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第六十七章 暴动的兽群!

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The shrill hoarse sounded through the sky, and more than a dozen powerful Eagles hovered over the ape valley.


Attracted by the intoxicating fragrance, after hovering for a while, more than a dozen Eagles could not resist the temptation. They dived from the air like sharp arrows and rushed towards the cave where the fragrance originated.


The so-called birds die for food and moths fight for fire. Although they know that it is dangerous, they can not stop their instinctive impulse for eagles flying in the air.




Almost at the same time, the violent roar sounded, two dark shadows rushed up from the trees on both sides, and the horrible jumping force was hard to jump to nearly ten meters high.


The two sides inevitably meet in the air ten meters high. More than a dozen Eagles brandish their claws and sharp beaks in an attempt to kill two dark shadows.


"Bang bang bang!"


The raging waves swept through the air, and black feathers stained with blood fell from the air, and eagles were shot to the ground.


In a twinkling of an eye, there were no more than a dozen Eagles left in the air, all buried in the valley.


Two dark shadows fell from the sky, revealing the fierce and fierce face, which is the only two raging apes left in the great apes.


Compared with two fierce tyrant apes, the strength of more than a dozen eagles is still far from each other, and there is hardly any backlash in the whole battle process.


Things like this happen almost every other time in a few days.


The only difference is the strength of the Raptors who rushed into the Apes Valley, and the same thing is that they were basically buried in the Apes Valley.


In such desperate shocks and brutal killings, time has come to the seventh day, and the intoxicating aroma emanating from the ape Valley has reached its peak, Just smelling it can benefit the beasts and birds a lot.


The emergence of this situation, let the beasts and birds of prey more crazy, a large number of beasts and birds of prey from all sides of the ground to the direction of ape valley.


Gradually, giant apes and monkeys could not resist it. They began to shrink Liliang and eventually gathered around ape valley.


"Roar, chirp!"


The violent roar and the sharp hoarse come and go, and there are a lot of raptors and beasts in the air and on the ground. Every Raptor and beast has a strong desire in its eyes.


For them, the intoxicating aroma of monkey wine is like the fire in the eyes of moths, full of fatal attraction, so they can ignore their own lives.


In front of the raptors, there are a lot of monkeys and giant apes with huge size and fierce breath, both sides of which are deadlocked.


This stalemate did not last long. I don't know which beast was the first to make an impatient attack. A group of beasts began to make a mad attack, trying to break through the blockade of monkeys and giant apes.


The birds of prey hovering in the air almost acted at the same time, accompanied by a sharp hoarse, one Raptor fell from the sky, straight to the ape valley that emits a strong intoxicating aroma of the huge hole.




With the roar of fighting, giant apes took the lead in facing the impact of beasts and birds of prey, and large numbers of monkeys dared not neglect them. By virtue of their flexible body shapes and obscene attack methods, they caused great trouble to beasts and birds of prey.


The most primitive bloodshed and killing are shown in the vicinity of Ape Valley. Apart from the intoxicating fragrance, the air is beginning to diffuse with strong bloody smell.


There are a lot of beasts and raptors, but after all, they are only temporary groups, and there is a big gap between the strength and the great apes. Despite the fierce fighting, no beast and Raptor can rush into the cave of the ape valley.


Over time, the battle began to turn one-sided.


Giant apes and monkeys show great tacit understanding and fighting power, killing beasts and birds of prey are losing ground, leaving dozens of dead bodies on the ground.


Seeing a fierce confrontation, it will end with the triumph of the great apes.




at that moment a sudden hoar of pigs began to sway, and the retreating group of wild animals dispersed in panic, and a huge group of wild boars rushed up from behind.


As we all know, the most ferocious and difficult thing in the Changbai Mountains of Northeast China is not the Siberian tiger or the black bear, but the wild boar with rough skin and thick meat like fire.


What's more, all the wild boars in front of us are monsters and wild boars. The momentum of running and impacting is enough to soften the limbs of the common beasts.


In this group of wild boars, the first wild boar king is like a cow, two tusks are sharp as a sword, and the air is scratched between runs to make a sharp sound.


In addition, the most striking thing is that the erect hair of the King of Wild Boar, which is more than ten centimeters long, is like a sharp steel needle. It is no less terrible than the two tusks.




The King of the Wild Boar roared with a roar. His momentum was like a rainbow, and the speed of running was even more astonishing. Like a sword flying out, he rushed straight to a giant ape blocking the road opposite.


Faced with the horrible King of the Wild Boar, the giant ape was frightened, but it was too late to escape. He could only howl and wave his fist in an attempt to withstand the impact of the King of the Wild Boar.




The thrilling tear sounded, the boar King rushed forward at the same speed, and his blood continued to pound forward.


"roar and roar!"


The giant ape screamed sadly and frightened in the rear. The huge body split in an instant and the disabled body was unable to fall to the ground.




The ensuing herd of wild boars roared past, and by the time a wild boar left Zuihou, the body of the giant ape on the ground had been trampled into mud.


With the King of Wild Boar opening the road outside, it is like a man who is a close enemy, whether giant apes or monkeys, in front of the King of Wild Boar is just like a minor animal, it is not its one enemy at all.


In a twinkling of an eye, the King of Wild Boar led a dozen monsters and wild boars and rushed to the mouth of Ape Valley.


Before the King of Wild Boar rushed into the Ape Valley, the distant woods burst out again with a sad scream.


With the strong smell of blood, a black cloud emerged.


If you look at it carefully, you will see what kind of black cloud it is. It's clearly a creepy centipede.


These centipedes are different from ordinary centipedes. They all have wings and are far from the same size as ordinary centipedes. Each centipede is at least sixty or seventy centimeters long. When gathered in a dark area, people will feel a strong thrill.


The first centipede was two metres long, twice as long as the longest centipede known in Shijie.


Covered with a steel shell, a pair of dense claws, sharp as blades, especially the front palate teeth, it looks like two big mouth forceps, it is no doubt that even steel plate can bite through the two palate teeth.


Centipedes fly at low altitudes. Whatever monster or beast they pass by, they are all swallowed up by a pile of bones stained with blood. They are frightened not only by exotic beasts, but also by giant apes and monkeys. They are as far away as possible from the strange centipedes.


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