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第二百四十二章 可爱小熊!

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Despite the danger of endless marshes, because of the special environment of endless marshes, there are many precious elixirs, as well as a variety of rare poisonous insects and other valuable things, leading to many adventurers and mercenaries to go to endless marshes, and later built an endless city outside the endless marshes.


The endless city belongs to the three regardless of the place, neither belongs to the human race nor to the orc race. It is a city formed by the joint efforts of the major niches.


At first, it just gave adventurers and mercenaries a place to settle down. Later, it became a busy trading place. Many adventurers and mercenaries who came out of the endless swamp would sell their precious poison insects and other poisonous insects directly in the endless swamp.


Increasingly, the endless city has become the most lively place in the endless swamp. Every day, a large number of people come in and out, and even some businessmen pay mercenary adventurers to go into the endless swamp to collect medicine.


On the road outside the endless city, a one-armed Tauren is walking, crawling on top of the tauren's head a strange little bear warcraft. The combination of the two looks strange.


The bizarre little bear Warcraft is no one else, but Li Batian, who has narrowed down his stature. As for the one-armed tauren, it is Rezatt.


Originally, Li Batian planned to go alone, but later on, he thought about whether he would bring with him some knowledge of the endless swamp.


When Rezat was young, he used to be a mercenary for a period of time and worked in endless swamps. He also knew about the situation of endless swamps.


Rezatt was more calm than when he first met Li Batian in Gong's eyes. Xiuwei has also stepped into the eighth level with one foot, and the progress is not unhappy.


In order to advance this time, Li Batian also made use of the Star Principle to improve Rezat's physical fitness, so that although he has not yet broken through to the eighth level, the real combat effectiveness is no less than that of the eighth level junior master.


"Sir, we have reached the endless city. Are we going in now?" Standing outside the endless city, Rezat stopped and asked respectfully.


Li Batian opened his eyes overhead. I glanced at the black wall tens of meters high. As well as the huge iron door of more than ten meters, a trace of surprise flashed across his face.


"This is the city of endlessness. It looks good."


"Yes, my lord, the city of endlessness was built jointly by great forces. And because it's closer to the endless marshes. It is often attacked by Warcraft. Therefore, the construction of the city pool is much stronger than that of the ordinary city pool. Rezatt looked enviously at the endless road ahead.


In the orc empire, most of them existed in the form of tribes. The number of city pools was very small, and only the royal city could truly be called a magnificent city pool. It took a lot of money and energy to build the Orc Empire.


Apart from being not good at architecture, the orc Empire has a small number of city pools. One of the most important reasons is that the orc empire is poor, and other national conditions, which makes the orc Empire unsuitable for building so many city pools, unlike human beings, there are many city pools everywhere.


"Come in, we're going to collect some information about Rejuvenation here." With a nod, Li Batian closed his eyes again and immersed himself in practice.


The reason why he did not go directly into the endless swamp is to collect the information of rejuvenation grass in the endless city. It is necessary to know that people in the endless city of Gongdao always go to the endless swamp. Perhaps there will be rejuvenation grass information. If he enters the endless swamp directly, it will undoubtedly be equivalent to looking for needles in the sea.


"Yes, sir." Rezatt nodded respectfully, stepped to the gate, paid a certain fee, and entered the endless city.


As Rezatt entered the endless city, Li Batian opened his eyes and looked around. He could see all kinds of shops. Besides people, orcs and even other unusual races on the road, it was like he had come to a race rally.


The city of endlessness does not belong to the jurisdiction of any country. It is formed by the great power niches. In order to ensure the stable development of the city of endlessness, the great power niches promulgated a series of regulations. Among them, no one is allowed to fight and fight in the city of endlessness. If you really want to fight, you can go ahead with the agreement of both sides. Go to the field and fight.


Once the illegal fighting is discovered, the guards of the endless city will be killed on the spot.


There used to be a powerful son-in-law who was arrogant in the endless city. As a result, not only the son-in-law, but also the eight-level master who protected him, were instantly killed. It is said that in the endless city, a saint-class strong man was sitting.


It is precisely because of such regulations and the special location of the endless city that the endless city has become one of the best places to escape the pursuit of the enemy. All kinds of people of three religions and nine streams converge here, making the inner city of endless chaos.


Although there will be no fighting inside the endless city, people will die every day outside the city, and even some bandits and bandits will guard outside, hunting mercenaries or adventurers out of the endless swamp, to profit from them.


