon herd, the public's vigilance has been upgraded to a level, carefully marching forward to avoid being surrounded by demon herd again.


"In front of us is the central part of the swamp demon herd, which is much more dangerous than the periphery. The corrosive grass we are looking for is in the central part. I wonder if the Gondokare brothers want to join us or not!" When the crowd stopped walking, Carly hesitated and asked.


"Thank you, Captain Carrey, for taking care of us all the way. I think we'll be separated." Rezat, inspired by Li Batian, thought for a moment.


"Brothers Rezat, there's a saying I don't know if Gong Dao should say it or not." Once again, Carly hesitated for a moment.


"Captain Carrey may say anything."


"Brother Rezat, your strength is very good, but if you want to enter the interior of the endless swamp, there is absolutely only one way to die, let alone go deep into the territory of the nine-headed serpent, there is almost no chance to get rejuvenation, but also ask the Rezat brothers to consider that my father died in the mouth of the nine-headed serpent just to rejuvenate the rejuvenation of the nine-headed serpent. "Yes." Carrey's face darkened slightly as he spoke, and Carreen's figure quivered behind him, her eyes flushed.


Rezatt's face changed slightly. With his strength, naturally, it was impossible to penetrate into the territory of the nine serpents. It was estimated that he would be torn to pieces by the swamp Warcraft before he got there.


"Captain Carrey can rest assured that I have a lot in mind." Rezat nodded gratefully.


"Well, in that case, the Rezatt brothers will take more care of themselves." Carly nodded and hugged his fist. The other Rainbow Mercenaries behind him also hugged their fists to show respect. After all, they could not have gone so smoothly without Rezatt along the way, and even had the possibility of casualties.


Having greeted the Rainbow Mercenaries, Rezat was just about to turn around and leave. Li Batian, who was creeping on his head, suddenly opened his eyes and looked far behind. The silver-white light flashed through his eyes. (To be continued...

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