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第九十七章 争分夺秒!

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Giant ape mountain is still a busy scene, just entering the territory of Giant ape mountain, a group of monkeys appeared.


Of course, they are not to obstruct Li Batian, after the last arrival, the monkeys of Giant Ape Mountain have understood his position, like the face of the fiery ape King crawling on the ground.


Under the respectful welcome of a group of monkeys, Li Batian came to the ape Valley in the back hill of Giant Ape Mountain.


Walking into the mouth of Ape Valley, the still calm King of Wild Dogs immediately became nervous and alert. He let out a deep growl in his mouth, his back hair stood up, and his teeth grinned as he gazed at the only cave entrance of Ape Valley.




It seems to have heard a roar from the King of the Wild Dog, followed by a roar in the cave. In the midst of the hot air, the King of the Fire Ape with an iron rod rushed out of the cave.


Seeing the appearance of the Burning Ape King, the hostility of the King of Wild Dogs became more intense. During the roaring, a faint black light emanated from him, and the smell of death became more intense, which made the creatures, including Li Batian, feel an instinctive threat.


The fiery and tyrannical King of the Fire Apes, his eyes suddenly solidified, and the iron rod burst into flames, showing a fighting attitude.


The two distinct momentum collided, and a big war was about to start. Li Batian hurriedly stepped between them, roaring with a bear, and the unparalleled hegemonic momentum surged like a tide, sweeping back the momentum they both emitted.


The fiery king of apes and the king of wild dogs, who had just been in a blatant mood, immediately converged.


The wild dog king who listened to Li Ba's heavenly words wagged his tail and posed like a haode, while the fiery ape king also put up the flame on the iron rod. Lower your head slightly.


Glancing at both of them, Li Batian nodded satisfactorily.


Ever since I took over the Burning Ape King. Li Batian has never been to the cave where I live and reconciled the hostility between the King of the Fire Ape and the King of the Wild Dog. He stepped into a huge cave with a burning smell.


As soon as he entered, the King of the Fire Apes and the King of the Wild Dog, who had just worn soft clothes, immediately stared at each other again, and the hostility in their eyes remained unchanged.


If it had not been for Li Batian's deterrence, it would have been unbearable to compete for a long time.


The temperature in the cave is beyond Li Batian's imagination. It's not too bad outside. Even the temperature inside the cave is very hot. What surprised him most is that there is a huge cave in the deepest part of the cave. A few tens of meters below the cave, you can see the surging red magma.


"This place is an active volcano!" Looking at the red eyes surging for a while, Li Batian was secretly shocked.


Pseudo-volcano only has smoke and heat, and the real magma layer is in the depths of thousands of meters, and there are only tens of meters of magma, which undoubtedly proves that there is a volcano under the ape valley that may erupt at any time.


"How lucky the Burning Ape King is!" Knowing the secret of the hot cave, Li Batian could only sigh in his heart.


No one knows when an active volcano like this will erupt in an instant, as long as the crust changes a little. It is possible to cause the eruption of volcanic magma. It is a miracle that the King of Fire Apes has been living in caves until now.


Li Batian did not want to put his little life on luck, after discovering the secret of the cave. He immediately withdrew, and even the King of the Fire Apes was forbidden to continue living in the cave. All the great apes were moved to the Great Apes Mountains.


In a newly excavated cave. Li Batian glanced at the gourd with monkey wine beside it. Think in your heart.


This time the four elders of ancient martial arts came, he could not and would not escape. So it is bound to be a fight between dragons and tigers, a fierce battle of life and death.


Not to mention the four elders of ancient martial arts, even the four disciples they brought with them, are also some difficult characters.


He and the Burning Ape King, together with the King of Wild Dogs, can barely cope with the four elders of ancient martial arts, while the four disciples they bring need other animals to resist.


Chuxiong has basically been completely controlled by the puppet seeds and can fight against one of them, so there are still two disciples left.


Originally, Li Batian intended to store monkey wine and reuse it when he broke through his breath and blood, but now it is too late to wait for that time.


After some tangled thinking, he finally got down to calling the Black Bear King and the Wild Dog King into his cave.


Think about it, at this stage can have the opportunity to enhance to the strength of the enemy against the monster beast, it is only the King of Wild Dog and the King of Black Bear.


Black Bear King activated the blood of the Moon Bear, and learned the impact of the Moon Bear, the only drawback is its own details.


As for the King of Wild Dogs, although it activates the blood gene of the ghostly immortal dog that even the CP9 marvels at, the accumulation and accumulation is still a fatal drawback.


Even according to CP9, under the stimulation of monkey wine, the King of Wild Dog may even activate the ability of blood vessels, which will definitely be a great help at that time.


