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第二百一十章 精神战技针刺!

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In Wu Tongtian's view, Li Batian must have wanted to run away, but naturally he did not notice the place close to himself, especially in the woods under him. He subconsciously ignored him.


"Voice!" Five sounds burst into the air. The face of Wutong, who was looking for everywhere, changed slightly. Between the surge of magic fighting in his body, he was covered by a solid protective shield. Looking down, five swords flashing with different lights darted up.


Again, to Wu Tongtian's surprise, instead of directly attacking him, the Five Sky-breaking Swords occupied five positions around him and enveloped him in them.


"What's the situation?" Seeing here, Wu Tongtian was slightly shocked. After the death of his god-stricken horn, five heavenshaking swords condensed into five different swords with different attributes.


"Humph! Xuan Tian Chop!" Wu Tongtian snorted coldly, and his sword waved. A huge circular sword gas spread like light waves and bombarded five swords. The seemingly solid swordsmanship sword collapsed instantly.


Wu Tongtian was disdained by the fragility of the five powerful swords. Just now, he thought it was a great tactic, which turned out to be so vulnerable.


"What!" Suddenly, Wutong's face changed. The collapsed sword spirit changed into countless small sword spirit. Five different kinds of sword spirit mingled together, sending out a breath that made him feel threatened and destroyed, as if he could exterminate all the objects covered by the sword spirit.


"Five elements kill the niche array, hang me!" Below Li Batian's eyes in the cold light, drink spiritually to start the sword niche array, sending out a killing breath of the swordsmanship twisted up. It swallowed up the Wutongtian in which it was, and the swordsmanship storm strangled the Wutongtian madly.


Five elements kill the sword niche array produced a huge power of killing sword. The protective shield propped up by Wutong Heavenly Sacred Powerful was still unable to sustain under the killing of the sword gas for a long time, and was twisted into pieces in the blink of an eye.


When Li Batian controlled the killing sword and was ready to hang Wutongtian at one stroke, a terrible sword idea burst out from it, and then the dazzling sword spirit burst out. The battle of killing sword niches broke through a hole and Wutongtian turned into a black shadow flying out of it.


Escape from Wutongtian where Five Elements Kill Sword Niches. The ugly face is like purple eggplant. His clothes were torn in many places and he looked like a beggar.


"Damn the black bear, I'm going to crush you to pieces." Wu Tongtian roared angrily. Sword in hand. Terrible swords throttle on sharp swords. It has a frightening edge.


"Xuan Tian sword knack, Xuan Tian giant sword cut!"


In the blink of an eye, the original slender sword turned into a huge sword more than ten meters long. In the swing, Li Batian chopped down to the lower part of the niche, and his fierce swordsmanship was incomparable.


Li Batian's face changed slightly, and his figure turned into a star shining away where he had just been.


"Boom!" The swordsmanship of the giant sword swept away, instantly destroying the tree Li Batian had just stood on, cutting a ravine off the ground.


"Well, I'll see when you can hide." Wu Tongtian sneered, but now he did not intend to kill Li Batian immediately. He wanted to make fun of him and get out of his bad mood. He was confident that even if Li Batian wanted to escape, it would be useless.


The swordsmanship continued to swing, and Mount Tai was surging like a crest. This time, Li Batian's position was even locked, causing a huge drag in the air.


"See if your swordsmanship is strong, or my swordsmanship is strong." Being aware of the changes around his body, Li Batian gave up the idea of continuing to dodge, and then continued to dodge, only to let himself fall into passivity.


"Five elements kill the niche array, five swords in one, the sword of killing."


Five sky-shattering swords fly to Li Ba's body, colliding with each other and fusing, emitting a brilliant multicoloured light, and a surging sense of killing swords surges out.




The Xuan Tian sword swung by Wutongtian was blocked. An equally huge sword with the intention of killing sword appeared in the sky of Li Batian.


"Sword of Killing, Kill Me!" Li Batian shouted loudly, and the huge sword of killing surged. Under his control, he rushed straight to Wutongtian above.


Originally, Li Batian could only carry out the first level of the five elements killing the sword niche array, but after the experience of the divine array, his spiritual strength rose sharply, coupled with the training of spiritual warfare techniques, he had greatly improved his spiritual control. The control of the five elements killing the sword niche array was also greatly enhanced, and he realized that the five elements killing the second level of the sword niche array. Layer change.


"Xuan Tian sword knack, Xuan Tian line cut!" Wu Tongtian's eyes are fierce, the surging sword spirit in his hand condenses instantly, and a terrible breath of extreme compression spreads out. With the swing of the sword, a line-like sword spirit tears the sky.


