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第九十章 冠以古武大师!(明天爆发!)

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It was not until the cold wave had completely subsided that a group of beasts of prey rushed out of the underground research base.


As soon as he appeared, he was shocked by the sight before him.


The beasts of prey are not as wise as humans, but they can still feel the visual shock and look in awe at Li Batian's eyes.


Not only did a crowd of beasts and birds of prey be shocked by the scene in front of them, but the soldiers who watched the scene from afar were also scared to a blank brain, and even several soldiers who could not bear it were paralyzed to the ground directly.


Far away from the military base of a high-end villa community, the sudden roar, the officers living in high-end villa community scared enough.


Especially with Mei Xun, who is 10 years younger than herself, a big-bellied officer was frightened and shrank back like a spring, which cast a lifelong shadow on him.


"What happened, what was the voice just now!" In the middle of the living room of a luxury villa, there was an angry cry from Mount Leiwan.


A guard came in at a quick pace and saluted Revan Hill respectfully. "Report to the commander, for no reason in front, it seems that there was an explosion."


"What is it that I don't know why? What is it that seems to have exploded? Give me an immediate idea of what's going on. I don't want to hear speculation." Lei Wanshan's face sank slightly, and he drank without anger and prestige.


"Yes, captain!" The guard quivered in his heart and quickly retired with a salute.


"Oh, Captain Lei, your temper is still so hot." Across Mount Leiwan, a middle-aged man sitting upright laughed and said nothing in respect. He looked so casual.


Under normal circumstances, the middle-aged man's casual tone of voice, with the fierce temper of Mount Revan, will certainly appear unhappy, but at this moment he is glad to accept, and did not show any dissatisfaction.


"Brother Changcun laughed, I dare not be hot in front of you!" Lei Wanshan smiled modestly.


If the guard was here just now, he would be shocked to open his mouth, a fiery and aggressive commander of Lei Junjun, and today he even took the initiative to pose a little low, which is quite shocking.


Wei Changcun smiled, shook his head and reached for a cup of tea on the table. He was just about to drink it here, and there was another boom, which made the living room glass tea table tremble slightly.


Just then the guard, who had just reported, rushed in in in a panic, and exclaimed in disregard of the salute: "Commander, no good, something serious has happened!"


"What happened? Look at your appearance and calm me down." Lei Wanshan, ugly, drank discontentedly.


The panic-stricken guard swallowed a mouthful and calmed down for a moment. "Commander, there was news just ahead that there was a big problem in the underground research base. A group of ferocious beasts ran out of the underground research base and were massacring in the military area. Hundreds of people had been killed and injured."


"What, you said that all the animals in the underground research base came out." Originally calm Lei Wanshan, suddenly stood up and asked with a shocked look.


As the commander of the Northeast Military Region, he understands the importance of underground research bases. Once things are publicized, there will surely be a lot of public opinion in the world. When such scandals are exposed, the first unfortunate thing is his commander.


"Yeah, yeah, that's what we're reporting ahead, and the beasts are so fierce that the defense camps can't overwhelm them!" The guard was shocked and stuttered.


"Waste, a bunch of waste!" Lei Wanshan's face was blue with anger.


Originally, he had already made a lot of trouble using missiles privately and automatically. If not for Lei Jia's full efforts, and his coordination of many sides, he almost lost his position.


Now that the missile storm has just subsided, if problems arise at the underground research base, his commander will probably be able to do it.


"Immediately order a special brigade to encircle and suppress the wild animals running out of the underground research base, while blocking the surrounding tank battalion and not allowing any wild animals to escape. In addition, call the air force camp and ask them to send several fighter planes to support them, so that all the wild animals must be eliminated."


After issuing a series of orders, Lei Wanshan was still a little restless, walking back and forth in the hall, and even forgot Wei Changjuan sitting opposite for a while.


"Lei Junzhang, just a few beasts, you needn't be so nervous." Seeing this image of Lei Wanshan, Wei Chang-juan was surprised.


According to his understanding, Lei Wanshan, despite his fierce temper and hegemonic personality, is also a very capable and skilful person, and will not be confused for a small matter.




Looking up at Wei Changcun, Lei Wanshan sighed and stepped back to his original position and said, "Brother Changcun is not an outsider, so let me tell you the truth. That underground research base is the place where we use to study mutant monsters and beasts in our country. The ones we run out are not ordinary beasts, they are all used for experiments. The mutant monster, if things get too big, it will be very troublesome.


"Well, I might as well go and have a look at it!" Wei Changcun nodded and thought for a moment.


Originally gloomy Lei Wanshan was inspired by the spirit of Wen Yan. At this time, he remembered that Wei Changchang-juan was the master of ancient martial arts, who was named as Guwu Master. Those mutant monsters that he had come out of the horse could not be captured without obediently restraining their hands.


"Brother Chang Chun is really righteous and awesome. When Brother Chang Chun comes, everything is absolutely safe. Here I thank Brother Chang Chun for his help." Lei Wanshan stood up and bowed his thanks.


"Captain Lei is polite. I can't afford your big gift!" Wei Changcun smiled and stretched out his hand. Lei Wanshan, originally bent down, immediately felt a gentle thrust, which made him unable to bend down.


Shocked by Wei Changcun's unpredictable strength, Lei Wanshan can only thankfully embrace his fist.


"Captain Lei, if those monsters have something I need on them, please make it convenient for him." After receiving Lei Wanshan's embracing fist, Wei Changcun laughed.


"Of course, no problem, as long as elder brother Chang Chun hands out and takes whatever he sees."


"Ha-ha, with the words of commander Lei Jun, I'll take a step first."


Wei Changcun smiled indifferently and disappeared in place in the blink of an eye. The unexpected situation frightened Lei Wanshan. He looked around once, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.


"Sure enough, it's a master of ancient martial arts. It's a God and a ghost."


After sighing for a while, Lei Wanshan sat on the sofa with a relieved buttock, and Wei Changcun was there. Things would surely be solved easily.


We should know that in the ancient martial arts circles, the people who can be crowned as masters of ancient martial arts are not only the symbol of reputation, but also the pronoun of strength.


Every master of ancient martial arts is at least a master of ancient martial arts, whose strength is far from being comparable to that of ordinary masters of ancient martial arts, and is a real elite of ancient martial arts.


Not to mention dozens of common mutant monsters and beasts, even some dangerous mountains and rivers, can not stop Wei Changsheng, a master of ancient martial arts, Lei Wanshan is full of confidence in this, and the anxiety in his heart has calmed down.


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