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第七十二章 调虎离山!

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"Don't you?" Watching the figure in white flee into the forest opposite, and the furious king of the fiery ape chased him in, Li Batian jumped out of his mind.


It is because of this idea that he did not rush into the Ape Valley rashly, even though now the King of the Fire Apes is led away by the figure of the white-clothed man, which can be said to be the best chance to get the monkey's wine.


In a moment, when Li Batian doubted whether his guess was correct or not, he couldn't help wanting to start, a dark shadow flew out of the woods not far from him.


"Sure enough!"


Li Batian wasn't surprised to see the dark shadows rushing out. Instead, he calmly watched the changes.


Just when the white-clothed figure took away the fiery ape king, he suspected that this was the way out of the thirty-six plans.


It is precisely because of this conjecture that he did not start to grab the monkey's wine. The appearance of black shadow undoubtedly confirmed his previous conjecture.


No matter how clever the King of Fire Apes is, he is not as cunning as human beings, and he has been successfully deceived by the way of removing tigers from the mountains.


The appearance of black shadow immediately attracted the attention of other guard giant apes in Ape Valley. Two raging apes roared furiously and rushed furiously towards the black shadow.


Faced with two violent apes, the black shadow did not mean to dodge at all, and still rushed at full speed towards the red boulder.


As Li Batian watched, his pupils shrank sharply, and the black figure in front of him swayed and passed by a tyrant ape quickly.




Instead of brushing past the tyrant ape, it makes a sad cry, and its forward body trembles violently and falls to the ground powerlessly.


"Ironmaking hands!" Staring at the abdomen of the fallen tyrant ape, Li Batian's face changed slightly and his heart exclaimed.


In the abdomen of the fallen Tyrannosaurus ape, there is a distinct burnt-black palm print. The horrible palm has almost been branded into the tyrannosaurus ape's body, causing the tyrannosaurus ape to roll painfully on the ground.


The ironmaking hand is a profound hand, no less powerful than the opening palm of the Dragon elephant. In some respects, it is even stronger. Once the practice is successful, the hands will be able to produce the palm that can melt steel. That's the name of the ironmaking hand.


In the whole ancient Chinese martial arts circle, there are only a few ancient martial artists who can make ironmaking hands, and the ancient martial artists who can make ironmaking hands into the realm of smelting steel are rare, which makes Li Batian curious about the identity of the shadow.


"Is it him, impossible, how could he possibly be here in his capacity?"


A figure appeared in his mind. Li Batian immediately shook his head and denied the idea. His eyes were fixed on the fast movement, which made it impossible for people to see the dark shadow of his face clearly.


Through observation, Li Batian can affirm that Black Shadow is absolutely an ancient martial artist with great vigor and blood. Its strength is far from comparable to that of two tyrannous apes. He will soon drop another tyrannous ape to the ground.


Of course, with the fierce vitality of the tyrant ape, the attack of the black shadow can not be fatal, and the black shadow obviously does not intend to waste time on killing the tyrant ape, but to use the ironmaking hand to temporarily disable the two tyrant apes, and immediately rush to the red boulder.


"This guy's coming for monkey wine too!"


Li Batian's pupil contracted slightly again. He hesitated for a moment and decided to watch it change.


First came the white figure of a sneaky, suspected Japanese ninja, and now there is an ancient martial artist who can make iron. Nobody knows how many of them are still there, and each of them is very strong.


Instead of rushing out without knowing the enemy's strength, it is better to seek opportunities in the dark and turn passivity into initiative.


Without the obstruction of two tyrannous apes, the dark shadow was like a bamboo shoot. The other giant apes could hardly fight back in front of him. At most, they only delayed a little.


All the way to the red boulder, has been full speed Mercedes-Benz people can not see the face of the dark, and finally stopped.


"It's him!" Seeing the middle-aged man in sight, Li Batian's eyes burst with a touch of chill, and his heart was secretly surprised.


The middle-aged man jumped onto the red boulder and took out the gourd behind him. His right hand was as red as fire and grabbed the empty monkey wine in the red boulder.




Monkey wine bursts out a bubble, shakes several times, was photographed by middle-aged men overhead, into a stream of water continuously into the gourd.


"A cloud seeker!" Looking at this scene, Li Batian exclaimed, but soon shook his head again, and a sneer rose from his mouth: "I thought I was a real cloud seeker, originally just a counterfeit based on ironmaking hands."


To know the true cloud seeker, it is known as the absolute learning skills, only the Qi and blood like the peak of the ancient martial arts can practice.


According to legend, cloud seekers want to cultivate to the realm of great success, unless they break through to the realm of breath and blood, and once successful, they will have the powerful power of cloud seeker.


All the monkey wine was intake into the gourd. The middle-aged man blocked the cork and fled at full speed in the opposite direction.


Li Batian, who had been hiding at the top of the tree crown, could no longer calm down here. He jumped quietly from the tree crown and chased the middle-aged man in the direction of escape.


Shortly after the middle-aged man fled, the King of the Fire Apes rushed out of the woods, only to find that the scene in front of him made the King of the Fire Apes very angry.


Not only did two tyrannous apes suffer serious injuries to their lower bodies, but they brewed them hard, and at any risk killed the King of Wild Boar and the King of Centipede, and the monkey wine they exhausted was stolen by all the people left behind.


"roar and roar!"


The fiery ape King jumped like thunder, beating his chest with his fists, making a deafening roar, spewing hot waves all over his body, turning the giant ape into a rolling ball of fire and rushing into the mountains again.


Not to mention the fiery ape king, but to say that Li Batian followed the middle-aged man, all the way at full speed.


During the whole process, he tried to restrain his breath and kept a short distance. He was able to catch up with the middle-aged man who ran ahead without being noticed by him.


In a twinkling of an eye, a man and a bear have been running in the forest of Changbai Mountain for more than half an hour. I have to say that the middle-aged man is very cunning. In the process of escaping, he does not go straight, but constantly shuttles with various environments in a circuitous way. It is almost impossible to chase him by scent or traces.


Eventually the middle-aged man came to a pine forest, solved a boar in the way, and rested with his breathless back against a pine tree.


Full-speed fleeing for more than half an hour, even with the system of the ancient warriors in the realm of vigor and blood, is also feeling a little tired, after all, the ancient warriors are only flesh and blood.


Hidden in the grass several dozen meters away, Li Batian did not rush up immediately to grab the gourd with monkey wine, but locked the middle-aged man's figure with the afterlight of his sight.


Ancient martial artists who reached the realm of Qi and Blood like Hong all have strong inductive force. They can easily be detected by telescopes 100 meters away. So Li Batian dares only glance at them with spare light, but dares not focus too much on them. That will easily attract the attention of middle-aged men.

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