"Sir, where are we going now?" Walking into the endless city, Rezat asked respectfully.


"Go to the mercenary trade union and take the opportunity to ask if there is any news about rejuvenation. You should have experience in this respect." Li Batian's Spirit Propaganda.


"Yes!" Reza nodded, familiar with the city of endlessness, and soon arrived at the mercenary trade union, one of the major niches of the city of endlessness.


The establishment of mercenary trade unions is not so much a powerful niche as a non-binding alliance. The strength niche of mercenary trade unions is estimated to be only one fifth of that of mercenary trade unions as a whole, but one fifth of that is enough to make mercenary trade unions stand on a huge scale and become something that even some empires are unwilling to provoke. Potential niches.


The mercenary trade union is more lively than outside. There are mercenaries everywhere, waiting or shuttling in the congress. There is also a mercenary regiment recruiting. The whole mercenary trade union is just like a dish market.


Rezat's arrival did not attract the attention of others. After all, many strangers would come to the mercenary union every day, and Li Batian, who was creeping on his head, soon attracted some people's attention.


"Hey, brother, what kind of bear Warcraft is on your head? It looks strange. You can't sell it." A fat middle-aged man stepped up to Rezatt, looked at Li Batian with his eyes narrowed and laughed.


Glancing at the middle-aged man, Rezatt had a cold eye. If he did not avoid causing unnecessary trouble, he immediately started to destroy the daring blasphemy messenger.


"Get out of here!" Rezat shouted coldly, his eyes bursting with cold murder.


Middle-aged man is a mercenary businessman, strength is not so good, in the murderous envelope of Rezatt, frightened to hit a stirring, a stumbling figure almost fell to the ground.


The original chaotic mercenary union, suddenly quieted down, around the other mercenaries have turned their eyes to this side, showing a look of lively.


The middle-aged mercenary merchant is an old face of the endless City mercenary union, and others around him soon recognized his identity.


"Happy to see, someone dared to reprimand Lu Fat-tzu of Qilong Chamber of Commerce like this. I wonder if Gong Daoqilong Chamber of Commerce will do it."


"It's estimated that this kid is a new man. He's not Lufuzi at all. Now he's gone again. Just now I saw the Qilong Mercenary Corps. I think this kid is going to be miserable."


In the midst of all the discussion, Fat Lu, who was reprimanded by Rezatt, looked very ugly, especially in front of so many people, which made him lose face.


"You look for death." Lupingzi roared and shouted, his eyes full of sudden killing, hoping to kill Rezatt immediately.


"Get out if you don't want to die, or don't blame my men for their mercilessness." Faced with the roar of Fat Lu, Rezat had a calm look, but his body rose to a frightening murder.


Although fighting is forbidden in the endless city, it has not been completely suppressed, and there is still a certain buffer space. If two people fight, as long as there is no human life, timely compensation for the damage caused by the fighting, the endless city's guards will not intervene.


"Well, good. You'll wait for me." Lu Fei-tzu shivered, recovered from his anger, shouted in a fierce, restrained voice, and left at a disastrous pace.


"Hum!" Rezatt snorted coldly. Li Batian did not let him start just now. Otherwise, Lu Fat-tzu could not leave so smoothly. In Rezatt's opinion, Lu Fat-tzu dared to insult God and make adults. Even if he did his best, he would kill Lu Fat-tzu.


Glancing at the others present, Rezat turned and stepped into the mercenary hall ahead.


The mercenary hall is a place dedicated to handing over tasks and other chores. It is also a good place to explore and consume. Some people even make a living by selling news.


Like some news about precious elixirs or magic bugs, they can often be sold at very high prices, so that some lucky people can make a lot of money.


As soon as he stepped into Rezatt, without waiting for him to find out who was selling the news and buy the news about Rejuvenation, a group of people came to him.


With a slight frown, Rezat glanced at the few people in front of him. He thought they were brought by Fat Lu, but found that there was no Fat Lu.


"What a lovely bear, can you give me a hug?" A lovely and beautiful girl in the crowd, who was in the age of nutmeg, looked at Li Batian with red eyes, exclaimed as if she had found a toy, and looked at Rezatt with a pitiful gesture of Chu Chu.


Rezatt was so frightened that he hit a nerve. He wondered what the Gong Tao should say for a moment, because he thought it was an angel on his head who was treated as a pet by the little girl in front of him. (To be continued...