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第二百四十四章 找麻烦的!

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Just now he was so enthusiastic to inform Rezatt that besides not wanting Rezatt to be murdered, he also wanted to take the opportunity to bring Rezatt into his mercenary regiment. The practitioner of the seventh level peak was already a very good master. If he could get into the Rainbow Mercenary regiment, at least he would not have to worry about the Qilong Mercenary regiment at this stage. 。


He was somewhat depressed by the fact that Rezat had no intention of joining or temporarily joining the Rainbow Mercenary Corps after learning about the Gong Dodger Dragon Mercenary Corps, and the news he had just asked about Rejuvenation also made Carly give up his previous ideas.


When it comes to rejuvenation, it's a bit big. After all, there's a nine-headed serpent in it. Nobody dares to provoke it easily.


Leaving the mercenary hall, at the command of Li Batian, Rezatt prepared to go to the endless swamp to find the rejuvenation grass as far as possible.


As soon as he stepped out of the mercenary union, a group of people hurled and surrounded him. Each of these people had a strong evil spirit. It was evident that mercenaries who often fought in and out of the endless swamp were carved with a picture of a queer dragon on on their dark green armor.


Qilong is not a real dragon. It is a kind of Warcraft belonging to the Aronidae family. It is a powerful Warcraft that the Dragon interbreeds with other warcraft.


The strength of dragons is well known, and the creatures that can pull a little relationship with dragons are almost all powerful. Qilong has the blood of dragons, flying at a very fast speed, and can eject a fierce corrosive flame. It is a very powerful Yaronko Warcraft.


According to legendary dragon mercenary corps, the reason why they are so named is that their leader has a Qilong mount. Become the pride and badge of Qilong Mercenary Corps.


"Qilong Mercenary Corps." Rezatt's eyes burst with chills, and his eyes swept over and quickly locked in the crowd of fat Lu.


"Your excellency, that's him, who just insulted my Chilong Mercenary Corps and threatened me that even the Chilong Mercenary Corps would not be able to save my life if I did not leave." Lupingzi pointed at Rezatt with a bitter look and talked like a river.


Near Lufuzi stood a man who was also wearing dark green armor and had a strong breath. This man is Jobart, the captain of the endless swamp team of Chilong Mercenaries. He is also a real eight-level mid-level warrior. He is also a master in the area of endless city.


Looking at the surrounded Rezat, Jobat looked haughty. Look down. A glance at his repairs shows that Rezatt has only seven peaks. Such strength is nothing to him at all.


The crowd surrounded Rezat outside the mercenary union, and immediately attracted the attention of other mercenaries in the mercenary union, in a happy mood. Soon it spread all over the mercenary union, and a large number of mercenaries came out of the Union and scattered around to watch.


"Brother, look, isn't that the tauren? He seems to be surrounded by Qilong mercenaries. Shall we go up and help him?" Carrie, coming out of the mercenary union, saw Rezat in the crowd and hurriedly pulled her brother's clothes path.


Glancing nervously at Karin, who was looking at the bear on Rezat's head, Carly shook his head with a bitter smile. "We're not fit to start. Let's just wait and see what happens first. Even the Qilong Mercenary Regiment dares not kill people in endless cities."


Jobart glanced at the crowd around him, and a sneer rose from the corner of his mouth. The reason why he did not start immediately was that he wanted such an effect.


Recently, after the friction between Rainbow Mercenary Corps and their Qilong Mercenary Corps, some other mercenary Corps are no longer so afraid of them. What Chobart wants is to teach Rezat in front of the public and show the deterrent power of their Qilong Mercenary Corps.


"Boy, you just provoked my Chilong Mercenary Corps." Jobart drank with a cold eye.


After a glance at Jobat, Rezatt ignored him completely. There was a look of disdain in his eyes. With the angel of Li Batian, even he had doubled his confidence. Besides the saintly and powerful, the practitioners of other ranks could not frighten him.


In Chobart's view, under his own deterrence, Rezatt will certainly be scared to the ground, even if it is possible to beg for mercy on the spot, but never thought that the strength of only seven peaks of Rezatt, not bird him at all.


"Monster Taurus, I think you're looking for death." A member of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment beside Jobart, shouting angrily, reached out and grabbed Leizart. It was also the revision of the seventh-level peak. When the palm extended, the surging fighting spirit surged, it turned into a big fighting hand.


