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第二百四十一章 无尽沼泽!

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"Who are you, and why are you attacking our leopard and cat tribe for Gong?" On the ground, the head of the leopard and cat clan shouted angrily and quickly gathered the elite of the tribe beside him. There were three eight-level masters among them, which made Li Batian sigh to himself.


The leopard and cat tribe expelled from the district has four eight-level masters, such as the Katel Tauren tribe, which has fallen to the ground and only three eight-level masters are the elder patriarchs. We should know that the ancient Katel Tauren tribe in the Gongdao was the royal family of the Tauren.


"Who am I? You don't need to know the niche. You only need to know the niche. Today your leopard and cat clan will be removed from the magic road." Li Batian's eyes burst with a natural chill. He did not like killing, but he did not show mercy to his enemies.


In his speech, a breath of terror spread, behind the emergence of biological destruction artillery, the horror of black light in the rapid gathering, the atmosphere of destruction so that all the lower panthers and cats are shocked, especially the Panthers and cats, such as the family leader of the eight-level master, more sensitive, naturally more aware of the black light. Mang's horror, if it is bombarded down, then the whole family of leopards and cats will really disappear in the magic land.


"No, for what would happen to the niche, I am not reconciled, my leopard cat family was abandoned by the cat clan, for what would happen to the niche? The head of the leopard and cat clan growled reluctantly in their hearts, and their brains ran rapidly. At this moment, their inflexible brains seemed to have penetrated the cleverness of Ren Du's two veins.


"Your excellency, please show mercy to your excellency. My family of leopards and cats are willing to submit to you." The loud cry rang out and the head of the leopard and cat clan knelt on the ground.


A sudden situation. Li Batian was shocked for a while. The rest of the leopard and cat clans were also shocked, but they were soon reflected.


For the leopard and cat clans with developed limbs and simple minds, the command of the patriarch is heaven. When they hear that the patriarch is willing to submit, they immediately kneel down and shout the same words in unison.


Li Batian, who was going to kill the Panthers and Cats, saw a slight movement in his heart and put away the biological destruction cannon brewing here.


Now the strength of the Tauren is too weak, it is time to unite other forces. The Panthers and Cats were abandoned by the Cats. It is when there is no way to go, if it is a good choice to recover, the only trouble is the cat side, but now he does not care so much.


The figure flickers. In the blink of an eye, Li Batian appeared in front of the head of the leopard and cat clan. The speed of the Panthers and cats makes the elders of the Panthers and cats tremble fiercely.


When he looked up. It was a sudden jump of the heart, two silver eyes collided with it, that cold look. He had the illusion that he was completely seen through, and a sense of fear sprang up in his body and mind.


"I hope what you just said is not a lie." Staring at the head of the leopard and cat clan, Li Batian spoke calmly, as if he were talking about something unimportant, but the surging brutality made the leopard and cat clan long-hearted.


"The Kobolds have died in name, and your submission to this seat is tantamount to submission to the Taurus, helping the Horseshoe tribe migrate to the Katel Taurus tribe. I hope you will not let me down." After that, Li Batian's body was transformed into a star disappearing, and he didn't say much threatening words.


"Hoo hoo!" Panting heavily, the head of the leopard and cat clan sat exhausted on the ground, looking in the direction of Li Batian's disappearance, his eyes filled with fear.


Although Li Batian did not say anything threatening just now, his confidence and indifference in his tone made him have no doubt that once he reversed, the whole family of leopards and cats would be destroyed in the next moment.


Facing the powerful Li Batian, the leopard and cat clan with developed muscles and simple minds did not have much sense of resistance. Under the leadership of the head of the leopard and cat clan, the whole clan went to the Tiefu tribe to plead guilty.


With Li Batian's efforts, everything is developing in the direction of good niches. As for the remaining power of the Kobold tribe, he did not take advantage of the victory and pursuit to destroy it.


He also carefully considered that although the Orc Empire was decadent, if he wiped out the Kobolds, it would be the Empire's pursuit to meet him. Even if the Empire did not respond so much, the Garou people attached to the Kobolds would not give up.


What the Tauren people need now is time for recuperation, not war training.


In addition, there is still a little distance between the second star and the Holy class. Although most of the stars have already stepped into the Holy class, they are not the Holy class. Li Batian must also be careful to act. Besides, there are legends above the Holy class. The pseudo-god class is even the Holy class. A person who carelessly even knows how to die does not know the niche. 。


In a twinkling of an eye, the original calm Katel Tauren tribe suddenly became lively, the number of people increased several times, the area of the tribe was expanded several times, as if to reproduce the prosperity of the Tauren people.


Of course, this is just a matter of appearance, not to mention the number of masters in the ethnic group, in the booming period of the tauren, just a tribe is enough to have so many tauren.


In addition to the tauren, the enslaved kobolds and the leopard cats who guard the tribe like guardians can also be seen in the tribe.


After a busy week, the construction of the new tribe was completed, and Li Batian was selected as the honorary head of the tribe by all the chiefs without any dispute. As for the former chiefs, the Presbyterian Association was formed. Everything in the tribe was decided by the Presbyterian Council through consultation. Of course, if Li Batian made a decision, they would naturally. Full support.


In this way, the new Tauren tribe was established, the number of people increased and the integration of different ethnic groups made the Kate Tauren tribe full of vitality. The young Tauren fighters redoubled their efforts to practice, while the middle-aged Tauren, who could not really enhance in a short time, were busy adding to the tribe every night. The movement symphonies are ringing in all the tribes.


Seeing that the whole tribe is developing in the direction of a good niche, Li Batian finally reassured himself and simply ordered the blood hoof and others to fly away as a streamer. He must hurry to the endless swamp to find the rejuvenation grass for the elder patriarch.


The endless swamp is closest to the Niutou tribe, which is why Li Batian went there. Besides, of course, it is also because he is familiar with the nine serpents.


Li Batian knows little about the endless swamp. Few people can go deep into the endless swamp and survive. Even the saintly and powerful enter the swamp is in danger of falling, making the endless swamp a terrible place for everyone to fear. (To be continued...