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第二百一十一章 最强的对决!

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With the determination to kill, Wu Tongtian no longer retains his strength. Li Batian's fighting power and spiritual fighting skills make him feel a little uneasy. Who knows what will happen if he continues to delay. Once he lets Li Batian escape, it will be a disaster for the whole Wujin Empire. 。


Wutongtian in the field of exhibition is quicker and quicker, and the field of sword spirit is sending out a thrilling breath to Li Batian. He knows that Wutongtian has gone all out and that if he makes a slight mistake, he will usher in the call of death.


"In that case, that's it." Li Batian's eyes flashed once and for all, the power of stars in his body surged and spread into his body.


With the integration of the power of the stars, Li Batian's body began to emit light starlight, and a strange starlight Rune appeared on the surface of his skin, which he did not even notice. The surging sense of strength surged into his mind.


Bio-armor also emerged, wrapped around his body, and the sharp claw blade more than one meter long was ejected from the claw position, which mobilized all the force niches that could be mobilized.


"Let me see how strong the field of the Sacred Order is." Li Batian's eyes flashed with madness. He was a battle madman himself. The stronger his opponent was, the more he could arouse his fighting spirit. His figure also changed from the limb state of wild animals to the standing form of human beings, which was more suitable for his next battle.


Noticing the change of Li Batian, Wu Tongtian did not pay much attention to it. In his opinion, once he exerted all his efforts, Li Batian had to die obediently. However, he was shocked by the result. Before he rushed to Li Batian, Li Batian in front of him disappeared instantly.


"What, is this space magic? No, even if it is space magic, there should be magic fluctuations. What's the matter?" Looking at the emptiness ahead, Wutong could not respond to it for a while, and at that moment a dark shadow appeared over his body.


"Gravity Starlight Axe!" With a soft drink, a huge starlight axe with a yellowish glow came down in fury. Terrible force bombarded the sword field around Wutongtian body.


In the horrific eyes of Wutongtian. Gravity Starlight Axe is hard to tear apart the outer protection of the field, carrying a huge force of terror head-on.


"Damn it!" Wu Tongtian shouted angrily, the sword in the field of sword gas burst out, and the surging sword gas surged like tide to the gravity star axe. In a twinkling of an eye, the gravitational star axe is submerged in the ocean of sword gas.


Under the impact of the swordsmanship ocean. Starlight axe is still two or three meters ahead. Only when it is more than a metre away from Wutong's skull, it can't resist the terrible sea of swordsmanship, and the yellowish light dissipates. The solid star axe collapsed in an instant and was cut to pieces by the sword.


Although ultimately the gravitational star axe could not hurt Wutong's talent, it scared Wutong's innocence and genuineness out of a cold sweat. Just now, the feeling was almost cut into two parts by the gravitational star axe.


Suddenly woke up, Wu Tongtian became angry, and thought that he was frightened by a Warcraft that had not yet reached the rank of the holy. Strong indignation and anger poured into his heart. The fierce sword burst out with him as the center and rushed toward the sky.


The speed of sword explosion is very fast, but Li Batian's speed is faster. His body fuses the power of stars. His physical strength niche rises sharply to the level of terror. It has reached the threshold of the Holy rank. With the assistance of the wing of heaven-shattering, the speed is not comparable to that of Wutongtian at all.


Li Batian, with high fighting spirit, has raised his speed and strength to the extreme, and has been attacking Utongtian from all sides.


In addition to the gravitational star axe, there are also the wind blade star axe, which uses the wind element to enhance the sharpness of the star axe to the extreme, and the violet star axe, which uses the magic of thunderbird's core to realize, to exert the destructive power of the axe to the extreme.


Every time Li Batian attacked, he tried his best to test the strength of the field from all directions, trying to break through the field and attack Wutongtian directly.


As a result, Li Batian was somewhat disappointed. He was unable to penetrate the field of sword gas with all his efforts. He was swallowed up by the sea of sword gas which broke out every time. It was only a metre away from Wutongtian's latest attack and could not hurt him at all.


Moreover, the closer to Wutongtian, the stronger the niche in the field is, and more niches are needed to break through. In addition, the niche in the field limits the application of psycho-warfare techniques, which makes Li Batian lose a magic weapon to win.


"There's no way but to use the last resort." With the twinkling stars on his body, Li Batian launched another attack on the field of Wutongtian, quickly pulled away from it, appeared in the mid-air beyond 100 meters, the biological destruction gun emerged behind, and the stars in his body poured into the biological destruction gun like tide.


All the way into the passive, it is impossible to launch an attack on the ultra-fast Li Batian in Wutongtian. Seeing that Li Batian finally stopped moving at a high speed, he thought that he was too physically exhausted to maintain such a high-speed movement, and rushed up decisively to launch an attack.


"Livestock, die for me." Shouting Wutongtian holding the sword, the sword in the field constantly converges on the sword, the breath of the sword is rapidly rising.


Just as Wu Tongtian was preparing to launch an attack, a terrible chill suddenly poured into his mind. In his sight, a black beam burst out from the barrel rising behind Li Batian's back, and a breath of destruction came upon his face.


"No!" Wu Tongtian roared in horror. At this moment, he felt the breath of death. The sword in his roaring hand waved out, bursting out with brilliant sword light, and chopped it on the jet black beam with all his strength.


Agglomerate the strength of the field, the power of nature is not in the words, but in the face of black beams full of destructive breath, it still seems a little fragile, only to resist a second, was devoured by destructive beams, and then directly into the field of Utopia.


The whole process is just blinking time, and by the time the blinking passes, the black light beam has penetrated the realm of Utopia.


"Huh, dead!" Panting with fatigued gruff breath, Li Batian secretly looked forward to it.


He has exhausted almost all of his strength after the attack that raised his speed and strength to the limit, plus a bio-destroyer with all his strength. At the moment, he is reluctant to fly in the air, but he is confident about the bio-destroyer he just launched. (To be continued...

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