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第二百四十三章 奇龙佣兵团!

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"Xiaoling, don't make a fool of yourself!" The first man in gold armour, thinking that Rezatt was unhappy, hurriedly shouted at the girl.


"Know the niche way!" Girls pull their heads together, some reluctant to respond, but look at Li Batian's eyes are still full of desire, so that closed-eye practice but know the external situation of Li Batian, the heart of a bitter cold.


He felt uncomfortable when he thought of being kept as a pet and holding a girl in his arms. He couldn't even carry on his training.


"This brother is very sorry. My little sister is rather naughty. If there is any offence, please don't blame him." The Jinjia man laughed and apologized.


The frightened Rezatt looked back and found that Li Batian was not angry or murderous, which was a relief.


This is an endless city. Once we really start killing the people in front of us, it will be tantamount to several powerful niches in provoking the formation of an endless city.


"What are you doing? If there's no niche, please step aside." Rezatt said calmly that although there was a saying "reach out and don't laugh at people", he was also very upset with what the girl had just said and done, and had no intention of giving these people a good face.


"Brother Taiwan may have misunderstood, we do not have any malice. First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I am Carly, the head of the Rainbow Mercenary Corps. The middle-aged man whom Brother Taiwan just denounced is the administrator of Qilong Chamber of Commerce. He has a wide range of people in the endless city. You just let him down, and he will certainly not stop there. You'd better be careful." The Jinjia man explained with impatience.


"Qilong Chamber of Commerce!" Rezatt was a little shocked. He seemed to have heard of the name. It's just a moment, but I can't remember it.


"It seems that you are still a stranger to the Qilong Chamber of Commerce, which is formed by the Qilong Mercenary Corps and specializes in buying and selling materials in dangerous areas. The Qilong Mercenary Corps believes that Brother Tai should know something about it. There is a pair of Qilong mercenaries stationed in the endless swamp all the year round."


This time, Rezat's expression changed a little, and he finally remembered why he thought the name Qilong Chamber of Commerce was familiar to Gong, because of the existence of Qilong Mercenary Corps.


The Qilong Mercenary Regiment is not a top Powerful Mercenary regiment in the mercenary sector, but it is absolutely a mercenary regiment that makes people unwilling to provoke ferocious acts.


Unlike other mercenary regiments, the Chilong Mercenary Corps preferred to be stationed in dangerous Jedi units for long-term training. Only in the dangerous Jedi for a certain period of time. Only in this way can we truly become members of the Qilong Mercenary Corps. Every year, a large number of members die, while the rest are some extremely vicious people.


Everyone is a madman who kills like hell and hardly takes his life seriously. It's the existence of a group dancing on the tip of a knife. This also led to many other more powerful mercenary regiments than the Chilong Mercenary Corps. They are also reluctant to find the insane Qilong Mercenary Regiment.


"Since you are the leader of Rainbow Mercenary Corps, why should you tell me this for Gong? Are you not afraid to offend Qilong Mercenary Corps?" Rezat came to his senses. Looking at Carrey opposite, he asked.


As a Tauren who used to be a mercenary, Rezatt would not be as simple and ignorant as his appearance, and his experience in this respect is much better than that of the ordinary tauren.


"Oh, it seems that you are still not at ease with me. In fact, it's okay to tell you that our Rainbow Mercenary Corps has already offended the Qilong Mercenary Corps. I just like your eyes and don't want you to be persecuted by the Qilong Mercenary Corps without your understanding." Carrey smiled indifferently and said openly.


Looking at the opposite Kare, Reza nodded, and likewise appreciated his character: "I am Rezat of the Cattle Tauren tribe. Thank you very much for your information."


"No niche, just a trifle." Carrey shook his head and laughed.'By the way, I don't know what happened to you when you came to the Endless City. Although my Rainbow Mercenary Corps is not a very large mercenary Corps, it's still quite familiar with the Endless City and may be helpful to you.


Rezat hesitated for a moment when he heard Li Batian's words in his mind, so that the slightest hesitation behind his niche was eliminated.


"Well, I'd like to check out the news about the rejuvenation in the endless city. I don't know if the leader of Gongdao Carrey knows about Gongdao, or if anyone can sell it."


"Return the soul to grass!" Carrey's face changed slightly and he hesitated for a moment. "I advise your excellency to cancel the idea of reverberation. In fact, the news of reverberation is not confidential, but no one rushes to pick it. Your Excellency will have no use even if you know the niche."


"Captain Carrey just tells me that the grass is falling, and I will do everything else as I can." Reza nodded his head.


"Well, since you want to know the Gongdao so much, I'll tell you about it. Of course, these messages are just the messages of the public, and no one has come to verify whether they are true or not."


Carrey paused here and said, "It is said that there is a nine-headed serpent in the depths of the endless swamp, and the location of the retribution grass is said to be in the cave of the nine-headed serpent, which is caused by the breath emitted from the nine-headed serpents."


Li Batian, sitting on top of Leizart's head, listened to his words and meditated for a moment. Before that, he had guessed the possibility. Only where the nine serpents were, the possibility of rejuvenating the soul would be greater.


"Thank you, Captain Carley, for telling me!" Rezat hugged his fist gratefully and stepped out of the mercenary hall.


"Big Brother, you said that this Tauren would not really want to go to the depths of the endless swamp where the nine serpents are. Isn't that a death hunt? That cute bear will surely die." Carrie looked longingly at Li Batian, who was leaving. She was anxious about Karedo.


Shaking his head, Carrey sighed: "I don't know the niche either. It's not something we can manage. I believe he shouldn't be so reckless."


Since the friction with the Qilong Mercenary Regiment, Carly's Rainbow Mercenary Regiment has become a little sad, and often suffers from harassment from the Qilong Mercenary Regiment outside. Although the strength of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment in endless swamps is similar to that of the Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, the two sides have not had a positive confrontation with each other. All the time, Carly felt uncomfortable as if he had pressed a stone in his heart.


Know that Gong Dou Qilong Mercenary Corps is not only a team of endless swamps, it is only a small unit of the Qilong Mercenary Corps. Once the real masters come, such a mercenary Corps with no backgrounds like them will encounter an unimaginable disaster of extinction. (To be continued...

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