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第二百四十六章 牛魔擎天神功!

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Li Batian, a disciplinarian, heard Rezat's words and smiled at his lips. He still appreciated Rezat and was the first Tauren he knew.


After thinking for a moment, Li Batian nodded: "Very well, you have the determination to become stronger, I will naturally give you this opportunity, now first purchase some necessities into the endless swamp, and then go out of town."


"Yes, sir." Rezatt nodded excitedly and quickly to get the advice of Li Batian. For him, besides the strength enhancement, it is also an honor, enough for him to be proud of all his life. After all, it is the closest to the Big Orc.


Rezat, who had entered the endless swamp, was not unfamiliar with the necessities of entering the endless swamp. He soon purchased a variety of drugs to prevent poisonous insects, or peptic gas, as well as some things, as well as props for rest, and left the endless city after being earned by Li Batian into the space ring.


Outside the endless city, Li Batian's mind moved slightly, and the mysterious and mysterious totem pole appeared in front of Leizart empty.


"This is it!" Looking at the totem pole in front of him, Rezatt stared slightly, then his pupils contracted sharply. He remembered that he had seen some pictures of the ancestors of the Tauren in the ancient times, on which there were almost identical totem poles.


In addition to the visual discoveries, Reza has an inexplicable sense of blood-like familiarity with the totem pole in front of him.


"This is the totem pole inherited by the Tauren people. It contains the inheritance of the skills of the Tauren people. How much you can comprehend depends on your own understanding and creation." Glancing at the exciting Rezatt. Li Batian opened his mouth.


"Thank God for your help. I will try my best." Rezatt was so excited that he took over the totem pole with both hands, watched and comprehended the mystery of the pole while walking, and even forgot about the vigilance around him.


Laughing and shaking his head, Li Batian did not pay much attention to it. The reason why he brought Rezatt here was just for convenience. He did not think that Rezatt could help himself much.


During the period when he got the totem pole, he had a deep understanding of the totem pole. Naturally, many of the Tauren have also learned their skills. When he was ready to go back to teach, he had more expectations for Rezatt, so he did not tell his own understanding, as to what skills Rezatt could comprehend. It's up to him.


Just as Rezat left the endless city. His whereabouts are also seen in the eyes of interested people. And the conscious person is no one else.


In the courtyard of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment in the endless city, Jobat lay in bed breathing slowly, with bandages wrapped around his chest. Although the magician has been given first aid, it will take a month to recover, which is quite traumatic.


"Sir, just now my men came to report that the Tauren had left the endless city and seemed to be heading towards the endless marsh."


"Well, I know Gongdao. You sent a few more detectives to keep track of their whereabouts. I've reported this to the headquarters. I believe that the headquarters will send someone here soon. That's when the Tauren dies." Except for Jobart, the highest-ranking man shouted coldly.


"Adults!" The detective nodded his head and quickly stepped out of the niche. Some members of the Qilong Mercenary Corps began to follow up on Rezatt in an all-round way.


In fact, the tracing of Qilong Mercenary Corps in hardware support was clearly felt by Li Batian. After leaving the city, it is impossible for them to escape Li Batian's induction by practicing their detectives. If it wasn't for Leizart's dedicated practice, even he could not conceal it.


However, Li Batian did not shoot these detectives. For him, these people did not pose any threat. Even if the Qilong Mercenary Corps sent people to retaliate, it was impossible to send the saint-class strong. As long as he was not the saint-class strong, he would not care at all. He could also be used as a grindstone to sharpen Rezat.


In the evening, the endless swamp has already appeared in Li Batian's sight. Everywhere he sees is muddy weeds, which is particularly desolate. The air is full of rotten smell. The sky is a haze, giving a sense of despair. Once he is in it, he will fall into despair.


"Let's spend the night outside the swamp first, and then enter the swamp in the morning." Think about it for a moment, Li Batian still can't forget the way of studying totem pole for a short rest.


"Yes, sir." Rezat responded respectfully and was delighted with himself, so that he could have time to delve into the mystery of the totem pole.


Crawling beside the fire, Li Batian and Leizart are both immersed in practice. Like Leizart, Li Batian now understands the skills of the Tauren people in his mind. For him, there are not many really useful skills of the Tauren people, but only one skill that he sees in his eyes.


Niu Devil's heaven-optimizing divine power, a skill famous for its strength niche, once successful practice is like Niu Devil's possession, it has infinite strength, and can have heaven-optimizing power.


