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第七十七章 傀儡种子!

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The body was badly damaged, but it failed to make Chu Tiger recover from the horror. His body fell to the ground powerlessly, but his eyes were still full of incredible.


Although he did not fight Li Batian at that time, he witnessed his battle with Chuxiong, the elder, and learned a lot about the Dragon elephant Banruogong from Chuxiong.


He can be sure that the black bear just displayed the Dragon elephant Pravgong and the matching tricks of the Dragon elephant Kaishan paw.


If it had been exhibited by a human being, he might not have been so shocked, but now it is a black bear who has exhibited the Dragon Elephant, how can he not feel trance and shock?


Flying Chu Tiger, Li Batian glanced like torch at the direction of Saito Yuanjiro's escape, and his mouth was full of a playful killing intention. Instead of catching up with him, he stepped forward towards the paralyzed Chu Tiger.


"You, how can you be like a dragon like Prajna? You're clearly just a black bear. It's impossible."


Looking at Li Batian as he approached, Chu Tiger's spirit shook his head and talked to himself in a disorderly way. Blood was pouring out of his mouth.


Li Batian suddenly lost his interest in starting with Chu Tiger, who was deeply hit and looked like a lost soul.


His eyes flashed and an idea popped into his mind.


After thinking for a moment, Li Batian tentatively asked in his mind, "CP9, do you have any way to control the human being in front of you?"


"Master, human beings are the most complex creatures with complex thinking. In my present state, we can not directly control human thinking. We can only plant a puppet seed in his body like an evolutionary seed. This puppet seed will continue to exert a subtle influence and ultimately completely control him."


"Never mind, I have plenty of time and patience!" Li Batian nodded happily. It was not important for him to control Chuhu completely. It was enough to limit him to a certain extent.


After thinking about it, Li Batian said, "By the way, does this puppet seed have any other functions, limitations and defects besides controlling people?"


"Puppet seeds are equal to CP9's parts. As long as they are integrated into the organism, they can control the organism's body and life completely. As long as the distance is not too far, CP9 can control the organism or transmit information or something through their own parts. Of course, such puppet seeds have great limitations. First of all, puppet seeds are limited by puppet seeds. Controlled organisms, the body's genes will be destroyed, repair will never be able to improve, and then the strength of the other party can not exceed the host, that is, you too much master, in addition to the current state of CP9, only a puppet seed can be separated.


After listening to the detailed explanation of CP9, Li Batian meditated for a moment, and finally decided to use the puppet seed on Chuhu.


According to CP9, Li Batian stepped forward to Chu Tiger, who was seriously injured and spiritually depressed, and lifted it from the ground.


CP9, a super intelligent evolutionary device that communicates with the body, emerges from the bear's paw with a green light, which quickly penetrates into the body of the Chu tiger.


"Ah ah!"


The lost Chu tiger suddenly uttered a sad scream, struggling to fall to the ground, rolling painfully.


"Master, the implantation of puppet seeds requires a process. When the puppet seeds are fully integrated into his body, the master will be able to control his life and death initially. Over time, he will become the most loyal servant of the master."


Hearing the mechanical sound in his mind, Li Batian nodded and looked at the painful Chuhu tiger, with some expectations in his heart.


As a disciple of the elder Chuxiong, Chuhu is the left arm and right arm of the elder Chuxiong. It is more advantageous for him to control Chuhu than to kill him simply.


For the things that were framed in that year, he is still only half-baked. He can get the desired information from Chuhu and arrange an undercover for himself beside Chuxiong, the elder.


After all, Chu Hu is an ancient martial artist whose spirit and blood are like a flood. Puppet seeds want to be fully integrated into his body, but also suffer a lot of resistance. Li Batian can only continuously transport internal gas to help CP9 suppress.


Just then, thousands of meters away, Yukiro Sato, holding a gourd full of monkey wine, stopped, took a pale breath, and fled quickly to the distance.


Glancing at the gourd in his arms, Sato Yuanjiro's face was full of smiles. Although he was seriously injured this time, he was able to get all the monkey wine, which was absolutely profitable.


"Hey hey, Chuhu, whether you can escape from Xiongkou depends on your own abilities."


In the escape room, Yukiro Sato glanced behind him and laughed happily.


Previously, when he threatened Chu Tiger, he had thought about killing and killing all the monkey wine, but that would be too dangerous. Once Chu Tiger escaped, it would be a big trouble for their Sato family.


Whether Zuihou Chuhu escaped alive or died in the mountains, it would have little impact on Yukiro Sato.


Death in the mountains and forests is naturally no proof of death, and even if it is alive to escape back, questioning, Sato Yuanjiro can also make perfunctory remarks, saying that is to protect the safety of liquor.


The more I think about Yukiro Sato, the more proud I am. It is because of his relaxed spirit that he did not find a golden light approaching fast behind him.


By the time he responded, the golden light had flown past him, splashing a spray of blood.


"Uh-huh, how could that be!"


Yukiro Sato gripped his bloody throat in horror and fell to the ground with reluctance until he died without knowing what was attacking him.


After a while, a golden light flew from a distance, and the tiny figure of the lightning mink landed not far from Li Batian.


In front of its small body, holding a big gourd nearly several times larger than its general, it looks especially full of joy.




Holding the big gourd, the lightning mink hoarsed and assumed a posture of inviting merit.


Looking at the lovely mink in front of him, Li Batian could not help but reappear in his mind the Wild Dog King of that year. Every time he finished his task, he also showed a look of wagging his head and tail to invite praise and reward.


Shaking his head, dispelling some depression, laughing and patting the mink's head.


"Master, the puppet seed has been integrated into his body, and his life and death will be in the master's hands."


"Very good!"


Li Batian nodded his head satisfactorily and praised him. He turned to the Chu tiger lying on the ground.


Chu Tiger, who had been rolling painfully on the ground, had calmed down. His clothes were soaked with sweat. The whole person seemed to be tired as if he had been fished out of the water.


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