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第二百四十七章 沼泽魔兽群!

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On the other side, Rezatt took advantage of his chat with Carly to learn a lot about the endless swamp, some of which were about Resurrection Grass.


Feeling Carley's statement, the rejuvenation grass has also appeared in the central part of the endless swamp, of course, it was only a few decades ago, in order to rejuvenate the plant, then several great forces of the endless swamp smashed the head and bleeding, can be said to be a heavy loss.


The Rainbow Mercenary Corps was developed at the time when all the forces were empty. It was also the industry that Carly's father worked hard to bring down. It was quite famous at that time. But with the death of Carly's father, the year of the Rainbow Mercenary Corps became worse than that of a year. Now only Carly can support the scene.


During the conversation, Li Batian also understood why Karin would become silent when she entered the swamp. Her father died in the swamp. Many mercenaries died here these years. Every time she entered the swamp, she would become silent.


Perhaps outside the joy, just to release their inner pain, used to cover up their true inner psychology.


In a twinkling of an eye, it has been three days since he entered the swamp. In these three days, Li Batian really saw the harsh environment of the endless swamp. Not only is the ground covered with mud, but also there are many places where there will be a mud whirlpool with strong suction. One of the greatest strength is not careful, even the Sixth Devil Fighter has it. May be sucked in, in addition to the sky often drizzle, so that the air always become humid and rotten.


Of course, besides these natural disasters and bad conditions, swamp Warcraft and Warcraft are not rare. Although in the most periphery of the marsh, we often encounter stolen swamp warcraft. It seems that there is nothing to eat in the swamp. If we see the adventurers and mercenaries entering, it is like a wolf seeing blood.


Among these attackers, the most troublesome is not the swamp warcraft, but the ubiquitous devils, who are likely to be bored to death if not for the insect-repellent drugs in the niches.


It feels like a cannon hitting mosquitoes to kill these devils. And if you don't pay attention to it. Once bitten by a devil bug, it will be poisoned. This poison is a peculiar chronic poison, which can produce peculiar blending changes with the air in the marshes. It is too late to find out.


Unconsciously, another five days passed. It's the people who really get into the endless swamp. The frequency of attacks has increased significantly. Also found some more general, but also worth a few dollars of medicines and magic bugs or something.


Originally Li Batian was impatient and wanted to fly to the depths of the endless swamp. Through Carrey, however, it is understood that the endless swamp has gathered a horrible gas of poison camphor, and even the saintly strong dare not fly in the air for a long time.


If you fly at low altitude, congratulations, you will become the primary target of Warcraft and Warcraft attacks in the endless swamp, and you will definitely die miserably.


With these news, Li Batian resolutely stopped thinking in his mind, and stayed at the top of Rezat's head. Every night when he rested, he would slip away to practice Niu Devil's God-power, which had gained a lot in the past ten days.


Compared with Li Batian's harvest, Karezat's harvest made him laugh every day. After nearly ten days of hard work, he finally realized the magic power of his own skills from the totem pole, and learned a set of skills of cattle and devil, which are among the best skills in the totem pole.


Returning the totem pole to Li Batian, Leizart could not wait to practice the bull-devil's axe-turning method. The swamp Warcraft he encountered along the way were almost wrapped up by him alone. Of course, his strength was constantly improving. The amazing growth rate was stunning. The people who watched Carly and others were stunned.


Although they don't know what Leizart is practicing, they can feel that every day Leizart's axe will become more powerful. The flying of the axe gives us an illusion as if it could turn the world upside down, which makes Carly feel a sense of threat.


I wonder if the strength of Razat has increased rapidly, which stimulated a group of mercenaries of Rainbow Mercenary Corps. Everyone has become diligent. When they see the marsh warcraft, they are all rushing up, whining and chopping them into meat and mud.


The Warcraft in the endless swamp was depressed and didn't understand why he met such a group of crazy people when he came out to hunt.


Perhaps it was the cruel relationship of people killing in endless swamps, and soon the revenge from endless swamps appeared. As soon as Rezat and others were ready to stay and rest, a ferocious breath alerted them immediately. Although there was no trace of Warcraft in their sight, the people present dared not relax their vigilance. 。


As a veteran in the endless swamp, Carly and others understand that the reason why swamp Warcraft is feared is not that it is more powerful than other warcraft, but that their magical whereabouts are invincible.


"Everyone is careful, this time the number of swamp Warcraft may be a lot, put in a defensive position, pay attention to the swamp under your feet." The old-fashioned Carly immediately ordered.


Many members of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment have followed Carly's instructions. Carly's prestige in the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment is still very high. With his rich experience in endless swamps, many members of the Regiment have been rescued many times by Carly.


The members of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment of Deep Ming Swamp Warcraft are all nervous and dignified as soon as they change their excitement before killing. After all, they have met a few small swamp Warcraft before. Once a large swamp Warcraft appears, the danger level will rise dramatically.


Feel the Warcraft breath is approaching, but can not see the swamp swarm of warcraft, which makes everyone present a little nervous.


Although they are veterans of swamp warcraft, they can not help being nervous when facing every attack of swamp warcraft. They dare not relax at all. Once relaxed, they may face the threat of death.


"Captain Carrey, this passive wait is not the way, we must first force the swamp Warcraft out of the swamp." Rezat strides to Carly's side.


"O, what's the best way for His Excellency Rezatt?" Carly nodded. He also knew that the Gongdao should force the swamp Warcraft out, but there was nothing he could do to face the swamp Warcraft in the depths and in the swamp.


"Look at me." Rezat smiled confidently and stepped forward to the front of a group of mercenaries, gazing at the sticky mud, exuding a Tauren-specific thick breath, lifting his right foot and stepping violently on the marsh floor. (To be continued...