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第二百一十八章 凯特尔牛头人部落!

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The location of the Orcs in Gongdao, though barren and abominable, contains many precious mines and even precious metallurgical materials. They are extremely rich in minerals. The Orcs'territory is absolutely a delicious fattening meat for the people who consume more and more and whose resources are decreasing day by day.


Of course, relative to the Terran, the Orcs are also eager for Terran territory. Only by occupying larger territory, the Orcs can continue to expand and develop, and have enough food to break through the current bottleneck state of the Orcs.


The two races covet each other's territory and have had several major confrontations over the past thousand years. Although they suffered heavy casualties, they also understood each other tacitly and did not try their best.


We should know that the Gongdao Magic Continent is not only their two major races, but also the existence of other powerful races. Once the fighting is too fierce, no one dares to ensure that other ethnic groups will seize the opportunity to grab food.


In addition, there is the existence of the Diablo under the magic land, which is the enemy of the whole magic land. It once poured out from the depths of the earth and launched a fierce attack on the various ethnic groups on the surface, resulting in the whole magic land's various ethnic groups involved in the war, even though it finally forced the Diablo back to the underworld niche. It took centuries to recover from the territorial blockade, which sealed all the exits, but also damaged all the races of the Magic Land.


Rezat's Kettle Tauren tribe is one of the few remaining Orcish Tauren tribes. It used to be one of the more powerful tribes of the Tauren tribe. Now it is in a very different situation from the past, even facing the danger of life and death of the tribe.


Not far from this area are the mountains. Among them, there are a lot of Warcraft hidden, and usually these Warcraft will attack the tribe from time to time, and according to many years of experience, the next wave of Warcraft is not far away, and now the strength of the Cattle Tauren tribe, it is difficult to resist the invasion of the wave of warcraft.


The Celtic Tauren tribe has also asked for support from the Orc Empire, but the Tauren tribe, which has withdrawn from the eight main fighting races, has lost its original use value for the corrupt Orc Empire, and has only perfunctorily applied for support. There was no real help at all.


Think before and after. The Celtic Tauren tribe can only take out some of the treasures that its tribe has accumulated and venture into human territory in exchange for something useful for dealing with the Warcraft craze.


For the Celtic Tauren tribe, the goods Rezatt transported were not just precious goods. It may also be the key to the survival of the entire tribe.


It has just entered the Cattle Tauren tribe. Two of them are strong and strong. A pair of horns on his head and a Tauren fighter with animal pattern on his face appeared in Li Batian's sight. They were guarding the intersection with an axe in their hands.


"Look at it. It's Captain Rezat. Captain Rezat is back."


The crowd had just appeared in the sight of the guards of two Tauren fighters. The two men, who were still dignified, immediately showed ecstasy and could not help shouting.


Seeing the guards of two Tauren fighters, Rezatt and others also showed a happy look with breath. For them, they were able to deliver the goods back to the tribe without disappointment. In addition, they brought back the messenger of the animal god.


Rezatt looked at Li Batian crawling on the back of an angry bear. In addition to reverence and worship, there was a glimmer of hope. Perhaps it was a turning point for the taurens.


With their surprise welcome, the Rezatt caravan continued to move forward. By the time they arrived outside the tribe, a large group of Tauren people had been waiting outside the tribe excitedly. When they saw the arrival of Rezatt and other people, they shouted with joy.


Looking at these tauren, Li Batian saw only pure joy and security from their eyes. The happy and harmonious atmosphere made him feel very comfortable, which was exactly the kind of atmosphere he had always wanted.


"I hope the Tauren tribe will not let me down." Looking at the Tauren people in front of him, Li Batian thought to himself, and his eyes flashed with unusual light.


The returning Tauren and others became heroes of the Katel Tauren tribe, and were welcomed by the Tauren family with high specifications. Even the head of the Tauren family, who seldom appeared, came to meet them.


"Chief, how did your old man come out?" Seeing the old Tauren approaching in front of him, Rezatt, flattered and frightened, rushed forward with a respectful manner.


Hearing Rezatt's words, Li Batian also turned his eyes to the old Tauren in front of him. A sense of danger, if not, shocked him slightly. The old Tauren in front of him emitted a twilight breath. There was not much vitality and vitality, but revealed a kind of inexplicable sense of oppression.


"Is this old patriarch of the Celtic Tauren tribe a saint-class strong man?" In his heart, he thought to himself that Li Batian could not help being vigilant.


