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第二百五十三章 沼泽神殿!

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Almost as he performed this spiritual warfare technique to hide the two men's breath fluctuations, a figure appeared in the air above the front battlefield, and then a wave visible to the naked eye spread, covering the battlefield with eight serpents in the wave.


Originally screaming and roaring, the eight-headed serpent that the three people swallowed up immediately, the huge figure instantly fixed in mid-air, still retaining the appearance of teeth and claws, but could not swallow the three people close at hand at all.


Not only this eight-headed serpent, but all the other serpents and three humans have been fixed in their original positions.


"What a strong field!" Seeing this scene, Li Batian's eyes showed a trace of surprise. Although he was not in the field, he had some knowledge about the understanding of two saints. The field in front of him was absolutely not comparable to that of Wutongtian. The strength of this confinement was astonishing.


Knowing that Gong Dao uses the strength of the eight-headed serpent, it is not difficult for the saintly strong to kill him, but if he wants to imprison him without being seriously injured, it will become extremely painful, which can not be achieved by ordinary people.


"You want to hurt my apprentices and find death, evil animal." The emergent middle-aged saints drank coldly, reached out and shook their fists at the eight-headed serpents in mid-air. An invisible niche acted on the eight-headed serpents.


"Bang bang bang!" In the bitter scream of the eight-headed serpent, one head was crushed and burst, but the bursting brains did not splash everywhere, and were confined.


"Hoarse!" The eight-headed serpent screamed in pain and trembled violently. Stimulated by death and pain, he freed himself from the shackles of the field, but still could not get rid of the fate of death.


In a twinkling of an eye, the two eight-headed snakes were all killed. In addition, other snakes were killed one after another. In a twinkling of an eye, only three human beings and the middle-aged Saint were suspended in midair.


Solving all the snakes, the middle-aged saint-class strong man turned his head and glanced at Li Batian's direction. Just when he came over, he vaguely felt that there was a strong breath there, but soon the breath disappeared.


Meilong, under Li Batian, feels the vision of the saintly strong. The nervous palms were sweating all the time. For him, the saintly strong is high, and his semi-saintly magic fighter is not the opponent of the saintly strong at all.


"It should be the swamp warcraft." Think in your heart. The middle-aged saints have not continued to pay attention. The restraint of the three men was lifted in the waving room.


"Master!" The three men were free again. Quickly and gratefully, he knelt down and shouted respectfully.


The middle-aged saints glanced at the three men with dignity, and the three of them bowed their heads and dared not speak. That kind of pressures from the Holy class, so that they dare not breathe in the atmosphere.


"Do the three of you understand where you are wrong?" Staring at the three men, the middle-aged saint-class strongman shouted coldly, assuming a strict attitude.


The three men hesitated for a moment. The man in the middle took the lead and said, "Master, we are wrong. We shouldn't be arrogant in the past. We shouldn't be indiscriminate in fighting. If we were prepared beforehand, we would not let the second eight-headed serpent ambush us so easily."


Speaking of their shameful low heads, for these proud geniuses, what happened just now is a shame. They have been proud and accustomed to it all the time. Only when they live and die, can they really find that their strength is far from enough.


"Very good!" The middle-aged saints nodded satisfactorily, with a happy smile on their faces: "You three can understand this, and I'll take you to the endless swamp this time. Remember, no matter what kind of enemy you face, you should be alert enough to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations at any time."


"Yes, Master!" The three respectfully nodded their heads and answered the question. They got up and came to the side of the middle-aged saint-class strong man. They played a role in the field. The three men were on a level footing.


"By the way, Master, what are we going to come to the endless swamp for this time? Are there any treasures here that can't be made?" The only beautiful woman among the three asked curiously.


Nodding his head, the middle-aged saints looked deeper into the endless swamp, as if they wanted to see through the layers of space and reach the position they wanted to see.


"The marsh temple in the endless swamp is about to open. Not only me, but also a lot of saintly powerful people will come to the endless swamp. You will leave here now. Soon there will be fierce battles in the depths of the endless swamp. There is only one dead road for you to stay here." The middle-aged sage class strong voice dignified, eyes full of longing Tao.


Li Batian in the distance heard the words of the middle-aged saints. His eyes sparkled with curiosity. He was not clear about the marsh temple, but what interested the saints would never be ordinary.


And the fact that it can be known as a temple is enough to explain some problems. It is only a temple made by a powerful God that can be called a temple.


The middle-aged saint-class strong man told three people a few words, put it down in place, body into a flowing light flying to the depths of the endless swamp, as for the peptic gas poison in the air, for the saint-class strong, the impact will be much smaller.


"Meilong, do you know what the Gongdao Marsh Temple is?" Seeing the other party go away, Li Batian removed the mental barrier and asked.


"Master, about the swamp temple, his subordinates do have some understanding. It is said that the swamp temple was created by the swamp God at that time. Later, the swamp God fell down, and the swamp temple was hidden in the endless swamp. Many people have searched for it, but they have not been able to find the swamp around. They did not expect that it will suddenly appear now. ”


"The marsh shrine, unexpectedly will encounter this kind of good thing, looks like the sky is helping me ah." Li Batian was secretly happy.


The birth of the marsh temple will surely attract a large number of strong men to come, and then the whole depths of the Marsh will be in chaos, and he will be able to fish in muddy water to get rejuvenation grass, and even have the opportunity to enter the marsh temple to catch a handful.


With this idea in mind, Li Batian and Meilong immediately marched at full speed towards the depths of the endless swamp. Along the way, Li Batian sensed several strong smells emanating from the saints.


The closer to the core of the endless swamp, the more careful Li Batian and Meilong are, whether they are the coming saints or the nine serpents, which are not easy to deal with, or to avoid fighting as much as possible.


Near the dwelling place of the nine-headed monster snake, all the marsh monsters that used to encounter disappeared. This place seems to be planned as a forbidden land, which is quiet and safe, making Li Batian a little unfit. (To be continued...

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