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第九十六章 幽冥不死犬!

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Running body suddenly stopped, Li Batian stood in place, his eyes showed a trace of amazement.


He went to the base of the Northeast Military Region just for revenge. He didn't realize that his actions shocked the Presbyterian Regiment and attracted all the four elders to the Changbai Mountains.


If the general public knows this situation, they will certainly be frightened to death. To know any one of the four elders, it is the existence of human-shaped nuclear weapons.


After a brief shock, Li Batian's eyes burst out with a frightening glow, and a sense of warfare rose from his body.


"Are they all here, or is it time to settle the old grievances?" As he muttered to himself, Li Batian's lips began to give a slightly crazy sneer.


He Li Batian would not have the slightest fear even if he faced four elders of Guwu League.


He was forced to explode himself, and although he did not die to regenerate a black bear, he remained stuck like a fish thorn, making him uncomfortable at all times. He could not wait to get rid of the fish thorn, but now it is a rare opportunity for him.


Having heard the news, Li Batian hastened to Xionggu. He was not afraid of the arrival of the four ancient Wu elders, but did not mean that he despised them. That would definitely lead to death.


As a former master of ancient martial arts, he knows more about the horror of the four ancient martial arts elders than ordinary people. Even in the heyday of that year, when fighting with any one of the four ancient martial arts elders, the winning rate will never exceed 50%.


The position of the elders of Guwu League is handed down from generation to generation, and the strength of each generation is the strongest. Whether it is the ancient martial arts practiced or the resources acquired, they are not comparable to the general ancient martial arts.


Although the revision of the four ancient Wu elders is also stuck in the peak of Qi and blood. With the understanding of martial arts, rich combat experience. And far beyond the general knowledge of ancient warriors, the real combat effectiveness is definitely not comparable to the general spirit and blood of ancient warriors at the peak of the flood.


According to the news from Chu Hu, this action is not only for four ancient Wu elders, but also for some accompanying personnel, all of whom are close disciples of the four ancient Wu elders. Everyone's strength will not be too weak.


Four Guwu elders alone are difficult enough, and the accompanying disciples will be the biggest difficulty Li Batian will face since his rebirth.


Li Batian was thinking all the way. Unknowingly familiar Bear Valley has appeared in his sight.


Like a winding dragon rushing into the silent bear valley, the whole valley is still the shape of his departure.




A bubble emerged from the pool, and with the surge of the pool, a GUI head came out of the water.




Seeing Li Batian standing not far ahead, the giant tortoise screamed like a greeting, grunting and sinking to the bottom of the water.


"This fellow!"


With a funny murmur, Li Batian's heart was warm.


At this moment, Li Batian felt a sense of heaven and turned to look at the mouth of the valley. A golden ray of light flew in like a meteor and came to him in a few leaps.


"Squeak!" With a shrill cry, Golden Light stayed on Li Batian's shoulder, revealing the golden-haired lightning mink.


Glancing at the Lightning Mink. Li Batian's suspended heart was half lowered and his gaze continued to gaze at the entrance of the valley.


After a while, a dark shadow rushed in and ran all the way to Li Batian. Show a familiar but somewhat strange figure.




The King of the Wild Dog, who changed his coat color, wagged his tail. It's like seeing the owner's cute puppy.


See the familiar flattering gesture of King Wild Dog. Li Batian was amused and relieved.


Although he could see several scars on his body, the King of Wild Dog did not suffer serious injuries, indicating that he did not encounter too much danger along the way. At this time, a stone hanging from his heart finally landed.


"You son, do you know how long I've been worried!" He reached out his paw and stroked the soft black hair of the King of Wild Dogs, murmuring with some complaints in his heart.


At the same time, Li Batian's heart was happy when he met the wild dog king who thought he had died. At the same time, a little snow tiger appeared in his mind.


"Even the badly injured King of the Wild Dog survived and met me again. I believe it won't be too long for him to meet Little Snow Tiger." With self-confident murmuring in his heart, Li Batian was in a much better mood for some loss.


Previously, the situation was tense, coupled with the excitement of meeting, Li Batian did not observe the Wild Dog King carefully.


Now when he came to Bear Valley, he calmed down and found that the King of Wild Dogs had not only changed his hair, but also his figure.


The King of the Wild Dog is nearly a third bigger than before, approaching the size of an adult tiger, shining with dark Satin hair and sharper jaws than ever before.


Of course, the change of appearance is the second. What really shocked Li Batian was the breath of the King of Wild Dogs.