Since the last time he faced Utongtian, he instinctively feared the saint-class strong, of course, not to be afraid. After all, when he faced Utongtian, he did not immediately exert all his efforts to escape, otherwise, with the speed of his integration of the power of stars, even if he could not beat Utongtian to escape, there would be no problem.


Li Batian still knows something about the old head of the Celtic Tauren tribe, and the natural way to understand it is from Rezat.


According to Rezat, the old patriarch is mysterious in the tribe. His seniority is the oldest in the whole tribe. Even he does not know how old the old patriarch is. He has spent almost all his life for the tribe.


The reason why the Kettle tribe can be sustained up to now, to a large extent, comes from the existence of the elder chiefs. Several times, it has solved the tribal crisis, has a high prestige in the whole tribe, and is respected by the whole clan.


When Li Batian looked at the old patriarch of the Cattle Tauren tribe, the old patriarch who came by also sensed Li Batian's sight and twisted his eyes to touch each other.


The old patriarch's old and muddy eyes burst out with a frightening glow, as if to see through Li Batian, but he was surprised to find that he could not completely see through.


Put aside the surprised look, the old patriarch took back his eyes, and his eyes were old and cloudy again, as if everything just happened was just an illusion.


"Ha-ha, I also need to move the old bones before you can, and say that you can transport the goods back, for our entire tribe, is a minister of merit, I come out to meet you should also." The old patriarch took back his eyes and smiled kindly at Rezat Road.


"Don't say that, old patriarch. It's my honor to do something for the tribe, even if I'm somewhere else." Rezat's face was firm, and he did not have the slightest idea of asking for credit or complaining, as if his disabled left arm was not his own.


"Well, I deserve to be a warrior of my Katel Tauren tribe." The elder patriarch glanced at Rezatt's left arm, which could hardly be repaired, and nodded and laughed with relief.


"Old patriarch, this time I not only brought back these materials, but also I." Received the praise of the elder patriarch, Rezatt gave a simple smile and then said excitedly, looking in the direction where Li Batian was, but just as he was ready to speak out the words behind, the words that Li Batian stopped rang in his mind.


Seeing Rezat stop abruptly, the elder patriarch looked doubtfully at Li Batian crawling on the back of the angry bear.


"Rezat, what else is going on!"


"Well, this, old patriarch, let's wait a minute. It's a great good thing anyway." Rezat, full of admiration and awe for Li Batian, can only say vaguely.


The old patriarch looked at Li Batian, nodded thoughtfully, and directed the tribal people to transport goods to the tribe.


In order to celebrate the return of Rezatt and others, a bonfire banquet was held. Of course, compared with the banquet of human beings, the banquet of the Tauren was much monotonous, but full of enthusiasm and sincerity. All kinds of barbecue food made Li Batian full of happiness.


Although other Tauren are curious about Li Batian's strange bear, none of them dare to approach. After all, there is a powerful and grumpy ground rage bear beside him.


As a Katel tauren, he knows all kinds of Warcraft as well as the trained personnel. Naturally, he knows the temper and strength of the angry bear clearly. He does not consciously try to avoid approaching the angry bear with fierce flashes in his eyes from time to time.


While enjoying the delicious barbecue, Li Batian was not idle, looking at the Celtics and tribes.


After some observation, the Celtic Tauren have a certain understanding of the face of the situation, compared to the heyday, as one of the eight major fighting races of the Celtic tauren, the tribe has been weakened to an unimaginable degree.


There are only a few thousand people in the whole tribe, and some of them are old, weak and disabled. Apart from these old, weak and disabled, there are only about one thousand people who can really be called warriors. Among these thousands, the strength and weakness are also uneven, and their fighting capacity can not be compared with that of the regular army at all.


"Unexpectedly, the Cattle Tauren tribe has weakened to such a degree." Looking at all the situations, Li Batian sighed in his heart.


Through ice crystals, he learned a lot about the strength of the Niutou tribe in its heyday. Compared with the present Katel Niutou tribe, there is hardly any comparability between the two sides, which makes Li Batian sigh.


At the end of the rich bonfire banquet, the original lively Katel Tauren tribe gradually quieted down. In a simple courtyard wooden house in the center of the tribe, Rezat stood respectfully in the house, next to Li Batian, who had shrunk his stature. (To be continued...


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