Under his supervision, the Black Bear King and the Wild Dog King began to practice monkey wine, while Li Batian himself was not idle. He tried to improve his practice as much as possible. He hoped that before the coming of the war, he would reach the peak of Qi and Blood.


When Li Batian and other practitioners were in full swing, Chuxiong and others, under the leadership of Chuhu tigers, circled in the Changbai Mountains.


"Oh, strange, Huangpu elder, do you feel that the surrounding environment is somewhat familiar with ah." On the fourth day of entering the Changbai Mountains and traveling among the mountains and forests, Tang Guohua glanced around doubtfully and asked Huangpuqi not far from him.


Wen Yan Huangpuqi looked at the nearby pine forest and nodded doubtfully. "You don't say I haven't found it yet. It seems that we came to this pine forest a few days ago."


A group of people stopped and looked around, and the conclusion was the same. They did come here. For four days, they just circled the Changbai Mountains and returned to the original place where they entered the Changbai Mountains.


"It took us four days to make a circle in situ. Did you mean it?" Lu Qingshen, a fiery-tempered elder, scolded the Chu tiger who was in charge of leading the way angrily.


Although the others did not speak, their faces were somewhat unhappy, even Chuxiong's face was somewhat ugly.


"Chuhu, what's the matter?" Chu Xiong questioned discontentedly.


"Master, I don't know. Maybe I've lost my way. I've been to Changbai Mountain several times before. The environment here is so complicated. It took me a long time to get to Giant Ape Mountain." Chu Hu looked grieving, bowed his head and recognized the wrong way.


Hearing Chu Hu's remarks, the audience could not continue to scold, after all, they also traveled through the Changbai Mountains, understand that the environment here is really very complex.


"Well, now is not the time to discuss these, the most important thing is to get to Giant Ape Mountain as soon as possible. The only person who has ever been to Giant Ape Mountain here is Chu Hu. We should believe him." The elder Huang Puqi, who always likes to be a peacemaker, smiled and patted Chuhu on the shoulder to break the deadlock.


The elder Lu Qingshen and others nodded helplessly in spite of their discontent and lack of trust in Chu Tiger. Without Chu Tiger leading the way, they could not even know the direction of Giant Ape Mountain.


Once again, Lu Qingshen and others did not find that there was a glimmer of disappointment on the face of Chuhu who was leading the way.


In fact, at the beginning, Chu Tiger intended to lead Lu Qingshen and others to procrastinate in Changbai Mountain. What Li Batian lacks now is time. Whether it is the further improvement of his self-cultivation or the accumulation of Black Bear King and Wild Dog King, it needs a period of time.


Originally, Chu Tiger intended to lead Lu Qingshen and others around Changbai Mountain for more than ten days before he really took the way to Giant Ape Mountain, but it was only four days before he was discovered by the old treacherous and cunning Tang Guohua.


In order to avoid really annoying Lu Qingshen and others, Chuhu can only change the original Jihua to go around the giant ape mountain and delay as much as possible.


Only a small part of the monkey wine continues to decrease. Ten days have passed since King Black Bear and King Wild Dog were forced to practice by Li Batian.


In Li Batian's huge cave, the King of Wild Dog and the King of Black Bear crawl on both sides and fall into a semi-dormant state to digest the medicinal power of monkey wine.


Monkey wine is indeed the liquor brewed by apes. It is easier for animals to digest and absorb when they drink it, and the relatively wasted medicinal power will be less. It also has a very significant effect on animals in terms of wool cutting, pulping and strength enhancement.


After all, other animals do not have any wisdom, nor do they practice ancient martial arts. There are many more impurities in nature than ancient martial arts, which is why the strength of weishenme mutant monster is much more difficult than that of human ancient martial arts.


Once the strength of the mutant monster is raised to a certain level, the impurities stored in the body become more and more difficult to remove and become more and more obstacles as the strength of the body increases.


If mutant monsters and beasts all use ancient martial arts to expel impurities from their bodies, whether this Shijie is ruled by humans or enslaved by beasts is still unknown.


Originally, Li Batian wanted to pass the Dragon Elephant Prajna Gong to the King of Wild Dog and the King of Black Bear through CP9, but with their two intelligences, they were totally incomprehensible, and according to the deduction of CP9, although they were relatively biased towards beasts, they were not able to cultivate any wild animals.


Within ten days, the King of Wild Dog and the King of Black Bear underwent almost earth-shaking changes, and the impurities in their bodies were completely removed.


Although the strength of the two of them has not changed much in essence, their own potential and the breath they emit are more concise and powerful. Future achievements will be unlimited, and if they do not break through, they will be absolutely huge once they break through. (To be continued...

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