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第六十九章 激烈的交锋!

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"I'm going to fight!"


Looking closely at Li Batian in the valley, his heart was silent and his eyes were twinkling with excitement.


Fighting at this level is not something you want to see, and he wants to see how powerful the Fire Ape King is.


In the face of the double attack of wild boar and flying centipede, two tyrannosaurs and more than a dozen giant apes are totally at a disadvantage. The longer the delay, the more disadvantageous it will be to the giant apes.




Seemingly aware of this, the King of the Fire Apes roared, bursting into a surge of warfare, grabbing the iron rod in his hand and rushing first to the King of the Centipede.


Compared with Liliang, the fierce poison of the flying centipede King poses a greater threat to the fiery ape king, so it took the lead in targeting the flying centipede king.




The King of the Fire Apes just rushed to the King of the Flying Centipede, but a sharp hoarse sounded suddenly. The Running King of Pigs with tusks and arrows was like a speeding lorry. Two tusks aimed at the King of the Fire Apes and tore the air to produce a sharp edge.


With the horrible impact speed of the King of Pigs, if the King of Fire Apes continues to attack the King of Centipedes, he will be punctured by his tusks.


"roar!" The King of the Fire Apes roared, changed the target of the attack, swung up the iron stick in his hand, and burst into the head of the King of Pigs and Arrows with a whistling and empty voice.


Similarly, the fierce Mercedes-Benz Pig King showed no weakness, roared and continued to rush forward, with sharp tusks hitting the waving iron bar.




There was a tremor on the ground, and the waves of shock surged in all directions like a tide. Whether it was the King of the Fire Apes with iron sticks or the King of the Pig with tusks, he could not help but retrogress.


Just as the King of the Incandescent Apes retreated and his figure had not yet stabilized, the flying centipede King at low altitude turned into a black light to shoot at the King of the Incandescent Apes.


In the process of flying, the king of flying centipedes emits a poisonous gas, wrapping the whole body in the poisonous gas, which is just like a poisonous gas bomb.


Looking at the flying centipede king is about to fly to the burning ape king, at this time the burning ape King fiercely opened his mouth, a hot wave of fire sprayed on the flying centipede king.


The hot flame touches the intense poison gas. The poison gas is like touching the nemesis, which is quickly eroded and melted by the flame.




The flying centipede King screamed and darted back in a bend. By the time he burst out of the flame, there was little poison left over.


In a short encounter, the King of the Fire Apes faced two powerful opponents, and even had a slight advantage.


As soon as the fiery ape king was in a steady shape, he rushed forward again and fought with the king of tusks and arrows and the king of flying centipedes.


Li Batian, who was watching from afar, saw such fierce fighting, and his heart was boiling with blood, but he knew that it was not the time to succeed for a while.


"CP9, has monkey wine been brewed yet?"


Under the pressure of the war, Li Batian turned his eyes to the mouth of the Ape Valley Cave.


"The owner should not be impatient. According to the analysis of CP9, monkey wine should not be completely brewed successfully. According to the records in the database, besides the strong intoxicating aroma, the monkey wine that really made success has a great characteristic, that is, it absorbs the energy of the world to enhance monkey wine while making success. Only then can monkey wine be regarded as the real spirit of medicine.


Wenyan Li Batian can only give up the idea of sneaking in. Monkey wine that has not really been finished is of little significance to him and needs to wait patiently.


The battles in the valley are getting fiercer and fiercer, both on the side of the tyrant ape and on the side of the fiery ape king.


After a tentative battle, the three of them began to show real strength, and the intensity of the battle rose once again.


"Boom!" The King of Pigs and Arrows is running in the valley, not only at a high speed, but also at a high speed. Even the King of Fire Apes, who is as big as liliang, has to be treated with caution.


Relative to the fierce and violent King of Pigs, the King of Centipedes is a strange and lethal assassin, flying at a very fast speed, and the venom attack can not be prevented. That is to say, the King of Fire Apes has restrained the fierce poison, so it will not suffer a great loss.


"roar!" In the face of the eruption of King Hawk-toothed Arrow Pig and King Flying Centipede, the King of Fire Ape roared, and his whole body was full of hot breath. The burning flame spread quickly on the iron stick in his hand. In the blink of an eye, the whole iron stick was covered by the burning flame.


Li Batian, who watched the battle from afar, saw a burst of envy and jealousy here, and had to say that the way of this fellow, the King of Fire Apes, was really cool.


Holding the iron stick burning with fire, the King of the Incandescent Apes surged in momentum, roaring at the flying centipede King at low altitude, even the speed soared by one point.


Shape has not yet arrived, the hot air has taken the lead, the flying centipede king is enveloped in it.


Even if it is how to mutate, after all, the flying centipede king is only a poisonous insect. It is impossible to confront the fiery ape king head-on, so even dozens of flying centipede kings are not opponents.


The flying centipede king screamed, his body was filled with poison gas, and a piece of black poison was sprayed from his mouth, which incited his wings to fly backwards.


The King of the Fire Apes waved the iron rod that burned the flame in his hand, and the flame rose to resist the black venom, and continued to rush towards the King of the Centipede.


At this time, the King of Tusk and Arrow Pigs had rushed up screaming and headed straight for the King of Fire Apes, trying to use the method of encircling Wei to rescue Zhao again to help the King of Flying Centipedes.


The Running Pig King, with incomparable momentum, rushed behind the King of the Fire Ape in a moment at such a speed that a pair of sharp tusks could pierce the King of the Fire Ape.


At this critical moment, the King of the Fire Apes suddenly turned his head violently, grinning his teeth and grinning his mouth with a grim grin, and his legs sprung like springs, and his body shot fiercely into the air.


Running fangs arrow pig king for one of the stunned, not yet wait for it to react to what is going on, the front of a rock wall has appeared in its sight.




It was too late to brake. The King of Pigs hit the rock wall with his sharp tusks piercing the rock wall and submerging into it.


The tremendous impact force made the King of Pigs dizzy, two tusks stuck in the rock wall, and could not be pulled out for a while.


"roar!" The deafening roar spread to the ears of the King. A hot and incomparable air wave sprayed on his rough and fleshy body, accompanied by tremendous oppression, the thrilling sense of crisis filled the King's heart.

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