Li Batian has always been the best at power niche. In addition to the speed of the power of the stars, the improvement of power niche is very important to him, even to the extent of breaking everything with one's strength. The Niu Dejingtian Divine Gong is undoubtedly the best choice, and it is a special method to enhance the strength niche of the body.


The practice of Niu De Qing Tian Shengong is not difficult for Li Batian. It has the existence of the second star body. Only with a part of energy, we can quickly understand this skill thoroughly. The only shortcoming is that it takes time to refine.


Niu Deqingtian Shengong is very similar to the practice of Neijia Gong. It is also the exercise of body and Qi and blood. According to the introduction of Niu Deqingtian Shengong, it is believed that the body of creature is not worse than the combat magic of practice. As long as we practice hard, we can also possess the great power of the fight magic.


Li Batian has the same feeling about the introduction of Niu De Qingtian Shengong. It is precisely because of this that he will choose this Shengong.


With Li Batian's practice, his whole body is surging with blood, like a bull and devil running in the body, the rumbling sound of blood and gas running, which frightens the nearby training of Rezatt, and a surging and strong breath emanates from Li Batian.


"Well, it's terrible." Looking at Li Batian crawling on the ground, Rezat's whole body was hairy, and a strong sense of crisis surged into his heart.


Li Batian, crawling there, gives him the feeling of a sleeping monster, as if at any time to swallow it up, people feel great pressure.


In the face of such a terrible Li Batian, Rezatt can't bear it. Although he knows that Li Batian will not be against him, he still can't suppress his inner panic. It's only a relief to open the distance to tens of meters.


Relative to the frightened Rezat in his heart, Li Batian feels surprisingly good. For him, his understanding of Neijia Gongfu is far superior to any of his present practices, while Niu De's optimizing God Gong almost seems to have been created for him. The feeling that Qi and blood surge all over his body is full of strength niches makes him feel as if he has returned to the past. The whole person is immersed in the pleasure of constantly increasing niches.


In a twinkling of an eye, Li Batian wakes up from his practice and is full of a sense of strength niche. He can clearly feel that his strength niche has been significantly improved. For him who is now horrible in strength niche, every improvement is very difficult.


Compared with Li Batian, who is full of spirit, Rezatt is tired, but his eyes reveal the excitement that is hard to suppress. After a night of study and understanding, he finally found a breakthrough, even the practice that has been stuck at the top of the seventh level has loosened.


After one night's practice, Li Batian and Rezat both made great breakthroughs. Just as they were preparing to enter the endless swamp, a team of people and horses came quickly from behind.


"It's them!" Seeing visitors, especially the lovely and beautiful girl in the crowd, Li Batian had some numbness on his scalp. He was secretly depressed and ready to let Rezatt go, but the crowd still came to find their existence.


"Your Excellency Rezat, I didn't expect to see you again so soon." Carrey stepped forward quickly, and let Li Batian's idea fall to pieces. He opened the door with a smile on his face.


Reza nodded politely and said, "Captain Carrey, are you going to the endless swamp, too?"


"Yes, our mercenary regiment has taken over the task of searching for corrosive grass in the endless marshes. It is preparing to enter the endless marshes. Why, Your Excellency Rezat also intends to enter the endless marshes. How about going forward together? Anyway, the journey ahead is the same. If you need to go alone, you can completely separate from each other. "


"This!" Rezatt hesitated for a moment and nodded at the end, which made Li Batian, who had planned to pass on the voice, a little depressed.


"Come on, let's get together, so that we can learn more about the endless swamp from Carrey, and a little girl film, I can hardly live." Think of here, Li Batian also did not continue to talk, but the little girl Karin looked at his eyes, it really made him feel a little uncomfortable.


To divert his attention, Li Batian looked at a group of members of Rainbow Mercenary Corps. Everyone's revision was OK, but the number of masters was not much. Only Carlyle's strength had the revision of eight-level warriors, in addition to only a few members of the Seven-level revision.


The rest of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment had no objection to Rezatt's joining. After all, they all saw the battle between Rezatt and Chobat before, and they admired their amazing fighting power.


A group of people stepped into the endless swamp, should be very naughty Karin, after entering the endless swamp, but surprisingly silent, not as lively as outside, which let Li Batian secretly breathe a sigh of relief. (To be continued...