Dark and deep, with a strong sense of death and full of vitality, the sense of contradiction in its body is surprisingly harmonious.


Even in the King of Wild Dogs, Li Batian could feel the slightest danger. Although not as strong as the King of Fire Apes, it was enough to surprise him.


Knowing that he is now upgraded to the late period of Qi and Blood, plus the blood of the moon bear and the blood of the phantom black bear, his strength is almost invincible. The King of Wild Dog can make him feel threatened, which shows that the strength of King of Wild Dog has greatly improved.


Looking at this picture of the King of Wild Dogs, Li Batian's heart rose a feeling, it seems to be activating some kind of blood gene situation.


I asked about CP9, and soon got a response from CP9 after a scan fluctuation.


"Congratulations to the master, the wild dog King activated the blood gene is very special, I believe it can certainly become the master's left arm and right arm!"


Wen Yan Li Batian's curiosity was hooked up and he quickly asked, "What blood gene is it?"


"The King of the Wild Dog activates a very rare and invisible blood gene, which is of high grade. Once activated, the vitality of the blood gene will be extremely tenacious, which is why Weishenme can still survive, even to a certain extent, in the case of almost irreparable serious injuries. Level, can reach the point of rebirth, can be called real immortality.


"I depend, so perverted!" Despite some preparations, Li Batian could not help exclaiming after listening to CP9's explanation.


Just hearing the name of blood gene is very fork, not to mention the tenacious vitality brought by this blood gene, it is simply the immortal Xiaoqiang, so that he has some envy and jealousy.


"What other abilities are there in the blood gene of the ghostly immortal dog besides the stubborn life?" After thinking about it, Li Batian continued to ask.


"The King of the Wild Dog has only initially activated the blood gene of the Undead Dog, temporarily possessing only tenacious vitality, and the recovery rate of the wound is several times faster than that of the common monster."


In order to confirm the super resilience mentioned by CP9, Li Batian drew a bloodstain on the King of Wild Dog with his claws.


The blood almost immediately coagulated as soon as it leaked out, preventing the wound from bleeding and waiting for a moment. After he had removed the scab, the wound in sight had almost disappeared, leaving only a white mark.


"This resilience is really perverted." Seeing this scene, Li Batian couldn't help exclamating himself.


With his control of the body, he can also stop bleeding instantaneously, but he can never make the wound recover so quickly.


Li Batian is also more confident about the next four Guwu elders when he sees the King's super resilience. Especially according to CP9, once the King activates the ability of blood vessels, his strength will have a near qualitative leap.


After spending half an hour in Bear Valley, he took out the monkey wine gourd hidden in the cave and led the King of Wild Dog and the Mink of Lightning to leave Bear Valley again and drive to Giant Ape Mountain.


According to the previous message from Chuhu tiger, the reason why the four ancient Wu elders would condescend to come to the Changbai Mountains together and kill Li Batian is only secondary. The real reason is the temptation of monkey wine.


According to Li Batian's understanding of the four Guwu elders, they will surely come to Giant Ape Mountain first, and only after they get monkey wine will they really have the heart to deal with him.


And just as he was heading for Giant Ape Mountain, outside the Changbai Mountains, four high-end off-road vehicles came roaring and stopped outside the mountains.


When the door opened, four Guwu elders took the lead in getting out of the first two high-end off-road vehicles, while the latter two high-end off-road vehicles stepped down four men with the same breath, including the existence of Chuhu.


The fastest way is to fly directly over the deep Changbai Mountains and parachute down.


But the four ancient Wu elders all need face. Such things do harm to their face. Although they can't wait to go deep into the Giant Ape Mountains, they still don't use the method of parachuting, but normally enter from outside the Changbai Mountains.


Among the eight people, including the four ancient Wu elders, the four ancient Wu elders have practised closed-door almost all the year round. Perhaps when they were young, they had gone deep into the Changbai Mountains, and now they have forgotten all about it.


The other three people are not familiar with Changbai Mountain, only Chuhu is familiar with Changbai Mountain, and he has also been to the Giant Apes Mountains.


In this way, the responsibility for leading the way ahead is handed over to Chu Hu.


With the existence of the puppet seed as CP9, Li Batian could know the situation of Chu Tiger almost instantaneously.


"God helps me too. It's interesting!"


Knowing that Chu Hu played the leading role, Li Batian's mouth was full of a sinister smile, which made many things much easier. (To be continued...

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