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第二百五十六章 偷盗!

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People who can come here, as the lowest and semi-holy level of the strong, short flight is still no problem.


Li Batian hesitated, reached out and sucked a piece of mud into his palm. He threw it over the valley and stared at the flying mud.


"Sigh!" As soon as the mud flew over the valley, an invisible boundary suddenly appeared, and the mud was instantly electrified into ashes with aggression.


"Sure enough." Seeing Li Batian's breath grow here, fortunately he has a heart, otherwise it is not mud that is attacked by the boundary.


Two Octopus serpents standing at the mouth of the valley looked up at the sky in bewilderment, and found that there were no suspicious targets. They continued to guard like stone statues.


Looking at these two eight-headed serpents, Li Batian was somewhat depressed. These two guys were like gods of doors, so that he had no chance to enter.


The fighting power of two eight-headed serpents, even he dared not ignore, let alone here is the old nest of nine-headed serpents. Once fighting happens, the nine-headed serpents will surely know. It will be a dead end when the nine-headed serpents come back.


Think of here, Li Batian's mind jumped out of an idea, and two Octopus snakes pulled some distance, waving between the Meilong and lightning mink appeared in the marsh clearing.


Now the lightning mink is no longer the same as he used to be. This man does not know where Gongdao found the treasure of talent and earth. His strength has risen all the way. He is no worse than the White Tiger and the Burning Ape King. Especially his speed is worse than Li Batian's.


He once erupted at his limit speed to compete with the lightning mink, and he was depressed that the lightning mink was always a little worse than the lightning mink.


As for Meilong's revision by virtue of semi-holy rank. It's okay to face an octopus.


With a simple command, Meilong and the mink flew out to the valley and immediately attracted the attention of two Octopus snakes as soon as they appeared.


"Hoarse!" Two eight-headed serpents stood upright and eight heads screamed sharply, warning Mei Long and Lightning Mink not to approach.


Faced with the warning of the eight-headed serpent, the lightning mink and Meilong ignored it at all. A lightning bolt split between the mink's mouth and hit the eight-headed Serpent on the left. Meilong controlled the rule of flying sword to attack another eight-headed serpent.


Their sudden attack caught two Octopus snakes by surprise. The octopus on the left was struck by lightning and an electric current spread through his body. On the other side, the eight-headed serpent was chopped by the law's sword. The scales were torn to produce bright red blood.


"Hoarse!" The original realm of the two Octopus snakes angry heaven roaring, although the attack did not let them suffer much harm, but some skin injuries, but let the two Octopus snakes angry.


In this endless swamp. Who doesn't know that Gong Dao is the master of this place. No one has ever dared to be so arrogant.


Two angry eight-headed serpents forgot the nine-headed serpent's command. Roaring towards the lightning mink and Meilong, while the lightning mink and Meilong continue to attack, the body is constantly dodging in the distance. The two of them were attracted away from the valley mouth.


When the time is ripe, the power of stars in Li Batian's body quickly merges into his body, and the whole bear turns into a flash of starlight, which disappears into the valley in the blink of an eye.


Two Octopus serpents chasing Lightning Mink and Meilong were looking at the back valley with a sudden sense of bricks. They hesitated to return to their posts and stared at Lightning Mink and Meilong fiercely.


The lightning mink and Meilong who completed the task did not continue to attack the two eight-headed snakes. They looked at each other and quickly fell into the black forest behind them, waiting for Li Batian to respond when he came out.


Li Batian entered the valley and proceeded cautiously. Soon a huge cave appeared in his sight. There were still nine serpents in the cave.


Determined that there was no other danger around, Li Batian was fully prepared to step into the cave, the cave was unusually wide, after all, the huge figure of the nine serpents, the general cave is simply not suitable.


Through the long corridor, a larger cave appeared. To Li Batian's excitement, there were several swaying black grass on the cave wall.


Hurriedly took out his own map from the Niutou tribe, and compared it to find that this dark grass is the so-called rejuvenation grass.


"Hey!" He was preparing to retrieve the soul grass, but he was shocked by another thing in his sight. A big black egg lay quietly in the middle of the cave. It looked like a dragon's egg at first sight, but unlike the dragon's egg, it emitted not the breath of a dragon, but the breath of a nine-headed serpent.


There are all kinds of peculiar patterns on the black giant eggs, which reveal a vicissitudes of life and an everlasting flavor between the twinkles. At first glance, they are not ordinary serpent eggs.