"Hum!" Originally calm-looking Rezat, when he heard the nickname "Bullhead Monster", his face suddenly sank. There were many nicknames for the Bullhead people on the road. Among them, Bullhead Monster is a typical derogatory term, comparing them to some monsters.


The angry Rezat also stretched out the only arm left, and surging strength surged over the stout arm, turning it into a drill-bit-like aggressive hand.


"Boom!" The thunderous crash sounded, but the face of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment who attacked Rezatt suddenly turned ugly. The aggressive hand in sight could not resist the surge of Rizatt's drill-like fist, and all the way was like a bamboo.


The Chilong Mercenary Regiment switched away another fist and bombarded the drill fist of Rezat.


After a short pause, the Qilong Mercenary Regiment flew out of the niche with a muffled snort. Several members of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment behind him quickly resisted, but also retreated nearly four or five meters, which made him barely keep his figure.


"Pop!" The member of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment who was attacked sprayed blood from his mouth. His face was pale and bloodless.


The crowd of onlookers immediately sounded an uproar, showing surprise in succession. No one expected that the two men would be the same, and the situation of the confrontation would be one-sided.


"How strong." Carrey, the head of Rainbow Mercenary Regiment, looked astonished. He had only thought that Rezatt was very strong before, but he had never thought that he was so strong.


"Tauren, who are you? Why do you want to fight against our Qilong Mercenary Regiment for Gong's sake?" Jobat, who had not put Rezatt in his eyes, suddenly grew gloomy and asked with a twinkling eye.


If Rezat was a soft persimmon, he would not hesitate to trample it, but now the situation has made him hesitant, of course, not that Rezat's strength frightened him, but that such a character can not be a lone ranger in general, which is why he is afraid.


"Your Excellency will really laugh, is it me against your Qilong mercenary regiment or your Qilong mercenary regiment against me? You should ask the fat man next to you." Rezat gave a sneer and glanced at Fat Lu, who had shrunk his head.


"What the hell is going on?" Jobart turned his eyes sharply and swept to Fat Lu. He drank with an unhappy expression.


Just now, he wanted to take the opportunity to stand up for Qilong Mercenary Corps, so he didn't study Lufuzi's words deeply. Now it seems that things are not as simple as Lufuzi's words.


Lupingzi shivered. He had no idea that Rezatt was so fierce. All he wanted was to let the Qilong Mercenary Regiment help him out with a bad breath. He didn't think so much about how to arouse Jobat's anger. He talked nonsense.


"Sir, I, I just want to buy the bear on his head and give it to him. He insults me and lets me go. I say I'm a member of the Chilong Mercenary Corps, but he looks disdainful." Lufuzi trembled and said half-true and half-false.


Jobart frowned at the words and glanced at Li Batian above Rezatt's head. When he saw the strange appearance of Li Batian and a kind of inexplicable spirituality emanating from him, his eyes flashed a touch of love.


Jobart has not many hobbies for people. His only hobby is to collect some strange things, whether Warcraft or utensils, as long as they look rare, he likes to collect them. The Li Batian in front of him is undoubtedly one of those rare and unknown creatures.


"Sir, you've done this a little bit too much. Now I'll give you two ways. The first way is to make an apology for the creature on your head. I can think that nothing happened just now. As for the second way, I believe you should understand that you are a wise man, and you should know what the niche way is. Choose. Jobart smiled confidently, and it seemed to him that he had given Rezatt face by doing so.


Li Batian, crawling over Leizart's head, was filled with anger. Since he came to the endless city, he had been treated as pet goods by three people in succession, which made him very upset. If he was not the saint of the endless city, he really wanted to solve Jobat himself.


"disable him for me." Li Batian's voice was cold and he preached to Rezatt. Rezatt nodded respectfully when he heard the voice and looked into Jobat's eyes.


Not only was Li Batian angry, but as a servant of God's Envoy, Rezat, who saw that other people did not respect God's Envoy, had already been angry, but had not been ordered by Li Batian, so he did not start.


"I choose the second way, that is to disable you." Razat shouted angrily. Starlight broke out in the muscles of his body. A surging physical niche emerged. A heavy battle axe was stretched out in his right hand, and he chopped it at Jobart.


No one expected that Rezat would be so decisive, came up and launched an attack, a sudden axe of Chobart were somewhat confused.


However, as a master of the eighth class, Jobart has a lot of combat experience. Although he did not think of it, his body instinctively pulled out the battle knife from his waist to block the chopped axe. (To be continued...