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第九十一章 最好的问候!(求首订!)

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The base of the whole military region is huge, and the rest of the region is still peaceful and peaceful, while the vicinity of the underground research base is a mess of porridge.


The soldiers in the military area are all specially trained fighters, but they are trained to face the gun-bearing human beings. Suddenly, they can not adapt to the powerful and fierce beasts of prey.


Most of the time, as soon as the machine gun in hand is ready to be fired, it has been bullied by a beast of prey, and in the blink of an eye it is torn to pieces by the beast of prey.


Defense camps have responded positively as much as possible, but they still can't stop the killing of beasts and birds of prey.


Of course, under the machine gun fire, the Raptors and monsters also caused a lot of casualties.


In the battlefield of war, Li Batian's existence is absolutely the most frightening thing for the defense battalion.


The revision of the realm of Qi and blood makes his body strong enough to withstand machine gun fire, winding like a dragon, but at an alarming speed, which becomes a nightmare for soldiers in the defense camp.


The only thing that makes them happy is that Li Batian did not rush into the defense camp to kill.


Soon an interesting situation arose on the battlefield. The soldiers in the surrounded defense camp kept shooting at the birds and beasts of prey, but almost automatically ignored Li Batian, who stood in a striking position, and no one wanted to provoke the existence of this terror.


Just now, a group of soldiers in the defense battalion did not look at Li Batian. All of them fired at him, and in an instant, more than a dozen people died without burial.


For a while, Li Batian's striking position became the safest place.


Beside Li Batian, besides the weak King of Wild Dog, there is a golden Mink on his shoulder.


Stand on the ground on all fours. Li Batian took a solemn glance at the distance.


With his eyes, he could see the growing ranks in the distance, and even some large weapons were slowly approaching.


Close your eyes. Li Batian looked again at the soldiers and beasts of prey fighting in the defense camp around him, and frowned slightly.


On the surface, the beasts of prey have a certain advantage. But it's only temporary. It's only a matter of time before the Northeast Military Region wants to wipe out the beasts of prey. If it's delayed for a long time, even he is in danger of falling.


As for his Weishenme's failure to act, it was not his kindness, but the killing of these relatively innocent soldiers, which did not alleviate his hatred. What he really hated was the high-ranking officers who were overbearing.


Besides, he is not a killer who enjoys killing.


After thinking for a moment, Li Batian turned his head and roared at the King of the Wild Dog and the Lightning Mink. CP9, in the form of thinking fluctuation, conveys the words he wants to tell to both of them.


Whether the King of the Wild Dog or the Mink of Lightning, he was also quite clever among the mutant monsters. He soon understood his idea and screamed a little bit of his head.


"Very well, I'll rush out of a corridor in a minute. You rush out with the Raptors and monsters, trying to avoid fighting with humans!"


Again, he gave a command and glanced at the surrounded defense camp. Li Batian flew out like a winding dragon.




The vehicle protective wall formed by the defense battalion was instantly hit by Li Batian.


There was nothing to stop him. In the blink of an eye, a huge gap was made.


A flock of beasts of prey and wild dogs and minks of lightning. Immediately, they roared and rushed up. The whole process caught the soldiers of the defense battalion by surprise, and it was too late to stop them.


"Da Da Da!"


Just then the howling of heavy machine guns sounded. Like a raindrop of bullets pouring down from above, Li Batian was shrouded in the rain of bullets.


The bullet trajectory of heavy machine gun is very large. It's several levels more powerful than ordinary machine guns, but when it comes to Li Batian. But still can't hurt him a cent.


The bullets were all easily bounced off during the internal air surge.


Looking up at the high platform in the distance, a soldier was firing a heavy machine gun with a crazy face.


"Seek death!"


With a cold hum in his heart, Li Batian grabbed a fallen tire beside him with his claws and pulled it out at once.


An ordinary car tyre, under Li Batian's claw, turned into a heavy weapon, carrying a whistle and breaking the air, cruelly smashed the heavy machine gun out with the soldier.


There is Li Batian in front of the road, it is simply blocking the killing of Buddha and blocking the killing of Buddha.


Before the arrival of the military area support force, he escorted a group of raptors, such as the King of Wild Dog and the Mink of Lightning, to a relatively safe place, not far from escaping from the military area.


When he was escorted here, Li Batian did not move on. Instead, he rushed back to the military area and arrived at the position of the defense camp again at an amazing speed. He stopped in front of an officer and a man with a badge of military rank on his shoulder.


The officer man, who had been calm in command, sat down on the ground in a straight panic, twitching like a sheep turning madly, with a frightened face.


