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第六十四章 水下激战!

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The pool was deeper than he had imagined, and he dived about twenty meters, but he still could not see the giant turtle at the bottom of the pool.


In the process of diving, Li Batian gradually adapted to the state of being in the water. Besides feeling some water pressure and buoyancy, there was not much water resistance.


"Unexpectedly, the moonlight has this magic effect. Even if we dive into the water, we should be able to maintain 67% combat power. With my present strength, 67% combat power is enough to deal with giant tortoises." As he slowly descended, Li Batian thought to himself.


With the moonlight and Li Batian's free falling down, the sleeping giant tortoise did not notice the dangerous approach at all.


When we first got along with Li Batian, the giant tortoise always kept a high vigilance. One year later, the giant tortoise with a more sleepy and lazy personality had long been accustomed to it. It was never expected that Li Batian would dive into the water at this time.


Diving nearly 30 meters, Li Batian's eyes glistened slightly in the light of the moonlight.


The bottom of the water in sight is a huge bluestone. In the middle of the bluestone, a huge turtle shell lies on it, and a series of bubbles from time to time gush out from the turtle shell.


"Find you at last!"


In his heart, he was delighted. Li Batian scanned the surroundings, but found no trace of any treasures.


"Come on, let's solve the problem of giant tortoise first. As long as the baby is under the water, he can come and fetch it whenever he wants." Think of Li Batian slowly approaching the giant tortoise.


As a result, until he got close to the giant tortoise about ten meters away, the giant tortoise lying on the bluestone still had no movement, until then Li Batian found that the giant tortoise was sleeping soundly.


"This fellow is really a sleeper!" Li Batian, who had been careful, could not help but have no words here.


It seems to have heard Li Batian's voice. The sleeping tortoise wakes up. A bubble emerges from it. Then, as if magically, it emerges from the shell of the tortoise with its short limbs and GUI head, which seems to be somewhat trivial.


Sensing that something was wrong with the giant tortoise, a pair of small eyes glanced doubtfully at both sides. When he saw Li Batian standing ten meters away from him, the whole tortoise was stunned.




For a short time, the giant turtle screamed, almost instinctively frightened and turned his head and ran away.


Just fled a dozen meters away, the giant turtle stopped again, and the indecent GUI head carefully looked around, and found himself in the bottom of the pool.


Tortoise doubtfully turned to look at the opposite Li Batian, the brain for a while a little unresponsive.


Li Batian, who sees everything in his eyes, was almost amused by the funny giant tortoise. This fellow is a natural comedian.


"Squeak!" Reflecting this, the giant tortoise made a sharp roar and stared at Li Batian fiercely.


The tortoise can only be passively attacked by Li Batian on land. Now at the bottom of the pool, the tortoise's self-confidence soars. The whole tortoise emits a strong breath and hisses in a strong attacking attitude.


"Little tortoise, since you want to beat me, I'll make you whole."


With a sneer in his heart, the full moon pattern in front of Li Ba's heavenly breast shines brilliantly and completely envelopes him in a silver-white light.


The huge tortoise, who was full of confidence, had a glimpse of doubts in his eyes.


Li Batianming stood in front of the line of sight, but in its feelings it seemed to disappear in an instant, merging with the surrounding pools and waters.


The emergence of this situation, let the giant turtle heart emerged a little uneasy, emotional irritability.


With a scream, the restless giant tortoise took the lead in launching the attack.


Li Batian was somewhat surprised by the speed of tail flick, limbs swing and water flow, which was not comparable on the ground at all.


The water flowing in the pool seems to have become the companion of the giant tortoise. Instead of generating water resistance, it makes its shape more flexible. The giant tortoise rushes to him in the blink of an eye.




The giant tortoise brandishes its sharp claws and the water flows around it. An invisible restraint Liliang acts on Li Batian.


"Huh, break it for me!"


Sensing the shackles of the surrounding water, Li Batian was frightened but not panicked. The gas surged in his body and burst out, tearing the shackles of the water in an instant.




The bear's paw collides with the tortoise's claws, and the surging impact bursts open instantaneously, and the pool water surges violently.


The moonlight into the water, so that Li Batian also has a simple ability to control the flow around, increase the resistance of the flow behind him, and soon he stabilized the body drifting with the waves.


Dissolve the impact of the power, Li Batian mouth with a sneer, with the moonlight of the blessing, in the water he is not weaker than the opposite turtle.


Relative to Li Batian, who is fast and steady in shape, giant tortoise, an aquatic creature, spends more time in stabilizing its shape.


Shrinking the tortoise's feet, the giant tortoise looked at Li Batian with a pair of eyes full of irascibility.


Originally it believed that in water, it could occupy an absolute advantage, but the result was totally different from its simple brain, which made it more anxious.




With a sharp scream, the giant turtle stretched its neck violently, and a surging suction gushed out of its mouth. This time, it absorbed not air but clear pool water.


The swirling whirlpool appeared in front of the tortoise's open mouth, and a great deal of pool water poured into its mouth.


Li Batian, full of self-confidence, stood up with sweat and hair, and a sense of coolness flooded all over his body. He could clearly feel the strong sense of danger emanating from the mouth of the giant tortoise.


Compared with Li Batian's feeling when giant turtles spray water on land, the danger level of giant turtles in the pool has risen again.


"Phantom separates!"


With a gentle cry from the heart, Li Batian's heavenly body swayed and turned into two identical figures. He took the lead in rushing toward the giant tortoise at the same speed.


The giant tortoise stared at him for a moment, and then to Li Batian's surprise, the giant tortoise was not confused by the phantom, still firmly locked in his real body, and his elongated neck contracted sharply.


Before the spear-like water had flowed out, Li Batian felt a compelling edge. He dared not be careless. He could only decisively urge the pattern of the full moon in front of his chest.


The pool water surged violently, Li Batian incarnated as a round moon fled from its original place like a shell.




Almost at the same time, the sharp sound of breaking water sounded, and the pool ahead was pierced in an instant, resulting in an amazing vacuum in the pool.


The sharp attack rubbed the full moon of Li Batian's incarnation flying by, and the whole process was completely unable to see the water jet, as if it was merged with the surrounding pool.


Launched a spear of water, giant tortoise is ready to launch again, the incarnation of the full moon Li Batian has rushed to its front.


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