The sword of annihilation collides with the line of Xuan Tian in mid-air. The two force niches are rigid in mid-air. The extremely compressed line of Xuan Tian is cut. The blade of the sword is full of tearing force niches. It wants to tear the sword of annihilation into two halves.


The spirit of the sword of extermination is full of the power of strangling and destroying, constantly destroying the tearing power niche of the Xuan Tian line, neither side can help anybody for a while.


Wutong sky looks ugly in mid-air. If the opponent is a saint-class strong man, he can accept his way of resisting. The opponent is only a Warcraft whose strength has not yet reached the saint-class level. He has just carried the powerful line of Xuan Tian in his sword formula, which makes him a little unacceptable.


Wu Tongtian, in a bad mood, shook his sword in his hand. He was preparing to break the sword of killing with all his strength. A strong sting suddenly appeared in his mind. Ah! "The sudden pain made the unprepared Wutongtian utter a tragic cry, and when he was distracted, the sword of destruction surged, destroying the Xuantian line and heading straight to the mid-air Wutongtian screaming pain.


Below Li Batian's eyes are shining with silver light, controlling the sword of killing to cut to Wutongtian, which is an opportunity for him to seriously hurt or even kill Wutongtian. Once he misses the opportunity, it becomes very difficult to find it again.


"Boom!" Seeing that the sword of killing is about to hit Wutongtian, suddenly a huge exclusive force niche erupted suddenly from Wutongtian. The sudden strength niche caught Li Batian by surprise, so that the sharpness of the sword of killing and the intent of killing the sword could not be resisted at all.


The sword of extermination was bombed, and the collapse was replaced by five dazzling swords. Under the control of Li Batian, the sword of extermination flew behind him and became the wing of the sky.


"This is the realm of the saintly and powerful!" Between the waves of the broken wings, Li Batian quickly opened the distance and looked at the Wutong sky in the mid-air ahead with a shocked look.


Around Wutongtian's body, a visible fluctuation of energy surges, sending out a terrifying breath, which makes Li Batian feel a strong sense of threat.


The Utongtian in the holy field is like two people in the absence of Utongtian in the exhibition field. If the former Utongtian gave him a dangerous degree of five, the dangerous degree of Utongtian in the exhibition field has soared to nine.


In the protection of the field of Wutongtian, fiercely open their eyes, a pair of eyes in the surge of fury, the whole person is like a fierce beast of anger.


It's a great irony to Utongtian, who is a powerful warrior, to be forced out of the realm and almost killed.


"Animals, what you have just done is spiritual warfare. What have you got in the battle of God?" Angry all over the sky, suppress the anger of the heart, eyes gloomy drink.


As he spoke, the area around his body began to change, and a sharp sword filled the whole field, instantly turning into an aggressive sword field.


Hearing Wu Tongtian's inquiry, Li Batian's mouth was full of a sneer. The preciousness of spiritual warfare skills, even the saint-class strong like Wu Tongtian, could not help but heartbeat.


Just when Wu Tongtian was preparing to defeat the sword of breaking the sky, he displayed his mental warfare skills and needling in time.


Acupuncture is a tactical skill in the second level of changing form. As its name implies, it compresses mental power into a steel needle. Attacking the enemy's spiritual consciousness will cause sharp pain in the enemy's mind in a moment, but it is very difficult to kill or strike the enemy in a moment.


After all, spiritual power is different from human body. Human body penetration will definitely cause serious injury, but spiritual penetration is only intense pain. If we want to eliminate the enemy's spiritual power, large-scale attack is more powerful.


The reason why Li Batian chose this spiritual warfare technology is not because of its powerful power, but because it is the most suitable for him now and the only spiritual warfare technology that can influence the saint-class strong.


First of all, his spiritual strength is not enough for the saint-class strong. If he chooses the spiritual warfare technology with large attack area, it will not have any impact on Wutongtian. On the contrary, the spiritual warfare technology of needling seems to have little effect and can not cause a devastating blow to the enemy's spirit.


However, as just now, a moment at a critical moment is enough to play an important role in changing the situation.


"If you want to acquire mental combat skills, it also depends on whether you have that ability." Staring at Wutongtian, Li Batian opens his way coldly.


"What, you can talk." Hearing Li Batian's words, Wutong's face changed slightly, and his fear of Li Batian was even better.


In the world of warcraft, there are some Warcraft who can speak before the Holy level. Besides some gifted warcraft, there are also some Warcraft families, or those who inherit the blood of holy or even divine warcraft. These Warcraft undoubtedly have a solid background.


"Well, whatever your status, you're going to die here today." These thoughts flashed through his mind, and Wu Tongtian's eyes were full of ferocious killing intentions. Now, even if Li Batian was a monster with great strength, he would never show mercy. Anyway, as long as he killed him, he would die without proof and nobody knew that he was responsible for the monster. (To be continued...

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