"Help, help, shoot, kill it quickly!" The officer man ran back almost climbing, screaming as he climbed.


Several soldiers beside him wanted to show their loyalty. As a result, they were shot by Li Batian as soon as they picked up the machine gun.


As for the other soldiers around him, they were so frightened that they quickly drew away from Li Batian that no one was foolish enough to provoke him.


Scrubbing at the climbing officer man, Li Batian, like a dragon, rushed forward and picked it up.


To avoid being disturbed, the blinking room rushed into a house not far away.


The soldiers around did not dare to rush in at all, but surrounded the house in the distance and waited quietly for support.


Soon two fighter planes came roaring, and dozens of tank cars came in the distance.


Although the Northeast Military Region has all kinds of high-tech weapons, it takes time to mobilize them in a short time.


In addition, those weapons have a large range of huge lethality, which can not be used inside the military base. Once an attack is launched, it is estimated that the whole military area will be shaken by the explosion without Li Batian's action.


For a while the atmosphere around the house became oppressive and dignified. A group of guard Battalion soldiers and fighter planes in the air, tanks on the ground. All the weapons were aimed at the house, and everyone's face was filled with tension and constrained panic.




We haven't waited for the crowd to adjust their minds. With the crash, a dark shadow flew out of the window of the room.


The mood is extremely tense, the heart is like a tight straight line of soldiers. At the moment when the dark shadow flies out, the tight line of the heart breaks instantly, almost subconsciously pulling the trigger.


"Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang bang!"


Rain-like bullets burst into the shadows and flew hard towards the shadows falling on the ground, splashing with blood.


The shadows, which had been almost mashed, fell to the ground, and a group of soldiers had not yet arrived and were happy. To my astonishment, I found that the clothes of the black shadow were very familiar. It was the officer man with the rank on his shoulder who had been grabbed into the room by Li Batian before.


Almost at the moment when a group of soldiers were stunned, another dark shadow rushed out of the room, like a winding dragon, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared into their sight.


The whole process was like lightning, so that they could not respond at all. By the time they came back to their senses, they had lost Li Batian's traces.


Shuttling through the streets of the military district, Li Batian's eyes were cold. Just now he learned from the officer and man what he wanted to know.


"Lei Wanshan, today is your death date." In his heart, Li Batian's mind is pregnant with intense murder.


In fact, the hatred between him and Mount Leiwan is deeper than that of Chuxiong who framed him. Despite the great danger, he must personally destroy Mount Leiwan. Only in this way can he realize a part of his persistence.


There are similarities and differences between Wushu and ancient Taoism. In addition to physical training, there are also great spiritual requirements. If the heart has been filled with hatred can not be vented, it will form a deep obstacle to persistence. In this way, we can not really understand the essence of ancient martial arts for a lifetime.


"Well, this breath is." Li Batian has a keen sense of familiarity with the villa area where Lei Wanshan lives.


He jumped onto the roof of a house, and Li Batian looked at it in the distance.


A dark shadow approached quickly, and in an instant came to a place less than 100 meters away from him.


"Wei Changsheng!" Speaking of familiar names and looking at the figure appeared a hundred meters away, Li Batian's pupils contracted for a while, and a touch of complex emotions emerged from his heart.


As a master of ancient martial arts, he spent almost all his energy on practicing martial arts. There were not many friends in the real sense, but Wei Changjuan was one of his few friends.


He and Wei Changcun met each other in a discussion and competition. Both of them were of that kind of martial-loving character and shared some common topics. After several discussions, they gradually became good friends.


Once again, facing friends he has not seen for many years, he is still a man of human rights and wrongs. He can no longer talk with Wei Changcun to discuss his experience and skills in martial arts.


Li Batian recognized Wei Changsheng, and it is impossible for Wei Changsheng to see the black bear in front of him. In fact, Li Batian was the swordsman of that year.


"What a powerful mutant monster, how does the military base catch it? No wonder there will be riots." Staring at the black bear in front of him, Wei Chang was consciously surprised, and his eyes became grave.


Although he did not recognize that the black bear in front of him was Li Batian, the strong breath emanating from the black bear made him feel a strong threat, and an eraser sprang up in his heart.


The opposite Li Batian felt the murder emanating from Wei Changsheng and suddenly recovered from his memory.


"Ha-ha, since the characters are different, let's fight one battle, let me see how much your strength has improved." Staring at Wei Changchang-sheng, Li Batian's heart suddenly opened up, and his mouth was filled with a high smile of campaign.


For Guwuqiang, the Haode greeting is to fight with all one's strength. (To be continued...


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