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第二百一十六章 兽神使者!

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The whole process took place in an instant, not to mention that the dead trainer Mike had no time to respond. Everyone was in the same place, especially those belonging to the Skeleton Burglars Regiment. I can't believe that the trainer Mike was killed instantly, even without time.


When everyone reacted from the shock, they were shocked to find that a strange-looking bear, a star-like hair, crystal sharp horns on the head and a starry pattern on the chest appeared in their sight, showing mystery and nobility.


Next to him, the trainer Mike died, waking up from his control, growling and crawling on the ground in awe.


From the body of the strange bear warcraft, it feels a noble and strong pressure, which is not only the pressure of strength, but also the pressure of blood level.


"Why, Captain Mike was killed by this Warcraft."


"No, Captain Mike has been killed. Let's run, or we'll all die here."


With Mike's sudden death, all the thieves were horrified. Faced with the mysterious and powerful bear warcraft, they had no courage to start, shouting and fleeing in fear.


The bizarre bear Warcraft that appears on the battlefield is naturally Li Batian, who is intentionally killing. After solving the problem of trainer Mike, he did not stop. He glanced at the fleeing thieves and disappeared in place in the instant of his body turning into a star.


"Ah ah!" The fleeing thieves uttered a sad scream and a starlight shuttled through the crowd. Wherever he passed, a vicious burglar lay dead on the ground. In a twinkling of an eye, all the burglars who had suffered heavy casualties in the Tauren troop died on the ground.


For a time, there was a silence in the commercial corridor, and the air was full of blood. The captain of the Tauren seemed unable to feel the pain of his arm. He was shocked when he looked at Li Batian. The other Tauren also held their breath in horror, as if they were afraid that their breathing would disturb Li Batian if they breathed too loudly.


To get rid of all the thieves, Li Batian finally breathed a sigh of relief, as for the dead trainer Mike. He didn't look at it at all.


That's how trainer Mike is. Relying entirely on the driving beasts, and the protective shield generated by his magic props, for Li Batian, whose combat effectiveness almost made the saintly strong fall, appears fragile.


"Pop!" Just as Li Batian was about to turn around and leave. The sound of the collision sounded. Looking around, Captain Tauren fell on his knees.


"Thank the beast angel for saving lives. The Tauren Rezatt is here to pay his most pious respects!! ____________ The captain of the Tauren knelt excitedly and cried out, looking pious as if he were facing the gods he believed in.


The rest of the Tauren have no idea what is going on, but out of trust in Tauren captain Rezat. As well as the display of Li Batian's strong strength, they all fell on their knees and shouted aloud after Rezat.


They shouted piously on this side, but Li Batian was somewhat confused on the other side. Compared with the Tauren fighters, he did not know exactly what was going on.


"Master, the Tauren may mistake you for an angel of the animal God and come to save them." The words of ice crystal resounded in my mind, waking up the confused Li Batian.


"The herald of the animal god, how can he become the herald of the animal God for no reason?" Li Batian was somewhat shocked. He did not understand what was wrong with Tauren Captain Rezat.


The Tauren are honest and honest, but they are not foolish and have no brains. If a Warcraft comes out and kills the thieves, they will think that they are the messengers of animal gods. This is simply unreasonable.


Curiosity, coupled with the fact that he is now in the niche of magical civilization, his understanding of the outside world is too limited. Even if he enters the territory ruled by the orcs, it is a troublesome thing not to be excluded and disturbed. Now Tauren Captain Rezatt undoubtedly gives him a chance.


Anyway, with the strength of Rezat and others, it is impossible to disadvantage him, even if the niche is the most clear that he wanted to leave, it is also an easy thing for him.


"Get up!" Staring at a group of Tauren kneeling on the ground, Li Batian's spiritual power surged, and the loud voice rang in their minds.


Li Batian's spiritual strength can even hurt the spirit of the saint-class strong, almost equal to the general saint-class strong, released the spiritual pressures, so that a group of Tauren have a kind of illusion of facing the god.


"Thank God for making your excellency!" Tauren captain Rezat responded with fear and excitement. He was not surprised by Li Batian's spiritual transmission. In his opinion, it was the power of God's envoy.


