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第九十八章 扑朔迷离!

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Li Batian, who was crawling in the middle of the cave, suddenly struck a stimulus, waking up from his practice and turning his eyes to the position where the King of Wild Dogs was.


Not only he, but also the sleepy Black Bear King, a lazy bear rolling up from the ground, made a deep exclamation in his mouth, and looked into the dog King's beast pupils with a glimmer of fear.


The King of the Wild Dog, crawling there in sight, emits a faint black light, which gives people a strong sense of danger, full of the breath of death and darkness, making the King of the Black Bear feel creepy and instinctively want to stay away.


Signing for the Black Bear King to leave the cave, Li Batian pulled away from the Wild Dog King for a while and asked in his mind about the super intelligent evolutionary CP9, which seemed to be omniscient.


"Monkey wine purifies its body, and its strength has accumulated to a certain extent. It is supposed to activate the blood vessel ability of the ghostly immortal dog."


"You don't know what the blood capacity of the Undead Dog is." Li Batian continued to ask.


"The Ghost Undead Dog, like the Moon Bear, has various blood vessel abilities, so CP9 can't be judged in advance before the King of Wild Dog evolves blood vessel abilities."


Hearing the reply full of official flavor, Li Batian was somewhat helpless. For CP9, it was not 90% sure, and it would not be easy to judge.


With the passage of time, the black light emerging from the King of Wild Dogs became stronger and stronger, and the breath from the King of Wild Dogs became more and more terrible. The dense death and darkness filled the whole cave.


That is to say, Li Batian, as an ancient martial artist, is strong enough to stay in this cave full of death and darkness. Otherwise, the King of the Fire Apes would stand up in sweat. The instinctive choice is far away from the King of the Wild Dog at this moment.


Gradually, the King of the Wild Dog was almost completely covered by the black light, even the breath of death and darkness emanating from his body. At this moment, it also converged, there is a sense of returning to the original, waiting for the rebirth of the broken cocoon.


Now the King of Wild Dog is at a critical moment. Li Batian was going to defend the law for him here, but the news from Chu Tiger sounded in his mind.


"Unexpectedly, even with the delay of Chuhu, their speed is still so fast." As he muttered to himself, Li Batian frowned.


According to the news from Chuhu, they are not far from Giant Ape Mountain. If we move at full speed, it is estimated that it will take only one day to arrive.


"CP9, the state of King Wild Dog, how long will it take to break through smoothly."


Hearing Li Batian's inquiry, CP9 immediately responded, and a green light gushed out, enveloping the wild dog king with black light.


After a while, Li Batian's mind sounded the sound of CP9 machinery.


"In return, the King of Wild Dogs is in a very unstable state. If you want to break through smoothly, it will take at least two or three days.


"Two or three days!"


Repeated a sentence, Li Batian hesitated for a moment.


Previously, he wanted the King of Wild Dogs to deal with one of the elders of Guwu. In fact, he just wanted the King of Wild Dogs to delay his opponents with super resilience. In that case, not only will the King of Wild Dogs be in great danger, but he will have great difficulty in killing such ancient warriors as Chuxiong.


Once the King of the Wild Dog activates the ability of blood vessels, it uses CP9 to describe the blood vessels of the ghostly immortal dogs. Even have the ability to kill an ancient Wu elder, so that his pressure will be much weakened. Jihua's chances of success will also be greatly enhanced.


At present, Li Batian can only let Chuhu continue to delay as long as possible, preferably until the King of Wild Dog completes the activation of blood ability.


Chu Tiger, which has been seriously affected by puppet seeds. Facing Li Batian's command, we naturally try our best to accomplish it, but Chuxiong and other four ancient Wu elders are all mature characters. It's really a bit difficult to fool them, but it's only a half-day delay.


Just as Lu Qingshen and others approached Giant Ape Mountain quickly, in the opposite direction, a group of people dressed in different clothes from Cathaysia were also traveling between the mountains and forests at an alarming speed. The direction of their progress was also the location of Giant Ape Mountain.


Most of these people wear a knife and kimono around their waists, while a few wear a Ninja costume and are tightly wrapped up and down.


As long as they are Chinese, they can be recognized at a glance when they see the costumes of these people. They are all Japanese people across the sea from China.


Unlike ordinary Japanese, men with warrior knives around their waists are exuding murder.


The Japanese wearing Ninja costumes are full of dangerous breath, and they are not easy to provoke.


Where these Japanese people pass, the vicious beasts and monsters are all too frightened to act rashly, and they feel the lethal threat of the murderous and dangerous breath.


Especially for the first white-haired old man, the whole person is like a sharp knife, revealing a fierce and cold atmosphere.


Even the other Japanese people around him deliberately opened a distance with him and looked at him with deep awe.


On the other side, under the leadership of Chu Hu, Lu Qingshen and others finally arrived at Giant Ape Mountain, which they had been longing for for for a long time.


"This is Giant Ape Mountain."


A group of people landed on the crown of a big tree. Whampoa Qi looked ahead at the towering mountains and monkeys who could jump and run. A glittering path flashed through his eyes.


Chu Hu, standing behind him, sniffed and nodded. "Yes, this is Giant Ape Mountain. That Giant Ape King is in the valley of the back mountain."


"Haha, at last, it's arrived. Lu Qingshen hasn't done it for a long time, just to see how powerful that giant ape king is." Lu Qingshen, fiery-tempered and extremely belligerent, gripped a purple gold stick in his hand and laughed with a rising sense of war.


Whampuqi and others showed curiosity and longing even though they did not speak.


For every ancient martial artist, no matter how belligerent or not, there is a desire to fight in his heart, especially in order to get monkey wine, they have a strong desire.


Short-term observation, a group of people rushed to the giant ape mountain, everyone is rising with a strong sense of danger, along the way the monkeys simply did not dare to attack.


All the way to the back hill of Giant Ape Mountain with ease, jumped onto the crown of a big tree, and the hot Ape Valley appeared in their sight.


When the breeze blew, an attractive fragrance came from the ape valley. Lu Qingshen and others were inspired. The intoxicating sound made them feel like they were several years younger.


"It's monkey wine. It's absolutely the smell of monkey wine." Whampoa Qi, with profound knowledge, shouted excitedly. Facing the temptation of monkey wine, he could not keep his calm expression any longer.


For those of them who are stuck at the bottleneck of the flood peak for more than a decade, or even decades, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand the desire to break through.


Everyone in the place was excited, leaping up one by one and rushing quickly towards the ape Valley hundreds of meters ahead. (To be continued...


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