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第六十六章 冰火两重天!

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Li Batian stepped forward to the giant tortoise, which was still struggling violently. He was so frightened that he immediately retracted his head and limbs into the shell.


"This fellow is really a shrinking tortoise."


In his heart, Li Batian laughed and said in his mind, "CP9, you tell it, and then stay in the pool honestly, I won't hurt it."


"Yes, master!" CP9 mechanically responds to the Tao and immediately transmits the words to the giant tortoise in the form of thought fluctuation.


It seems to have understood the words of CP9. Tortoise carefully extended his head, took a glance at Li Batian and immediately retracted back.


"This fellow!"


Looking at the giant tortoise's action like a shy little girl, Li Batian's forehead is covered with black lines, which is a bit irrelevant.


Having got the basalt, he now urgently wants to activate the blood of the moon bear. He has no time and the giant tortoise ink marks here. He directly goes forward and lifts the giant tortoise up and throws it into the pool.




The pool was surging violently, and the tortoise fell into the pool like a boulder, disappearing rapidly.


Releasing the giant tortoise, Li Batian did not stop too much to let a group of black bears guard the valley, but he stepped back to the cave.


Shortly after he left, as the pool surged, an ugly GUI head protruded from it and looked around at the black bears. His eyes were no longer as hostile as before.


In the cave, Li Batian crawled on the tiger skin bed, looking forward with joy to the light and bright basalt.


"CP9, how long will it take to activate the blood of the moon bear by using the basalt, and it won't delay me to rob the monkey bar."


"Rest assured that the master, with his strength and gene activity, can activate the blood of the moon bear in only four days at most."


Rest assured, Li Batian's eyes showed a trace of longing and determination: "Good, then let's start."


According to CP9, Li Batian put the basalt in his mouth. Fortunately, the volume of the basalt is not large. Otherwise, he really needs to consider whether his mouth can hold or not.


Xuanshuishi constantly emits a cool atmosphere, containing in his mouth, which inspires Li Batian's spirit and makes his thinking more clear.


He had just adjusted his condition here, and a green light came out of him, completely enveloped his whole body in the green light, looking out like a big green cocoon.


Li Batian, who is in the green cocoon, feels warm all over his body as if he is in his mother's body. It makes people feel comfortable and want to sleep.


, "master, then CP9 will decompose the water and stone, and use the essence of water to activate the power of the moon bear's blood and blood. There will be some pain in the process, hoping that the master can keep his consciousness awake, or his life will be in danger. “


"Don't worry, I haven't suffered any kind of pain, just come on." Li Batian did not care about the heroism, he now only thought of activating the blood of the moon bear, did not put the so-called pain in mind.


The basalt contained in his mouth is like a piece of ice. Li Batian can clearly feel the melting of the basalt and melt into his body like a cool water. His whole body is fresh and unprecedented.


Just when he was secretly surprised that he did not feel pain, the sense of refreshment changed dramatically, the whole body cells seemed to be burning, the intense burning sensation made him almost completely suffocate in a moment, and the pain of the tide surged into his heart.


In retrospect, Li Batian gritted his teeth and persisted, even though his body seemed to burn from the inside, he could still persist with his endurance.


Gradually adapted to the burning pain, he just breathed a little relief here, and then his body changed again.




Li Batian shivered fiercely, breathed in a cool breath, and a cold, piercing chill broke out like a cold wave.


Whether it is burning pain or bitter chill, Li Batian's will power can bear, but these two extreme feelings occur at the same time, the situation of two days of ice and fire, even if he almost fainted.


The two extreme sensations, which are totally opposite, seem to merge perfectly. There is a sharp chill in the heat and a burning pain in the bitter chill.


Think of his own feelings and brutal indifference just now, Li Batian's heart on a burst of bitter laughter, can only grind his teeth and persist, as far as possible to distract their attention, to the greatest extent less pain on their own impact.


Time passed by, Li Batian was in a cave, suffering from the pain of two days of ice and fire, and his body was undergoing dramatic and amazing changes in this extreme pain.


Bear Valley is situated in a warm climate, which is like a paradise compared with the surrounding ice and snow.


Only on the third day after Li Batian's closure practice, the temperature of Xionggu began to drop significantly, and even a rare layer of white frost appeared on the branches and leaves of trees.


The giant tortoise, a native of Bear Valley, can't help but pop out to find out why the temperature has dropped.


In view of Li Batian's cave, there is a strong cold gushing out, where the ground will immediately form a layer of ice, so that the temperature in the bear Valley continues to drop.


At first, black bears and giant tortoises were able to tolerate it. Later, the temperature dropped more and more dramatically. Even the waterfalls were frozen and the pools were covered with ice. The giant tortoises had to leave the pool and hide outside the bear valley with the black bears.


Five days later, Bear Valley, which was originally full of flowers and birds, has turned into an ice and snow field. The temperature is even lower than that outside in cold places, but the cave gushing with cold air has gradually calmed down.


Compared with the dramatic changes in Bear Valley, the Ape Valley, far behind the Great Ape Mountains, is also continuing to change.


The fragrance, which could only be smelled in the vicinity, has spread to more than a dozen miles away.


Especially around the back mountain ape valley, the rich fragrance makes people have the illusion of being in a fairyland.


From time to time, birds, beasts and even monsters are attracted by the intoxicating fragrance, but they are blocked by the guarded giant apes. Some unknown monsters are torn to pieces directly.


The aroma of monkey wine has a fatal appeal to many monsters, beasts and raptors. Despite the guardianship of the giant apes, it can not stop their enthusiasm to rush into the ape valley.


Killing can be seen everywhere near the Giant Apes Mountains. Under the temptation of monkey wine, the beasts have lost their reason. They are still fearless in the face of powerful giant apes, and the smell of blood is filled in the air of the surrounding woods.


In addition to the beasts and monsters on land, some birds of prey are flying directly over the monkeys and giant apes guarding the periphery of the mountains and rushing from high altitude to the ape valley behind the giant ape mountains.

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