The heart moved slightly, Li Batian's eyes burst with silver-white light, spiritual surge shrouded in the black eggs, trying to explore the situation inside, the results shocked him that his spiritual power could not penetrate the shell of the black eggs.


"This giant egg is not simple. Is it the egg of nine serpents? No, even the egg of nine serpents can not resist my spiritual exploration." Confused in his heart, Li Batian let the ice crystal try to scan, but the results of the ice crystal scan surprised him a little.


"Master, this giant egg should return to its ancestors by blood. The pattern on it seems to be a special niche of the ancestors of nine serpents. Once hatched, the future of this giant egg will be limitless." Ice Crystal earnestly gave a very high evaluation, so that Li Batian had a strong interest in this giant egg.


Nine serpents are so powerful that I don't know how far they will evolve after Gongdao returns to their ancestors.


Without thinking about it, Li Batian put this huge egg into the biological space. With the help of the biological space, it will certainly hatch quickly.


Li Batian, however, did not know Gong Dao. He was fighting with four saints in a playful manner when he put the giant eggs into the biological space. Nine magic snakes, which made the Four Saints awkward, paused fiercely for a moment, and the powerful tricks that were brewing stopped.


Originally facing the danger of falling, the four saintly strongmen fled in horror, trying to escape in this short time.


"Hoarse!" The nine serpents who played tricks on the Four Saints raised their heads to heaven and made angry screams. They burst into horror. Nine heads sprayed nine pillars of light. They shot at the four saints who fled. At the same time, they flew into a black light to the old nest valley.


The four runaway saints, with their fearful faces, have each displayed their strongest tactics to resist the horror pillar. For a moment, a huge roar erupted on the scene. The roar of the explosion was no less than that of the old man with white beard when he exploded himself.


After a long time, the shock wave of the explosion completely dissipated, revealing that four people were in a terrible state, all bloody, and one of them lost an arm of the sage of the strong.


After the four men showed their figures, they looked at each other and saw a trace of fear in each other's eyes. They dared not stay here any more and fled at the fastest speed.


But in the valley cave, Li Batian put away the giant eggs, and hurriedly gathered all the rejuvenation grass, to determine that there was nothing good in the cave, which quickly left the cave.


Although he did not know that Gong Dao's actions had alarmed the nine serpents, he also knew that Gong Dao himself was not suitable for staying too long. He did not know how long the Four Saints of Gong Dao could resist the nine serpents.


Leaving the cave, Li Batian soon arrived at the valley entrance, and two Octopus snakes were still guarding in situ.


There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, but Li Batian did not intend to let Lightning Mink and Mei Long continue to attract two octopus snakes. After all, it was not in or out of the niche. With his strength, he could not escape from the two octopus snakes.


The strength of the stars in the body surges and quickly melts into his body. His whole body energy and spirit rise to the best state. A pair of broken wings behind him swings rapidly. His figure turns into a star in an instant. In the blink of an eye, he rushes out of the valley. The whole process is too fast to wait until two Octopus snakes react. By that time, Li Batian had rushed to the edge of the black forest.


Just as Li Batian was about to rush into the black forest and flee perfectly, a sharp hoarse sounded suddenly, followed by a tidal breath of terror. Li Batian, who was running at full speed, felt immediately that the air around him was as thick as a swamp, and his speed dropped by nearly a third.


"No!" In his heart, Li Batian dared not hesitate at all. The bright stars burst out from his body. The strength of the stars'rule tore open the thick swamp and rushed into the black forest ahead.


The frightened mink and Meilong are brought into the biological space. Li Batian's spiritual surge envelopes himself and flees forward at full speed. His body is winding like a star dragon, constantly changing its direction to avoid being locked in by the nine evil snakes that emit the breath of terror.


Almost not long after Li Batian escaped into the black forest, the nine serpents turned into a black light rushed back. Their huge stature was like a mountain. The pupils of eighteen snakes, the size of lanterns, scanned in all directions, and the breath of terror filled all directions. However, they could not find Li Batian who fled.


Li Batian, who exhibited his spiritual warfare skills, completely restrained his own breath, coupled with his super-fast speed, has long escaped from the scope of the nine serpents'spiritual force. It is impossible to find Li Batian who fled to a distant place only by his breath to lock in nature. (To be continued...

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