A group of Tauren rose from the ground one by one, looking at Li Batian with awe and worship. If the former Tauren fighters were still doubting the identity of the angel of Li Batian, after feeling the strong pressure from the spirit, they all dispelled the original idea.


The eyes swept through the scars. Several of the Taurens were seriously injured. Li Batian's mind moved slightly and connected with the ice crystal in his mind.


Soon, with Li Ba's claws waving, a green light shot out of him and exploded in mid-air into a SKY-GREEN raindrop.


The green light of rain touched the startled tauren. The injured Tauren felt refreshed. They only suffered some skin injuries and recovered in an instant. The situation of the seriously injured Taurens was much better, even the leader of the tauren, Leizart, suffered. The severely injured left arm also stopped bleeding.


There was a cry of surprise from the Bull-Head crowd, and the awe in Li Batian's eyes became more intense, which seemed to them to be a miracle.


As a race of magic civilization, the Tauren do not know magic, but they do not know some knowledge of magic. Just now Li Batian just lifted the paw of a bear, and there is no magic fluctuation. The magic displayed is not any attribute. In their view, only miracles can explain it.


Feeling the eyes of the Niutou crowd, Li Batian laughed in his heart. What he had just done was not a miracle, but a new vitality niche in the biological space.


Since the bones of ancient stars and giants were put into the biological space, with the constant absorption of niches in the bones, great changes have taken place in the biological space. Not only has the space area increased by leaps and bounds, but also the law niches contained in them have become more perfect. This dynamic niche is the change of biological space. The embodiment of transformation.


Of course, compared with the strength of life or vitality, this kind of strength is still very weak, can only play a surface repair effect, but it is also a very good niche beginning, the future will grow to what extent, even Li Batian himself can not judge.


Two consecutive miraculous acts filled Li Batian's heart with awe by a group of tauren, who truly regarded him as a messenger of the gods.


In fact, for the general practitioners, the saintly powerful are just like the existence of a god. Li Batian's strength is not much different from that of the saintly powerful, even if he really acts as the messenger of God, it is not impossible.


After a brief tidy-up, they placed the seriously injured in the car and immediately left the bloody area.


Without fighting and violent fluctuations, the strong smell of blood is the most delicious temptation for Warcraft. Soon this area was occupied by a group of Warcraft, swallowed and fought. After a few hours, there were only bloodstains left on the road, even the bones were not left behind.


Along the road, Li Batian also narrowed down his body and crawled on the back of the ground raging bear, while the ground raging bear was a gentle mount.


After a simple treatment of the wound next to the Tauren Captain Rezat, his eyes glanced at the ground rage bear under Li Batian, showing a trace of awe and longing.


There is an angry word in the name of the earth rage bear. It does not exist only because the earth magic is like the anger of the earth, but also because the bear is so bad-tempered that he will be angry if he does not move.


It's hard to tame a creature like Ground Angry Bear unless it's forcibly controlled, like previous trainer Mike.


And it's the irascible ground raging bear who meets Li Batian like a kitten, which, according to Rezatt, is also one of the powerful powers of the God Envoy.


Along the way, Li Batian knocked sideways and asked some questions about the Tauren and the orcs as a whole. Of course, there were also stories about the animal messengers.


Li Batian has been identified in his heart as the herald of the beast god, Leizart, who knows everything about Li Batian's inquiry. He has told all the things he knows about the Gong Tao, even the secrets of some tribes, so that Li Batian knows a lot about the mystery of the orcs.


After some questioning, Li Batian finally understood what Tauren Captain Rezat would think of himself as a beast messenger, thanks to his image at the moment.


According to Rezatt, there have been several animal emissaries in the history of the Orcs, and every animal emissary has star-like hair, whether in human form or animal form, but in the last thousand years, there has been no animal emissary.


Of course, Rezat was not only judged by the color of his hair, but also by the stars on his body, which made him believe that Li Batian was the messenger of the animal god.


Getting this kind of information beyond his imagination, Li Batian's heart emerged with a strange feeling, if all this is just coincidence, it is a bit hard to say, which made him doubtful and curious about the identity of the so-called animal messenger. (To be continued...

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