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第二百五十章 强势出手!

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Previously, he was expecting Meilong to be an eight-level top player. In that case, with his strength with Rezat, he still had the strength to fight. What he didn't want to believe was that Meilong was a semi-saint.


In this way, let alone the two of them, even if all of them add up, they are not enough to be killed. The gap between the semi-saints and the eight peaks is enough to despair him.


"Kid, let me die." Some angry Meilong, shouting angrily, reached out with a huge law of the palm condensed, and patted Razat, the rolling force of the law makes Razat feel deeply powerless.


"Well, a man who has just broken through to the semi-saint dares to be so arrogant." As Leizart was about to be shot, a solemn cold hum rang out, followed by the appearance of the same star-sparkling giant hand, smashing Meilong's frozen rule palm.


"What!" Meilong's face suddenly changed, and she screamed back, barely dodging the giant star hand that followed.


He dodged, but the members of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment behind him did not have the ability to do so. They shouted in horror and were clapped in the swamp by the big hands of the stars.


"Boom!" There was a tremor in the swamp, and the mud in front of it continued to sink. A huge palm print appeared in the attack position. As for the members of the Qilong Mercenary Regiment who were photographed, they completely disappeared, leaving only the blood that emerged.


Not far from the palm print, the grey face, the muddy deputy leader of Qilong Mercenary Corps Piqiu, opened his mouth in horror, and his eyes were full of fear.


If it hadn't been for him, he would have been far away from Starlight. Almost as hard as anyone else, was patted into paste.


"Who, who is here, give me out." Meilong is like a cat stepping on its tail, screaming and shouting, but there is a trace of panic in her fierce eyes.


It is not only the power of the giant star hand, but also the utterance of the voice that has just spoken, which gives him the illusion that he is fully seen through.


He really just broke through to the semi-holy level. He had been stuck at the top of the eighth level. Not long ago, he had a chance to break through to the semi-holy level. Let him leap into the second semi-saint of Qilong Mercenary Corps. His position has also been greatly improved. This time, the killing of Rezat is only secondary. His real purpose is to enter the endless swamp to find some natural treasures and prepare for his breakthrough to the Holy level.


But he never thought of it. Originally it was just a handy problem. It will bring a powerful opponent.


In the face of Meilong's cry. But no one responded, the scene fell into silence, so that Meilong, who was already ugly, did not come to the stage.


"Good. If you don't come out, I'll kill them all." Meilong, who was under tremendous psychological pressure, screamed sharply, his hands covered with fierce fighting spirit, and rushed directly to the opposite Rezat, ready to start with Rezat.


"Seek death!" The cold hum sounded suddenly. Before Meilong responded, his figure was hit by a star light and flew out of the niche. The huge impact force made blood gush in his mouth. His chest clothes were torn, showing a sharp scratch. If it was not for the protection of thick fighting spirit, he would almost burst his stomach.


Bearing the pain of his body, Mei Long gazed forward, and the figure appeared in his sight, but let the semi-saint level of the strong man for one of the stunned.


In the distance, Carly and others opened their mouths in astonishment. They could hardly believe what they saw. A bear with steel wings was flying in mid-air, sending out a terrifying pressure, and then the bear in sight grew larger at the speed of naked eyes, turning into a majestic and magnificent star-lit giant bear.


In the crowd, Karin shivered even more. Although she looked lovely and ignorant, as a mercenary, she would not really do so. The strength of Li Batian in front of her scared her. She thought she thought it was cute before. If she wanted to hold it, Karin felt a chill surge in her heart.


In particular, Karin found that the star-lit giant bear suspended in mid-air turned her head to show her a human smile and let her heart beat.


"It's you!" Meilong exclaimed in surprise. He did see the little bear lying on his head just now. At that time, he didn't pay much attention to it. He thought it was a pet bear, but it turned out to be quite different from what he had imagined.


"Boy, I just lack a servant who goes deep into the endless swamp. If I don't want to die, you'd better surrender obediently and avoid suffering from flesh and skin." Staring at Meilong, Li Batian's mouth was filled with a playful smile.


Before, he was still distressed. Although Rezatt had good strength, he still had a long way to go deep into the endless swamp, and he was easy to expose when he went alone. As a result, when he was distressed, Meilong appeared, which was like sending charcoal in the snow.


Breakthrough to the semi-holy level, Meilong heart is full of ambition, dream of breakthrough to the Holy level, to become a holy class of strong people respected by millions of people, it is the time of arrogance, naturally will not ignore Li Batian's words.


