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第二百一十二章 救命火焰!

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As the light faded away, expecting Li Batian, his pupils shrank sharply. In his sight, he was in a state of awkwardness, and the figure of his lost arm was suspended there.


"Not dead." Staring at Wutongtian in the distance, Li Batian's heart was cool. Although Wutongtian lost an arm and his breath faded a lot, he realized that there was only one way to stay.


With a strong sense of weakness in his body, Li Batian waved his wings and fled without hesitation.


Just fled a few hundred meters away, a strong breath from behind to catch up with him. He was too weak to hide. He was hit in the back by the fierce sword, and the force of the collision shot him down from the air.


When he fell to the ground, Li Batian burst out a mouthful of blood with a flash of despair in his eyes. At this moment, he had no ability to escape, and the only remaining mental fighting skills could not kill the raging Wutong sky.


A black shadow flashed in the air, and Wutongtian appeared above Li Ba.


The biological destroyer just now, though it failed to kill him, has lost him an arm. In addition, the destructive breath contained in the black light beam invades his body along the wound. Even after dispelling the destructive breath, it will also damage his own fundamentals. In the future, if we want to break through and repair, it will change. It's very slim. It's very likely that I'll be stuck in the embarrassing situation in the early stage of my life.


All of this is because of the Warcraft in front of us. If the hatred for Li Batian before Utongtian was only the killing of his grandson Ulu, then now his hatred for Li Batian is as strong as a river. I wish I could eat my meat and drink my blood.


"Dead!" Almost roaring shout, Wutongtian sword in the field of convergence to his left hand, into a sword, cut off against Li Batian.


"Are you going to die? I didn't expect to die here just after I came to magic civilization." Feeling the lethal breath of the sword, Li Batian felt deeply powerless.


"How could it be, no, how could it be!" Closing his eyes to be killed, he suddenly heard Wu Tongtian's sharp and frightened scream.


Open your eyes violently. What appeared in his sight was the dark sky full of black flames. In an instant, both Wutongtian and his fields were engulfed by black flames.


Looking at the empty air, Li Batian was stunned in place. After a while, he was able to react. I remember leaving the graveyard of the gods. Three Hellhounds broke into a black flame inside themselves.


Three Hellhounds had said that at that time. This black flame can save one's life at a critical moment.


Perhaps it was the cemetery of the gods that shocked him so much that he gradually forgot the black flame of the three Helldogs. Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, the black flame actually saved one of its own.


Out of the shadow of death, Li Batian lay feebly on the ground, staring at the sky, panting heavily.


While Li Batian was happy for the rest of his life after the robbery, the palace far away from the Wujin Empire was a mess of porridge.


In the ancestral hall of Wujin Empire, some important imperial figures, such as some gifted figures of Wutongtian, and emperors of past dynasties will leave a life card here to determine whether it is safe or not. This is a custom handed down from the ancestors.


On this day, the Ming Pai belonging to Wutongtian changed abnormally. The Ming Pai cracked, and the spiritual power of the seal collapsed instantly, which made the old generation of the Royal guardians of the ancestral Ling Tang startled.


We should know that Gong Dao Wutongtian is a person of great significance to the whole Wujin Empire. As a saint-class strong man, although he can not participate in the wars between countries at will, it is a good threat to the Gong Dao Wutongtian, which makes other countries around him dare not invade freely.


Moreover, there are loopholes in any regulation, let alone such unwritten regulations, so the existence of Wutongtian, a saint-class strong man, will bring the prosperity of the present Ujin Empire. Otherwise, it will be enough for the Ujin Empire to have a headache just because other countries around it are covetous.


It is such an important person, such a saint-class strong man, but the life card suddenly cracked, all these show the fact that Wu Tongtian died.


The death of Utongtian plunged the whole Ujin Empire into a tense situation and blocked the news of Utongtian's death. For them, it would take a day to delay until their empire cultivated new saints and powerful people, and then they could pass the vacuum period.


Naturally, Li Batian did not know anything about the Wujin Empire. After recovering some strength, he immediately left the battlefield to avoid inviting other enemies again.


In fact, his worries are superfluous. For the present Ujin Empire, let alone take the initiative to revenge, he is afraid of killing the powerful of Utongtian to come to the Ujin Empire. That would be a disaster for the whole Ujin Empire.


