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第二百一十四章 血骷髅盗贼团!

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In the blink of an eye, the wolves that surrounded a group of Tauren fighters were left behind by the bombardment.


Li Batian observed that the blow alone was enough to kill nearly a hundred devil wolves. Knowing that Gongdao's bull fighters'revision is not very high, such combat effectiveness is already terrible.


"The trampling of a fierce war is indeed a tactic of the so-called king of war." Li Batian, who sees everything in his eyes, sighs in his heart.


Before, I learned from the ice crystal mouth that the Tauren's talent, war trampling, in large-scale war has terrible power, you can imagine tens of thousands of Tauren fighters, together with the implementation of war trampling scene, it is just like the ocean riots rolling waves.


Unless they have the ability to fly into the air to escape like the saints, they will face the terrible shock wave, which is a disaster-like talent, called the king of war by the human empire.


That is to say, the natural ability of the Tauren is trampled by war, which is the king's ability of war.


Of course, this statement was also intentionally made by the human empire in order to arouse the dissatisfaction of other Orc tribes, but the result was disappointment. Such rumors did not make the Orc Empire incompatible, but enhanced the reputation of the Orc Empire.


The Tauren are in the orc community, both in overall strength and in the number of individual strongmen. It is by virtue of their ability to trample on the war that they are able to sit steadily in the ranks of the eight main fighting races, and there is no objection from other races. After all, the existence of war tramples is important for the entire Orc empire.


The Tauren soldiers who had been trampled by war with their natural abilities changed their passivity and showed great destructive power. After trampling, they rushed up with great axes and turned from passivity to initiative, taking advantage of the unstable flying position of the wolves.


The devil wolves who have been trampled by the war have lost all their ferocity. In the face of the bull fighters who roar up, they are simply unilateral slaughter. In an instant, dozens of devil wolves fled. All the other wolves were killed on this road.


Released the combat state, the Tauren fighters show exhaustion one by one, the trampling of war is very powerful in group warfare, and the consumption of the Tauren is terrible. With their present strength, they will be able to exert themselves once in a short time. This is also the reason why they were reluctant to carry out war trampling before Gong Shi.


"Clean up the battlefield as fast as possible. We must get out of here as soon as possible!" As the leader of the Tauren Captain, he gasped for a few breaths and ordered the other Tauren under his command.


A group of Taurens immediately got busy. Remove the core from the wolf and arrange a passage for the body to be removed.


Just as they were about to finish their busy work, a sharp wolf roar sounded again. With the breath of rage, a Wolf King, who was much bigger than other Wolves, flew out of the woods. The blue light on his body showed that it was a Wolf King of wind system.


Wolf King's strength is not too strong, only six levels, but it is not this wind Wolf King that really attracts the attention of a group of Tauren fighters, but a middle-aged man sitting on its back, emitting a strong wave of magic from the middle-aged man.


A group of Tauren just alerted to prepare for defense, around the line of sight rushed out dozens of human figures, each body emitted a strong blood evil spirit, is obviously some long-standing killing, killing like numbness of executioners.


The leader of the Tauren captain glanced at the middle-aged man who was sitting in the wind and the dozens of human beings around him. His pupils contracted sharply and he gazed at a blood-red skull badge worn on their chest.


"Blood Skeleton Thieves!" The Tauren captain took a breath of cool air and murmured incredibly to himself.


"Unexpectedly, you know our blood skeleton band. Since you know our identity, you should obediently deliver the goods you deliver to us, so you may be lucky to leave a life, otherwise you Tauren will die here today." The middle-aged man sitting on the back of the Windy Wolf King sneered.


Hearing the cold drinks of middle-aged men, there was anger on the face of the bull-head. For the simple and honest Bull-Head people, only standing dead, not kneeling to live.


"Well, you should be Mike, the trainer of the Skeleton Burglars. You guys want to take our supplies too. It's not clear who will die or who will survive." Captain Tauren's eyes sparkled with murderous, unhesitating anger.


"Well, I know who I am and I'm so arrogant that it looks like you're trying to find your own way." Mike, the trainer sitting on the back of the Wind Wolf King, grinned grimly and waved his wand suddenly. A wave of magic emerged from the wand.


"roar!" With two violent roars, a violent breath emerged, and two fierce Warcraft flew from the woods to reveal their huge shape.


