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第二百一十九章 祖地神像!

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On the opposite side of Li Batian and Rezat, the old Tauren patriarch with vicissitudes of face and late breath was sitting in a tray, with muddy eyes annotating Li Batian and Rezat.


"Rezatt, no one else exists now. You should be able to accept the Warcraft brothers around you." The old head of the Tauren clan smiled calmly.


The old patriarch, not that I refused to explain in advance, but that God made adults not want their identity to let too many people know the niche, so let me hide it first and ask the elder patriarch to atone for it.


"What, angel!" The old patriarch, who had a calm look, suddenly changed his face and rose from his seat. The old bent body stood upright and straight. A momentum surged up from him, which made the opposite Regat feel strongly suffocated.


"How powerful!" Feeling the momentum, Rezat thought in horror.


He knows that the old patriarch of Gongdao is very strong, but he did not expect to be so strong. At this moment, the old patriarch's momentum bursts out, which makes him feel like a kind of high mountain. If he is allowed to look up to the old patriarch in front of him, there is no chance of winning at all, it is estimated that he will be killed instantly.


"Hum!" Li Batian gave a cold hum and showed his true body without any weakness. The surge seemed to be inclusive, but it contained a trace of pure destruction to the momentum emitted by the old patriarch. The two powerful momentum collided.


There were no roaring explosions or violent waves, but Rezat was in the middle of two momentum. But there is a sense of being torn apart.


The surging old patriarch looked at Li Batian in the opposite direction with a sparkle in his eyes. His pupils shrank sharply when he saw the striking star-colored hair and the star-like pattern on his chest.


Looking at the old patriarch, Li Batian was secretly relieved. The strength of the old patriarch in front of him was very strong, but he could surely not reach the sacred level under his induction. As long as he entered the sacred level, even if there was a conflict, he was not afraid at all.


After a brief hesitation. The old patriarch took back the momentum of release. Looking at Li Batian with a complicated look, he said with a slightly respectful attitude: "Sir, the identity of the envoy is of great importance and must be recognized by the gods of the ancestral land. Your Excellency is also invited to go to my ancestral land with me. In order to determine your identity.


Li Batian has many guesses in his heart. He was stunned when he heard what he said. He didn't realize that the so-called angel had such a saying.


According to his judgment, there are two possibilities. The first is that the elder patriarch acknowledges his status as a divine envoy. The second possibility is to see what flaws exist and expose his false envoy. He never thought there would be a third situation.


Li Batian's heart shriveled slightly in the face of the old patriarch's bright and divine eyes, but now he has to shoot arrows on the string. Besides, he is also interested in the so-called ancestral land, where he may be able to unravel the similarities between himself and the so-called gods.


"In that case, Your Excellency the patriarch will lead the way." After stabilizing his mind for a while, Li Batian's eyes were indifferent.


When Li Batian opened his mouth to speak, the pupils of the elder clan shrank for a moment. In general, only the holy Warcraft could speak in the niche. It was obvious that Li Batian's Xiuwei had not reached the Holy level.


"Sir, please follow me." The old patriarch was also a person who had seen storms and storms, and soon calmed down. He rushed out of the door in a dark shadow and flew away in the distance.


Glancing at the nearby Rezatt, Li Batian's star twinkling, also disappeared in place to follow up.


"Hoo hoo!" It wasn't until the two of them completely disappeared that Rezatt was breathing. His back clothes were soaked with sweat. The strong feeling made him feel extremely powerless.


"I must become stronger. Even if I lose an arm, I must strive to be as strong as the elder patriarch and the angel of God." Sitting on the ground, Rezat's heart cried unyieldingly, bursting out with a strong fighting spirit that had never been seen before.


However, Li Batian left the house after the old patriarch. They left the Katel Tauren tribe very quickly, and no Tauren found them in the whole process.


Leaving the tribe, the speed of the old patriarch's figure soared instantly. There was still a little old man's appearance. The speed made Li Batian wonder secretly.


The old patriarch ahead advanced at full speed. The whole man was like an angry old cow. He seemed to be clumsy in every step, but he moved forward as fast as he could in an inch.


During the run, the elder clan leader glanced at the rear. In his sight, Li Batian turned into a star. He was still following him slowly and carelessly. The casual appearance did not show full speed obviously, which made the elder clan feel shaken.


Rezatt, who had been in the tribe for almost all his time, was not comparable to Rezatt in both experience and wisdom. Although Li Batian's appearance and the pattern of the stars in front of his chest were similar to those of the angels, he did not really believe it.


The emergence of angels is absolutely crucial for the orcs as a whole. Even if it is true, it is impossible to appear so casually. Especially, Li Batian's strength makes the elders vigilant. The idea of exploring Li Batian's strength inevitably exists in the full-speed progress.


But if you let him know Gong Dao, Li Batian's speed is less than half that of his full speed at the moment. Even the saints can't cope with his rapid attack, they are expected to spit old blood in depression.


Shuttling in the barren field, Li Batianyue is more and more doubtful, and even some doubts about whether the elder clan leader has seen that he is a fake, or that the so-called ancestral God does not exist at all, just a tentative.


With all kinds of guesses, Li Batian carefully followed the elders of the old clan, neither too close nor too far away, and made full use of super-strong mental force to sense the surrounding situation.


The so-called heart of harm is indispensable, and the heart of defense is indispensable. Especially in the niche of magic civilization, it is totally man-made. I am fish, naked forest law. Without enough strength and vigilance, I will die unconsciously.


On the way, Li Batian was very careful, but did not find any suspicions. Soon they came to a barren ruins, in which there was a peculiar fluctuation. Li Batian felt the peculiar pressures immediately, as if he were a spiritual whip, which made people unconsciously feel awed. (To be continued...

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