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第二百四十九章 压力下的突破!

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"Be careful, there is a group of people coming up from behind, it seems that the visitor is not good." Glancing at the rear, Li Batian's spiritual voice was directed at Rezatt Road.


Carrie, who has always been concerned about Li Batian, sees all the changes he has just made in her eyes, especially the silver-white one, which makes her feel a strong thriller.


Suddenly, Karin found that the lovely bear did not seem as lovely and simple as she had imagined.


Rezatt, who had wanted to leave, stopped immediately, reached for his axe and looked back with dignity. Although he did not feel anything, he absolutely believed in Li Batian's judgment.


Carrey and others looked at Rezat in surprise. They did not understand what he had suddenly entered into combat for. When Carrey wanted to ask questions, he had a keen sense of the breath coming from behind.


"Somebody, and it seems like a lot of people." Carly's face changed slightly, and he turned his head in dismay and looked at Rezatt with an incredible look.


It is difficult for him to accept the gap between the defensive posture of Gongdao from Rezat and his sensation, which is more than ten seconds apart.


His repairs were higher than those of Rezatt. It took more than ten seconds for him to sense that someone was coming from behind. It was a huge difference between heaven and earth.


"Was Rezat a semi-saint, or even a saint, who deliberately concealed his practice?" Carrey secretly doubted that, although he thought his ideas might not be realistic, he could not imagine a more appropriate explanation.


Just as Carrey guessed, a group of people quickly caught up from behind. It soon appeared in the sight of Li Batian and others.


"What, they are." Carrey, who was still very calm, changed his face violently and went into a state of alert in an instant. The other members of the regiment also looked nervously at the group of people who appeared, and their eyes were full of hostility.


After seeing Carly and others, the people who came up behind dispersed like hungry wolves, surrounded Carly and Rezat and others.


"Ha Gong Ha, let's catch up at last. Carly will see how you run this time." One of the middle-aged men in the crowd drank triumphantly.


"Humph. Picchu, you don't need to be proud. Jobat was badly injured. You Chiron Mercenaries are not Jobat. I also want to fight against our Rainbow Mercenary Corps." Carrey drank coldly. There is no fear of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment opposite.


If Joe Bart is there. He may be nervous, but now no one can make him worry, just by the strength of the Chilong Mercenary Corps. Compared with them, it's only half a dozen. It doesn't have much advantage at all.


"Hey, Carly, do you think I'm going to round you up without any certainty? You're too mean to me." Picchu sneered, as the crowd quickly opened a corridor and a frightening figure came in from behind.


"What!" Feeling the momentum of the person, Carly's face immediately became extremely ugly, he could not feel how strong the other party's strength, at least the top of the eighth level of the master, and may even be a semi-saint level of the strong.


"Lord Meilong, he is the leader of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, Carly. The Tauren next to him is the one who has seriously damaged Captain Chobat." Picchu hurried to the man's side and said respectfully and flatteringly that the appearance of the villain made the people across the street disdain him.


"O!" Meilong nodded, glanced at Carly, and then locked himself in Razat, whose surging momentum was like a tide.


The heavy pressure fell on Rezat. The sudden pressure made him shake sharply. His feet, which were floating on the surface of the swamp, fell into the mud at once, and his face showed a painful color.


"Hey!" A trace of surprise appeared on Meilong's face. He did not expect that Leizart could resist his momentum. This made him feel surprised, but at the same time, he felt a little humiliated, and his eyes suddenly became gloomy.


"Hum!" With a cold snort, Meilong took a step forward, and the stronger momentum surged up to Rezatt like the tide, hitting his solid body.


Rezat's body sank again, his muscles swelled, his bones groaned, his internal organs were under tremendous pressure, and blood gushed from the corners of his mouth.


"I won't lose to you." Rezat looked steadfastly at Meilong, especially before Li Batian. He was unwilling to concede defeat. With the strength and perseverance of the Tauren, his fighting spirit surged in vividly to bear the pressure of Meilong's momentum.


"Well, I see when you can hold it up." Meilong's face turned a little ugly, and his steps continued to move forward. The pressure of every step of falling momentum was increased by one point. The huge pressure left Rezat's knees out of the mud. His face was full of pain, but the fighting spirit in his body was still rolling.


Li Batian, still with his eyes closed, did not help Rezat resist, which is also a good experience for Rezat.


All of them were attracted by Meilong and Rezatt, so that they did not find the bear on top of his head who should have fallen painfully, but was surprisingly calm. Only Carlin took all of this into her eyes and was more curious about the identity of the bear in her heart.


"Ah!" Under tremendous pressure, Rezat gave out a strong roar, and the fighting spirit in accordance with the magic of the bull burst out suddenly. A surge of vigorous momentum emerged. The hunched figure also stood up, and the surging fighting spirit covered his whole body.


"Breakthrough, no way." Looking at this situation, Carly is also a little incredible, Rezatt even broke through to level 8 under the pressure of Meilong.


Not only Carrey, but everyone was shocked by Rezat's behavior, especially Meilong's angry face.


He was trying to use his momentum to crush Rezat, but instead of crushing the enemy, he became the grindstone of the enemy, making people break through the practice smoothly. This is the most ridiculous irony, naked hitting face.


"All right, but even if you break through to Level 8, you're going to die today." Meilong's cold-eyed drinking, belonging to the semi-saintly class of strong momentum burst out suddenly, the unique law pressures enveloped in the presence of people, a kind of physical or psychological pressure, so that people are frightened and there is a kind of illusion of looking up to the mountains.


"It's over!" Originally, there was a ray of hope in Carly. He felt the elevation of the mountain and thought hopelessly in his heart. (To be continued...