"Neglect animal, depending on you also want to take me as a servant, I think it's better to be a good rider for me." Meilong shouted angrily, holding out a solid two-handed sword in his hands.


"Well, interesting. Is that your other rule of law?" Li Batian said curiously as he burst out a silver ray of light and gazed at the two-handed sword with the power of law.


Meilong opposite in the silver eyes of the gaze, there is a feeling of being completely seen through, as if standing naked in front of Li Batian, the mind emerged in an inexplicable panic.


"Monster Bear, die for me." In order to dispel his confusion, Meilong drank furiously, shooting his huge two-handed sword at Li Batian with fierce sword spirit. It looked like a sword fairy in the legend of the earth.


"Interesting!" Seeing this scene, Li Batian interestingly talked to himself, all over the stars twinkling, without fear, straight to the two hands of the sword, bear claws waving between a blue star axe condensed out, it is the combination of wind attributes of the star axe.


"Boom!" Starlight axe and two-handed sword were chopped together, accompanied by fierce collision, two-handed sword trembled violently, Mei Long's face changed slightly, a surging force niche surged toward the two-handed sword, while a sharp cutting force niche was constantly destroying the two-handed sword.


"Humph, do you think that this will stop my rule flying sword? Today you use this semi-holy level of Warcraft to witness the power of my rule flying sword." Meilong, confident and full of heart, drank, both hands of the sword suddenly collapsed, blinking into a small rule of the sword, a swarm of bees rushed to Li Batian, he completely shrouded in the dense rule of the attack of the sword.


"Bombardment!" The roaring explosion sounded continuously, and the rule flying sword that struck Li Batian exploded, causing greater destructive force. It completely enveloped the surroundings in the raging sword atmosphere, and the ground below was chopped off with a sword mark.


"Dead!" After this encounter, Mei Long thought to himself, don't underestimate that tiny sword of law, it is absolutely an attack that gathers the power of the law he understood, once it hits the strong enough to kill the semi-saints.


Others also looked nervously at Li Batian's location, and their hearts were full of ups and downs.


"What, impossible." Seeing Li Batian suspended in mid-air, Meilong could not help exclaiming, and his eyes were full of horror.


Li Batian was bloody in his sight, but he was not seriously hurt. He was still breathing of life, and his wounds were recovering quickly with the twinkling of stars.


"To that extent, I don't think so." Li Batian sneered that he had practiced star forging, his body had been trained by the strength of the stars, and he had also trained Niu Deqingtian Shengong. Besides the strength of growth, his body would become stronger. The combination of the two and the strength of the stars completely resisted the attack of the law flying sword.


His current physical fitness, has been directly baptized by the law of the holy class strong body, to Meilong just break through the semi-holy class of training, want to seriously injure them are extremely difficult, let alone want to kill.


"No, it's impossible!" Meilong could not believe the exclamation. Between the surge of fighting spirit, two regular swords flew out and went straight to Li Batian in the distance.


"Hum, it's not over yet, Niu De Qingtian Shengong, break it for me." Li Batian gave a cold cry, his muscles swelled, his figure doubled in the blink of an eye, his claws continued to swell, and he bombarded the two regular flying swords overwhelmingly.


The sharp rule flying sword, in the face of the huge palm of Li Ba's bull demon's heavenly power, was instantly shot to smash.


Just now, the reason why he was wounded by two rule swords was not that he had no time to dodge, but that he wanted to test his physical defense.


"Pooh!" The two rule swords were smashed, and Meilong's spiritually damaged mouth burst with blood, and his face turned pale at once.


Originally self-confident and unwilling to disappear, instead of panic, they rushed to a distant place and tried to escape from the pursuit of Li Batian, but all this was in vain, even if it did not integrate the power of the stars, with the speed of the Wing of the Breaking Heaven and the Star-naked Method, it was not comparable to Meilong.


Another slap, this time Meilong was not so lucky, was slapped to fly out of the niche, the mouth of blood gushing body weakness fell in the mud.


Seriously injured Meilong struggled to get up from the mud, and Li Batian had come to wait in front of him.


"Give you two ways, one way not to resist the choice of submission, the second way is dead." Li Batian was suspended in mid-air, his eyes were indifferent, and his casual look was like saying something unimportant. It was this expression that made Meilong feel more frightened. He had no doubt that he chose the second way. Li Batian would slap him into a meat pie. (To be continued...