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第六十三章 水潭中的宝物!

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Just now, although it was only a glimpse of surprise, the power of the fiery ape king made Li Batian feel a lot of pressure, and the terrible atmosphere made him feel the threat he had not seen for a long time.


In addition, the King of the Fire Apes has activated the power of blood, and he is not confident that he can defeat the real battle.


Moreover, besides the King of the Fire Apes, there are powerful other giant apes and an astonishing number of monkeys in the Giant Apes. The risk of snatching monkey wine in the Central Valley of the Giant Apes is great.


For Li Batian, challenges are the driving force. Risk does not make him afraid, but makes him full of passion.


With nearly seven days of buffer time, he decided to go back to Bear Valley first, study the action Jihua carefully, and by the way, strengthen his strength as much as possible in seven days.


Returning to Bear Valley with a lightning mink, the bears roared enthusiastically at Li Batian's return, and their eyes were filled with awe and joy.


The present scene, let Li Batian heart emerge a warm feeling, there is a kind of homeward warmth of wanderers.




Just back to Bear Valley, Li Batian was preparing to go back to the cave to think about Jihua's action. The lightning mink lying on his shoulder suddenly screamed excitedly.


"What's wrong with this guy? Did he eat the wrong thing?" Glancing at the suddenly excited mink, Li Batian asked doubtfully.


"Congratulations, master, the mink finds something good, so it's so excited to scream."


"Good stuff, can't I still have treasures in this bear valley?" Li Batian's spirit rose and carried the lightning mink from his shoulder to the ground, indicating that he would take it with him to find treasure.




The mink's knowledgeable hoarse burst out like a golden lightning.


Li Batian, who was equally excited, showed the dragon body swimming method behind him. In the blink of an eye, the mink stopped as soon as the bear.


"Squeak!" The lightning mink jumped back on Li Batian's shoulder, pointing forward with sharp claws and screaming excitedly.


Along the direction pointed by the lightning mink's claws, Li Batian looked at the clear pool in astonishment.


It never occurred to him that the baby sensed by the lightning mink was in the pool he knew before his eyes.


"There's nothing wrong with this guy. There's only a giant turtle in this pool. What's the treasure?"


"Master, the mink's feelings are not wrong. There should be some treasure hidden in the pool, otherwise the mink would not be so excited."


Wrinkled his brows, Li Batian said helplessly, "Even if it's really like the lightning mink, there's a giant turtle in the bottom of the pool. Even if it's me, it's not necessarily its opponent in the water."


"Master, in fact, in the water, you are not inferior to that giant tortoise."


"How to say that!" Wen Yan Li Batian asked with some surprise.


"The owner activates the blood of the moon bear, absorbs and refines a large number of moonlight, the body is no longer comparable to the general black bear, and there is a moonlight like water on your planet. In fact, this sentence is not only an adjective, the moonlight itself is shady, melting with water, as long as the owner uses the moonlight in the body to melt. If you enter the pool, you will be able to move freely in the pool. The Moon Bear itself is a beast capable of crossing the land and water.


"That's one more thing. That's great!" After listening to CP9's words, Li Batian couldn't resist a burst of joy, turned his head to the clear water pool, with a meaningful smile on his lips.


The giant tortoise hiding under the pool was sleeping soundly. Suddenly, he felt a sudden chill pouring into his heart. He woke up from his sleep, looked around doubtfully and retracted his head.


For the sleepy giant turtle, nothing can resist its desire to sleep except for the life-and-death issues.


In order to be safe, Li Batian did not immediately enter the pool, but waited until the moon rose at night before he stepped to the edge of the pool.


The pattern of the full moon in front of his chest radiates bright light. It absorbs the pouring moonlight like a magnet. It makes his whole bear shrouded in the silver-white moonlight, giving a noble and mysterious feeling.


Looking at the bears in the distance and Li Batian at the moment, there was a look of awe in his eyes.


Staring at the clear pool in front of him, Li Batian stepped forward cautiously and immersed himself in the pool for the first time.


The cool water of the pool made him feel refreshed. His heart moved slightly and the pattern of the full moon in front of his chest emitted silvery moonlight.


At first, Li Batian had some doubts, and when the moonlight touched the pool, he believed it completely.


The moonlight hardly encounters any obstacles, as if it were a whole, easily integrated into the pool.


"Really compatible with water!" Feeling this situation, Li Batian secretly surprised himself.


As the moonlight continued to melt into the pool, Li Batian gradually found that he seemed to be part of the pool, as well as with the legendary water droplets on his body, the pool around him had little impact on himself.


Taking a deep breath, Li Batian runs his blood and Qi in his body, exerts his skills in ancient martial arts and breathes inside, and slowly dives into the pool.


At this moment, if someone is watching, he will find that the skin on his body surface is creeping slowly. Every creeping, the body surface will emerge some tiny bubbles, which is a very deep level of internal breathing, body breathing.


Inner breathing is not a very esoteric skill in the ancient martial arts, but it has a very strict requirement for the control of the body.


Generally speaking, internal respiration is divided into three grades.


The first grade is called suffocation, but the ancient warrior's suffocation ability is much stronger than that of ordinary people.


The second level is fetal breath, which closes all the respiratory systems of the body and keeps them in a non-breathing pseudo-death state for a long time.


And the third level is body breathing, as the name implies, body breathing is to use the body's pores and acupoints to breathe.


To achieve the level of body breathing, the first thing to do is to break through the flow of Qi and blood, remove all the impurities in the body, and there will be no blockage. The second condition is the near perfect control of the body.


Among the ancient martial artists whose realm of Qi and blood is like a flood, very few people can reach the level of body breathing.


Of course, body breathing also has certain limitations, and it is impossible to maintain this state all the time. Especially in the fierce fighting, body breathing simply can not maintain the body's oxygen demand for a long time.


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