"Split ape, ground rage bear!"


Seeing these two warcraft, the self-confident Tauren captain could not help exclaiming, and his face became a little ugly.


Cracked apes and Ground Angry Bears may not be very threatening to others, but for the tauren, they can be said to exist as negatives.


These two Warcraft ranks are at the level of seven. It is reasonable to say that Captain Tauren's revision is at the top of the level seven. Faced with these two Warcraft, it is not without the strength of World War I.


Only the great power of the split ape makes it impossible for the Tauren who are good at strength to compete with it, and the local magic of the ground rage bear has a certain degree of restraint on the war trampling carried out by the tauren. With the existence of two of them, the Seven-level top Tauren captain is also difficult to resist.


Once the Tauren captain loses the battle, the other Tauren fighters are unable to cope with the vicious blood skeleton bandits around them.


"Well, now I'll give you a chance at the end of the day. As long as you surrender, I can consider forgiving one of you. Otherwise, the two animals will take your lives." Mike smiled smugly, waved, and the controlled raging bear stepped forward, petting his head like a pet.


Li Batian, who had been watching the opera in the distance, could not help wrinkling his eyebrows and flashing a chill in his eyes.


"Well, we Tauren people, only standing alive and not kneeling to death, want our goods, we first step over our bodies." The captain of the Tauren drank resolutely, without any hesitation in the whole process.


Not only the Tauren captain, but also the remaining Tauren fighters, as well as several Tauren elders, all held a look of oath to death in World War I, and no one retreated.


"What a bunch of taurens!" See here Li Batian's heart secretly admired, compared with the complex human mind and human nature, the current group of Tauren with wild animal gene, but let him appreciate, that forthright and straightforward personality also let him like.


Perhaps because of the long time contact with animals, Li Batian gradually liked this simple and direct way of getting along, not too many distortions, not to speculate about other people's ideas, not so many dark side.


"Well, since you want to die, brothers, give it to me and wipe out all the taurens." Trainer Mike looked coldly and waved his magic wand in his hand.


"Kill and kill!" Dozens of members of the Blood Skeleton Thieves Regiment, shouting bloodthirsty, rushed to the Tauren fighters waving weapons, each of whom was a long-time killer, killing for them is just like a regular meal.


Facing the thieves of the ferocious blood skeleton band, the Tauren fighters showed no weakness and roared and waved their axes, fighting with a group of thieves.


As the leader of the Tauren Captain, his eyes were fixed on the two Warcraft in front of him. For him, the two Warcraft were the most difficult to deal with.


"Even if we fight to death, we can't let the goods be stolen." In his heart, he thought to himself that the Tauren captain's heart was full of dead will, and his heart was completely open. His whole body emitted a concise and surging breath, and his muscles were bulging. The muscles of his arms were like twisted steel bars.


"Well, are you going to fight like hell, but it's all in vain." With a sneer from trainer Mike, the wand in his hand emitted a wave of magic. The two warcraft, which were standing quietly in front of him, immediately entered the state of battle and roared like puppets.


Cracked apes took the lead in rushing to the Tauren Captain, a pair of strong body-length claws, the bottom of the sea to catch the Tauren Captain like the moon.


"Huh, Manniu!" The captain of the Tauren shouted loudly, bursting out with a strong energy, holding the battle axe in both hands to meet the cleft ape's claws.




When the axe collided with the claw, the captain of the Tauren and the split ape swayed violently, almost half a kilogram, and no one took advantage of it.


We should know that the captain of the Gongdao Tauren is better than the cracked ape in his revision. In addition, he bursts out with the manhood of practice and has great strength. He can't even take advantage of the cracked ape in the face of it, which is enough to show the strength of the cracked ape.


Of course, it does not mean that the split ape is so terrible. Despite his powerful niche, he does not have any means of long-range attack, and his flexibility is not so good. Once attacked from a long-range kite, it is almost a sandbag beaten. Unfortunately, the Tauren is born a fighter and attacked from a long-range. Poor means.


Captain Tauren and the split ape fight together, neither side can take much advantage of each other, and the leader of the Tauren dare not go all out, after all, there is a ground rage bear next to the existence, it is a demon beast that can perform earth magic, the threat to him is no less than the amazing number of split apes. (To be continued...

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