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第七十五章 月寒之力!

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To solve this Japanese ninja, Li Batian's body once again turned into a winding dragon and rushed towards another Japanese ninja.




The angry Nikko Ninja roared and disappeared into place in the moment of stealth.


Lost the target, the forward Li Batian immediately stopped in place.


Almost at the same time as he stopped, there was a fierce crack in the air behind him, and a sharp knife came suddenly into the air, which emitted a compelling edge.




"Baga, how can it be!" The Japanese ninjas screamed in horror.


Not only this Japanese ninja, but also Yukiro Sato and Chuhu, not far away, were shocked.


Where the warrior's knife hit, an ice layer attached to Li Batian. The blade of the knife was cut entirely on the ice. It could not hurt Li Batian at all.


"Crack!" Next to make the Japanese ninjas even more frightened, starting from the blade, a sudden cold spreads rapidly to the whole knife, where a layer of cold frost forms.


The horrified Japanese Ninja quickly released his hands and attempted to escape by stealth again when he was shaking. Only then did he realize that he did not know when his feet had been frozen by a layer of ice.


"Lord Sato, help me!" Looking at Li Batian, who turned slowly, the Japanese Ninja could not suppress the cry of fear in his heart.


"Hum, nobody can save you!" Li Batian stared coldly at the Japanese ninja, and his mind moved slightly. The cold surge instantly poured into the body of the Japanese ninja.


"Crack!" The sound of freezing sounded, and in the blink of an eye, the Ninja was frozen into an ice sculpture, still in the shape of panic for help.


Glancing at his masterpiece, Li Batian nodded with satisfaction.


This is the blood force that he activates. He has terrible cold, Liliang that freezes everything, and the unique cold power of the moon bear.


Unlike the general cold, the force of the cold moon is more overcast and aggressive, and its power is naturally stronger. From the original activation of the blood force, the abnormal weather in Bear Valley is enough to prove the horror of the force of the cold moon.


It took Li Batian four and a half days to activate his blood and two days to adapt to the cold of the moon. Later, he rushed half a day to reach Giant Ape Mountain. This was the first time that Li Batian used the cold of the moon to fight, and the effect was very satisfactory to him.


Relative to Li Batian, who is in a good mood, Sato Yuanjiro and Chu Huke are not so calm, and instead of despising leisure, they are dignified and shocked.


Before the appearance of Li Batian, neither of them put Li Batian in their eyes too much, but they were shocked by the result.


The first step was to show the oppressive momentum to break the stealth of two Japanese ninjas, and release the terrible cold, instantly freezing a Japanese ninja, the strength of which made them feel a strong sense of threat.


"Just that pace, I feel familiar with it!"


In retrospect of the feeling full of oppression, Chu Tiger wrinkled his brows slightly and flashed a bright light in his mind. It seemed that he had seen it somewhere, but he could not remember it for a while.


"Chu Hujun, this black bear demon beast is very strong, only we can work together to win the hope, you know my status in the Sato family, if I die here, you may not be able to go back to account."


Take out a pill and swallow it. Feeling Li Batian's murderous eyes, Sato Yuanjiro strides to Chuhu.


After a glance at Yuanjiro Sato, Chu Tiger thought to himself that he really wanted to run away alone. After all, now things are in hand, there is no need to fight the powerful black bear monster beast here, but Yuanjiro Sato's words made him hesitate.


"Sato laughed, we are partners, how can I leave you alone, today we two will come to meet this black bear monster." Put out a soft hand and throw the gourd with monkey wine into the distant grass. Chu Hu returned with a serious look.


Hearing the conversation between the two people, Li Batian's lips gave a sneer. He could see at a glance that they were in harmony with each other, but it would be better for him.


"Chu Hu, let me see your ironmaking hand. Compared with your master, it's quite hot."


Staring at the Chu tiger, Li Batian thought silently that the air around him was cold and tyrannical. The terrible cold made the temperature of the air drop several degrees in an instant. The grass and trees around his body spread a layer of frost.


Feeling the power emanating from Li Batian, Sato Yuanjiro's face changed slightly, his eyes twinkled a few times, and his figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.


At the same time that Sato Yuanjiro disappeared, a burning breath appeared on Chuhu tiger. His hands gave off a light red light, and the cold diffused in front of him, which was dissolved immediately.


"See if the temperature of your ironmaking hand is high, or if the cold of my month is strong." Staring at Chu Tiger's palms, Li Batian rushed up like a dragon.


Shape has not yet arrived, the rolling cold has taken the lead in making the ground around a layer of frost, Chu Tiger look dignified, but did not retreat, but to meet the dragon board like Li Batian.


In the blink of an eye, one person and one bear met halfway. Li Batian waved his paw, which emitted chills, and took a picture of Chu Hu.


"Ironmaking hands!"


With a soft drink, Chu Tiger waved his hands glowing red without any weakness.


The hot red light and the cold of Senhan first met, and a fierce impact erupted. Then Li Batian's bear paw and Chuhu's iron-making hand Peng collided.




Two distinct liliangs erupted suddenly, the violent Liliang surged, and the Chu tiger flew back without suspense.


Over a dozen meters away, Chu Hu kicked his feet on a pine trunk, stabilized his upside-down figure, and a flush appeared on his face.


"What a terrible cold!" Take a deep breath, Chu tiger solemnly swept his hands covered with a layer of cold, although the cold was melted by red light in the blink of an eye, but enough to show the terrible cold.


Compared with Chu Tiger, Li Batian is much more relaxed. For other ancient martial artists, it is difficult to dissolve the burning internal gas, which has no effect in front of the force of the cold of the moon, and is easily dissolved by the force of the cold of the moon.


"Only to this extent, but also to this extent." Li Batian shook his head slightly as he cleared away the burning gas that had poured into his body.


At that time, he had fought with the elder Chuxiong. He was deeply impressed by Chuxiong's ironmaking hand. The hot and permeable internal gas, even the Dragon-Elephant internal gas, could not be quickly resolved. Compared with Chuxiong's ironmaking hand, there was still a big gap.

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