Finding a relatively safe place, Li Batian began to recover from injury and consumption.


In a twinkling of an eye, two days later, with super resilience, he finally raised his own state to the top. Not only that, after the battle of life and death, he found that his practice seemed to have improved a little.


Since the transformation of the recycling fluid, the star power in Li Ba's body began to absorb the star power niche contained in the air automatically. Unfortunately, without the skill of practice, he can't practise it independently, and the growth rate is a bit pitiful.


"Well, it seems that I have to find the skills that suit the power of the stars in my body, otherwise it will be very difficult for me to achieve anything in my life." Thinking of Li Batian's distress, he shook his head, took out the map he had gotten before, and thought about his next journey.


The miracle forest is a natural barrier between the human Empire and the orc empire, which prevents the two major races from frequent large-scale battles.


Now Li Batian is located in the center of the miracle forest. I don't know whether the Gongdao is due to the relationship between the miracle forest and the special geographical position. Since the miracle forest lost its miracle, the holy Warcraft in the forest has disappeared, which has reduced the forest from the original dangerous level to several levels.


It is precisely because the miracle forest does not have the relationship of the Holy warcraft, and a trade channel has been opened in the miracle forest. It is considered that the human Empire and the orc Empire have few links and trade exchanges.


There are a lot of meat and minerals in the orcs. These are just what we need here. The magic props and refined weapons of human beings, as well as other rare things, are also very popular items of the orcs.


It is precisely because of this demand of both sides that two rival races will not be blocked in the face of the trade of businessmen. Instead, they will be encouraged to trade, so long as they do not violate the laws of both sides, they will be protected accordingly.


Of course, although there are no holy Warcraft in the miracle forest, there are not a few seven or eight levels of warcraft, and the really dangerous area is not the miracle forest center, that is, the position of the miracle forest, but the forest that spreads to the direction of the orcs.


The orcs have a good relationship with the Warcraft clan, so no strong orcs enter the miracle forest to kill the warcraft, which leads to the strong Warcraft stand in the forest near the orcs.


"It looks like I have to go from the merchant's trade routes to the orcs." Staring at the map in front of him, Li Batian said to himself.


He is not afraid of Warcraft below the Holy level, but if he encounters a large group of warcraft, or a group of Warcraft like Thunderbird and Firebird, there is still a great danger, there is no need to make fun of his own small life.


On maps, there are various colors, green for safety, yellow for relatively dangerous areas, and red for extreme danger.


In addition to the miracle forest outside is green, most of the other are yellow, the forest near the orcs is a red, only the commercial roads opened by businessmen are marked with yellow.


Of course, it does not say that the channel opened by businessmen is protected by any powerful niches, but that the channel has been passed by caravans almost all the year round. After years of killing and fighting, there are few warriors in the area around the channel, and naturally it is much safer.


Putting up the map, Li Batian set off for the commercial corridor. His destination was the orc territory opposite the forest.


In addition to the fact that the Orc Territory is more suitable for his current situation, there is another reason why he has to go.


At the beginning, the phantom animal God asked him to make a pledge, the content is to let him guard the fox race in the orc race, help the fox race survive the disaster in the critical moment, so that the fox race will not be exterminated, in addition to looking for a fox descendant, will teach the spirit of war skills to the fox race.


The content of the oath is very broad, which is also the reason why Li Batian promised to come down without hesitation. For him, only need to help the fox tribe as far as possible in ten years, so that the fox tribe will not be exterminated, even if it is the fulfillment of the original promise.


The commercial road corridor is not too far from the location of Li Batian. It took only one day to get to the location of the commercial road corridor.


Looking at the spacious passage opened up in the forest, Li Batian could not help but admire himself, which requires a considerable amount of human and material resources to open up.


Of course, Li Batian did not foolishly advance on the road of commerce. It is estimated that once he meets the caravan, he will be mistaken for a predatory warcraft.


After a quick shuttle through the forest around the commercial road, he found a group of caravans heading for the Orcish territory as well.


"That's the Orc. There's the gene of the beast in the body." Hidden in a tree, Li Batian looked curiously at a group of people who were stopping to rest at the edge of the commercial road.


They are all tall and powerful men, with an average height of more than two meters. They have beast lines on their faces and two large sharp curves on their heads. They are full of rage. (To be continued...