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第六十二章 猴儿酒!

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After a glance at the mink that no longer attacked him, Li Batian's eyes were still cold.


Admiration belongs to admiration, but he still has to subdue the mink. The mink's ability to find treasure alone is enough for him to spend a lot of money to tame it.


"CP9, you talk to the mink and make it submit to me and tell it to keep throwing it into the river if it doesn't."


"Yes, master!" The CP9 machine responds, sending out special fluctuations and communicating with the lightning mink.


At first, the mink was very resistant and looked hateful, but under the threat of the river, the mink finally gave in.




Lightning mink pointed its head at Li Batian, put on a respectful and submissive look, and squeaked in its mouth.


Seeing the lightning mink, Li Batian nodded satisfactorily. He took the mink to the river, released the bear paw of the mink, and let it fall to the ground freely.




Almost immediately after the mink landed, a sharp hoarse sounded out of its mouth and flew out in the shape of a golden lightning bolt, which had rushed ten metres away in the blink of an eye.


A few tens of meters ahead is the forest. As long as we rush into the forest, with the speed and flexibility of lightning, let alone Li Batian, even the eagle flying in the air can not take it.


In the mink's view, the distance between the mink and the forest is getting closer and closer, and the mink can drill into the forest like lightning.


"roar and roar!"


The terrible breath filled the air, and the golden hair of the mink was blown up.


The frightened mink had not yet figured out what was going on, and a silver full moon had already arrived.


A huge axe-like claw emerged from the full moon, rolling up a raging wave and slapping it on the lightning mink.




The lightning mink, which turned into golden lightning, hit the ground like a cannon shell and burst into a roaring crash.


When the full moon disappeared, Li Batian's heavenly body fell to the ground, glancing at the dust spreading ahead, with a calm smile on the corners of his mouth.


In fact, when the mink surrendered, he already knew that this fellow was fooling himself. After all, CP9 was a conversation conducted directly through the thought fluctuation, and the veracity of the mink's words could be judged by the thought fluctuation.


When Li Batian knew that the lightning mink was pretending to surrender, he had the idea of calculating what he wanted.


Lightning mink is very fast, if the speed of competition, both he can not catch up with lightning mink, but in the case of prior knowledge of the short-range explosion, Li Batian does not think that he is worse than lightning mink.


Whether it's dragon-body swimming or moon bear impact, it's a way to break out at an amazing speed in an instant, so he's not worried that lightning minks can escape at all.


For so many years, Li Batian has a deep understanding of animals.


It is very difficult for a foreign beast like a lightning mink to submit to threat or torture alone. Only absolute strength and deterrence can make an indelible mark in their hearts, and only then can they become absolute loyalty, or even temporary submission, sooner or later. There will also be mutiny.


The dust dispersed, revealing that the whole body was completely trapped in the mud, and the lightning mink with blood gushing from the corners of its mouth.


"CP9, tell it, surrender or die!"


Staring at the lightning mink, Li Batian's eyes reveal fierce ferocity, giving a sense of murder.


For Li Batian's orders are always perfectly executed CP9, immediately according to his tone, this phrase in the form of thinking fluctuations to the mink of lightning.


The battered mink looked at Li Batian, who was full of terror and terror, with a touch of awe and fear in his eyes.


Squeak, lightning mink finally lowered his proud head, willing to completely submit to Li Batian's Yin Wei.


Successfully and perfectly harvested a wonderful younger brother, Li Batian could not help showing a smile on his cold face, but with that ferocious face, he was still frightened by the lightning mink's heart, and became more honest and secure.


It has to be said that the lightning mink has a strong resilience. It took Li Batian only ten minutes to slap it and jump around.


Still smelling the intoxicating fragrance from the lightning mink, Li Batian could not suppress his curiosity, let CP9 ask about the specific situation.


Soon the clever mink told CP9 what he knew.


"What, the Burning Ape King and a group of monkeys are brewing wine in the cave!" Hearing CP9's reply, Li Batian opened his mouth in astonishment.


The ape can be said to be the closest animal to human beings, no matter its appearance or behavior habits, even its intelligence is far superior to that of other animals.


He did not despise the intelligence of the Burning Ape King, but could hardly believe that he could make wine.


"Master, according to the records in the database and the description of the lightning mink, the King of the Fire Apes should be brewing monkey wine, which is a Haode opportunity for the master!"


"What is monkey wine? It has nothing to do with me." Li Batian's doubtful way.


"There's nothing strange about it. Making monkey wine is an almost instinctive behavior of the ape family. Even the general monkeys can brew it. Of course, the monkey wine they brew is very common. According to the analysis of CP9, the monkey wine brewed by the King of Hot Apes should be in the true sense. This kind of monkey wine is made from natural talent. It is a valuable liquor that can be formed by adding a large amount of fruits and the essence of various organisms, such as snake bile, bear paw and so on, after long fermentation and brewing.


"Monkey wine brewed with Tiancai Dibao, what's the effect of this wine!" Li Batian, who didn't care about it, suddenly became interested.


"Monkey wine is of great use to the present owners. It can help them to improve their behavior quickly. It also has the function of activating biological body cells, increasing longevity and helping them break through the bottleneck. Besides, Monkey wine is also very delicious. It is a top-ranking wine in the universe."


Li Batian's whole bear was excited. As CP9 said, it was a great chance for him.


Think of Li Batian suddenly nervous, quickly asked in his mind: "Yes, the King of the Fire Apes has brewed monkey wine ah."


"According to the description of Lightning Mink, the production of monkey wine should be at the most critical moment, otherwise the King of the Fire Apes would not let Lightning Mink flee, but it would take at least seven days to make it successful."


Hearing CP9's answer, Li Batian was relieved and had seven days to prepare for it.


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